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2012年11月12日 星期一

The ectoderm Body (thin) weight loss method

Thin weight loss, weight loss methods, weight loss
This is a dominant body type from the ectoderm during embryonic development. The ectoderm is mainly responsible for the formation of the epidermis and the nervous system, this physical skeleton petite shoulders narrow limbs slim, less muscle and muscle strength is poor, and not easy to gain weight. If you belong to this constitution, then lean to the United States today, you are no doubt the envy of many people. In fact, T-stage models are more than part of this constitution. However, in all beings envy behind, they may also have a lot of trouble, that is, even if the weight gain or it is difficult to become strong, and some people may also worry about for yourself too thin.
In this constitution, slender limbs and not too strong bones have decided you do not fit strength training, simple the lasting endurance exercises instead better. Might do more long jogging or brisk walking on a treadmill sloping. If you happen to have too skinny, then do not let yourself be hungry because such physical well-developed nervous system, metabolic rate, would have been easier to thin out; but do not eat too many people usually think rapid weight gain junk food, such as chicken nuggets and full-fat dessert, because these foods will damage your cardiovascular system, the bad results that you want the movement beyond their grasp, because your heart and lung function can not afford.
Thin weight loss, weight loss methods, weight loss

Muscular way to lose weight


Muscular weight loss, weight loss methods, weight loss
Which is responsible for muscle and bone by embryonic mesoderm dominant form a Body characteristics for the body upright, strong bones, shoulder and chest more stretching; female hip about shoulder width, the men would be more narrower. This body of people bones and muscles are more developed, fat or thin it is very easy, so most of the movement they will work, especially the shape of the muscle strength exercises.
But also why, for women, a lot of people often do not want to look too strong, just wanted to let a little smooth lines, but pay attention to the Do not exercise too much force, the medium-to high-intensity aerobic exercise is good training methods. In addition, the flexibility is not the physical strengths, so might as well do flexibility exercises, such as Pilates, yoga, even ballet. Celebrate this physical metabolism faster, so just focus on diet and nutrition, moderate exercise is not easy to gain weight, which is considered very satisfactory.
Muscular weight loss, weight loss methods, weight loss


2012年11月11日 星期日

Burdock tea weight loss and anti-cancer


Burdock tea, weight loss, cancer prevention
Drink burdock tea can be slimming
Drink burdock tea, successful anti-aging
Soap □ biodegradable fat
Burdock also has skin anti-aging effects
Soap □ improve body Deficiency
Burdock tea can effectively solve the constipation and puffiness
Burdock tea practice
Burdock tea brewing method
The elderly, children drink burdock tea

And let the clouds in the south doctors to recapture the secret of youth
In addition to lifestyle changes,
The most important is the effectiveness of relying burdock tea!
Physicians believe clouds in the south,
Burdock tea weight loss results.
Because burdock saponin can take away the fat, cholesterol;
In addition, burdock tea can also be beautiful skin effect,
Reduce sebum secretion,
Even burdock tea, there are clear effect of the blood
Can effectively improve iciness condition,
And to prevent the occurrence of stroke, heart disease.
Finally, the
Drink burdock tea a day can not only boost the immune system,
The burdock skin also has anti-cancer effect.
Burdock tea weight loss and anti-cancer

Seven Steps to lose weight

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Continued easy weight-loss method
Want to lose weight, one should first understand the structure of obesity "
Obesity will erode the body
Obesity will lead to human extinction
The purpose of weight loss, not a weight-loss
Weight-loss, weight-loss steps