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Weight loss - weight loss or weight should you do?

Weight loss - weight loss or weight should you do?
If you want to maintain your current weight, calorie intake per person per day to about ﹝ body weight (kg) × 30 ~ 35 (card) ﹞. Body weight 50 kg women, if the daily intake of 1500 to 1750 cards will be able to maintain existing weight.
Since 1 kg of body fat equals about 7700 calories, so if a day eat 250 calories for 1 month will gain weight 1 kg.
The definition of obesity and overweight is different, obesity means body fat percentage rate than the standard men's body fat percentage in excess of 25%, more than 30% of women referred to as obesity. Perhaps you feel that their weight is the standard value, it looks fleshy, then you only need a way to exercise body sculpting or "body sculpture" on it, without something to lose weight.
Overweight refers to weight exceeds the standard weight of your need to reduce the weight of meaning. According to three procedures, in turn obtain their standard weight, current weight status and dietary intake of calories needed, can effectively make the tall and slim up.
As per kilogram of body fat can produce about 7700 calories, so, if we reduce the 300 to 500 daily calories to lose weight diet control, then, can thin the next week about 0.5 to 1 kg of fat and no doubt re- .
However, the daily intake of calories is required to meet the basic physiological needs in order to avoid health hazards, usually not less than 1400 cards to men and women of not less than 1200 calories most appropriate.

Calculate the standard weight formula:
Men: ﹝ Height (cm) -80 ﹞ × 0.7 = standard weight
Women: ﹝ height (cm) -70 ﹞ × 0.6 = standard weight
Note: If you want the girls showed a more lightweight body, standard weight of 90% of places for the beauty weight.

Assess the current body weight status:
(The current standard weight measure of weight ÷)
Wasting 80% weight gain need
90% of the weight to be weight gain
100% of ideal body weight to maintain the current lifestyle and eating habits
110% overweight need to lose weight
Need 120% weight loss obesity

Calculate the required calorie intake day
Light work:
Housework, or desk, the existing workers who need to lose weight weight × 30 kcal to 1000 kcal -500
Moderate work:
But do not often need to move in the heavy weight of the workers who need the existing body weight × 35 kcal to 1000 kcal -500
Heavy work:
Activities such as pick stones, heavy transport and other workers who need to lose weight the existing body weight × 40 kcal to 1000 kcal -500
※ 500 calories per day to reduce the intake can be reduced within a week about 0.5 kg.

Weight loss - weight loss big hidden improper beverages 8

Weight loss - weight loss big hidden improper beverages 8
Weight loss is not child's play. Any frivolous or unscientific move, get hurt or the body may be more trouble, you believe that?
Low-calorie diet - sudden death
Reduced meals, calorie restriction is a common way to lose weight, if we continue, to receive good results. But to moderate, daily intake of total calories no less than 600 cards, Greenway, Ph.D. University of California study shows that the daily diet provides less than 600 calories if the card can endanger the heart, the light changes in heart rate occurred, re- those who starved to death can occur with the same heart attack, has led to the risk of sudden death, medically known as sudden death.

Vegan - hair loss
Japanese experts, statistics, and the "diet craze" is hair loss that often accompanies growing 20% ​​-30% of 20-30 year-old young women. The crux is the main component of hair is called fish prion proteins, including zinc, iron, copper and other trace elements in many, but people who eat a vegetarian diet of vegetables, fruit and flour, protein and trace elements intake, resulting in hair loss due to severe malnutrition.

Lose weight fast - gallstones
Europe and other countries in recent years, doctors have reported, the pursuit of rapid weight loss in first 2-4 months, about a quarter of people suffering from gallstones, the incidence of weight loss surgery, which is even higher. Rapid weight loss Why would such consequences? May be due to a sharp decrease when the supply of calories, fat deposition in the tissue cholesterol when consumed along with accelerated movement in the surge in the content of bile, bile and thus become sticky, crystalline precipitates and settle down. Meanwhile, the control diet decreased bile secretion, cholecystokinin weak and can not emptying, also contributed to stone formation. If you slow down the rate of weight loss, weight loss per week, less than 500 grams of the principles of arrangement 3 meals a day, you can prevent the incidence of gallstones.

Excessive weight loss - impaired memory
German Nutrition Institute Dussel Dr. Gustav • Crane Hofer remind dieters: the remainder of the body fat can stimulate the brain, the brain processes information to accelerate the ability to enhance the short-term and long-term memory. Weight exceeded 20% -35% of the most intelligent, and memory loss women weight loss diet biggest. Therefore, for the protection of your brain function, weight loss act as cautious.

Weight rebound - heart disease
If the weight loss caused by improper weight rebound, can lead to heart disease. According to the American researchers investigated, this has become 40 years old male weight loss is a major threat, and to tuberculosis, hepatitis and other chronic infectious disease in order to take advantage of the machine, ptosis of the stomach, depression, the incidence of malnutrition increased. Therefore, weight loss should adhere to a combination of diet and exercise to consolidate the weight loss and maintain body weight stability and to prevent rebound. Or rather not lose weight. Maintain a stable body weight is more beneficial to health.

Adolescent weight loss - amenorrhea
For women, there is a reasonable choice of timing issues, puberty should not lose weight. Because adolescent females need to accumulate some fat (about 17% of total body weight) in order to make menarche predictable, and once a month to maintain regularity. If the blind lose weight, reduce body fat, you can delay menarche to have to menarche were menstrual disorders or amenorrhea occurs.

Growth period weight loss - infertility
Women in the reproductive period, the same need to accumulate sufficient fat to complete the important task of parenthood. Harvard University, Dr. Frisch population centers, pregnant women prior to the accumulation of fat to be only 22% of total body weight may become pregnant, more than 28% have enough energy reserves to maintain the "pregnant woman" and 3 months postpartum breast-feeding needs.

Lactation weight loss - damage to the baby health
Fat diet to diet restriction, and milk fat is an important component, not when the milk fat from fresh food, they will adjust the system used by the body to store fat milk, but the fat reserves that may contain baby adverse physical health and development, so breast-feeding should not lose weight.

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popular saint weight-loss products

popular saint weight-loss products

Rich in nutrients, tomato, recently joined the rank of popular weight-loss products saint, because of television coverage in the Kansai area of ​​Hsinchu County tomato growers claimed that the new varieties of yellow tomatoes with obvious weight-loss effect, more food can shape graceful figure, before the price once more soared to 1 kg 4 hundred dollars, a veritable "gold" tomato. And this statement is also popular in Japan a while back with the weight-loss method with low insulin, a doctor said the long-term consumption of high-fiber, low sugar Guowu, such as tomatoes, guava, can indeed stabilize insulin secretion, slowing the rate of accumulation of fat, adjust the fat body.

In addition to the direct intake of food and drink way tomatoes can also be applied to the face it! As the active antioxidant lycopene, making the beauty industry around the corner, several advocates the concept of natural skin care products company, will have a new tomato products can be developed as a raw material. Such as Nina Ricci launched the first tomato moisturizer, welcome to the United States by century-old New Yorker drug store brand Kiehl's is also a star product last year, "tomato moisturizing lotion", as well as e beauty exposed network will also launch a youth, antioxidant cream Scrub the skin such as lycopene series feast.
The name of tomatoes under the banner of beauty care products, is to lycopene extracted from tomatoes as the main ingredients, then add BETA-carotene and vitamin A, vitamin E and other natural ingredients to strengthen the antioxidant effect of improving the aging . Since most of the beauty industry and the effectiveness of the medical profession and function of tomato considerable attention and recognition, such a strong guarantee card, and immediately caused a popular topic with the trend, consumers are flocking.

Weight loss - Song Hye Kyo bowel diet lemonade Weight loss Source

Weight loss - Song Hye Kyo bowel diet lemonade

Song Hye Kyo cute image and the charm of stature to many viewers left a deep impression. In the past, she has a cute baby fat cheeks significant weight loss many, many legs slender than before, there are N number of girls are slim secret to her for advice.

She reportedly succeeded in large part thanks to a secret lemonade diet. Lemonade diet how effective it? It's slimming, "skill" He does have legendary so great? Listen to body weight management consultant Jinshan show detailed comments, you may benefit from.

Method Description:
One liter of water with half a lemon juice, and placed in the refrigerator, the temperature low tend to have a cool and refreshing feeling. At least a day to drink three liters of lemonade, no special diet or the banning of snacks, but you must always add lemonade. Must be used with daily 15-minute exercise, not a continuous basis, but to move to sweat, sweating helps perspiration, the purpose is to rid the body of harmful substances.

Scientific Comments:
Morning cup of lemonade both bowel and can lose weight, but not eating is unhealthy. Every day people need adequate intake of protein, vitamins, trace elements and appropriate fat and other substances, so if lemonade is simply to satisfy basic human needs of nutrition and calories. If you really want to achieve weight loss and long-term, then it should gradually develop an effective, healthy lifestyle.
Weight management consultant, then:
According to legend, this diet is now Japan is very popular at home, their operation can achieve weight loss results, it is known as "housewife" type of drink diet method, very effective. The acidity of lemon and vinegar have a high fasting drink too much would be Shang Wei, try not careful. Also, drink plenty of water, especially after exercise, drink plenty of water helps weight loss.

Weight loss Source: Sohu woman
Miyoko experience:
This weight loss has also been tried Miyoko
But I would not put lemonade as a weight loss tool
Only because of weight loss do not drink other beverages
Add a little lemon beauty and beauty as soft drinks
Why not ^ ^

Smart eating to lose weight Principles of weight loss and diet tips

Smart eating to lose weight
The correct way to lose weight, should be to remove excess fat for the purpose, and supply the body enough nutrients, so in order to achieve "weight loss diminished health" should be under the principle of a balanced diet, try to choose low-calorie, nutritionally adequate food.

Principles of weight loss and diet tips
1. Weight loss can not be too fast. The existing requirements by 500-1000 calories a day, weight loss should be gradual, it will not cause harm to the body.
2. Maintain a balanced nutrition. Select multiple types of food, not hunger or fasting a certain type of food.
3. Change the eating programs. First soup, vegetables and drinking the soup before eating, and finally a small population of small mouth slowly eat meat and rice.
4. Meal should be quantitative, slowly, should concentrate on eating, avoid reading or television, to avoid inadvertently overeating.
5. Cooking methods as much as possible with the fried, steamed, boiled, salad and other cooking methods do not have to refuel, to avoid fried, fried.
6. Any high-calorie fast foods and concentrated, especially sweet, fried, fried, pastry of foods, such as: candy, egg rolls, sweet and salty snacks and Western brown, duck, pig, skin and so on.
7. Try to eat less high fat nuts, such as peanuts, cashews, pine nuts, walnuts, etc.
8. Daily with three meals a day and the average distribution, not biased towards any one meal, and try to eat snacks.
9. Eating more high fiber foods. Vegetables are low in calories and rich in cellulose, so weight loss may eat more vegetables or grains.

Lose weight without starving

As long as the eating of food, weight loss can not only fed but not starved. First, choose a sense of satiety of food and bulky foods, because the larger size can produce more satiety, such as high-fiber vegetables, larger, more there will be a sense of satiety, and refined foods is not easy to produce full full sense, naturally taken in excess. Furthermore, to add more water when cooking food or boiling a pot of assorted vegetables, low in calories and easy to feel full.
If it is hungry how to do? Nutritionists recommend: You can eat a little low-calorie fruit, such as: tomatoes, grapefruit, pear, grapefruit, etc., or vegetable salad of cucumber, lettuce, bamboo shoots and leafy vegetables, etc.; can eat a little bit of low-calorie cookies, for example: high fiber crackers, there are many small packaging, and labeling of calories, and a choice of hungry about 70 calories per packet of cards to as a snack.

Not rebound Tips
1. Drink plenty of water drink beverages.
2. Maintain the principle of action. Can not lie to sit, to stand do not sit, can not stand to go, not able to run away, have time to exercise, no time to walk more than a walk.
3. Salt, sugar, less oil, reducing the sauce.
4. Eat as much fresh and original.

perfectly happy eating diet

perfectly happy eating diet
Began to develop a new weight loss plan? Currently, popular in Australia, "perfectly happy eating diet", to tell you also get balanced nutrition slim figure, so you do not have to go hungry, can eat delicious food, an average of 12 weeks to lose 9 kilograms per month by 3 kg!

This new diet is a scientific and industrial research organization in Australia developed by CSIRO, and its weight-loss principle is an appropriate daily intake of chicken, fish and other proteins, in order to resist the hunger, and promote fat loss; with rich high-fiber fruits, vegetables, plus cardio, and soon to eliminate fat from the body. Based on this principle, the diet to lose weight while maintaining muscle does not relax when you meet the important nutrients needed by the body of vitamin B12, iron, etc.; reduce blood triglyceride levels.

Specifically, the specific content of the diet include:
1 day should eat three, each 100 grams of protein, skinless chicken and fish, eggs, tofu and low-fat dairy products;
2 2 times per week to eat 2 servings of fish dinner, eat dinner once a week 1 peeled, chicken fat, 4 times a week to eat 2 servings red meat (including beef, veal or lamb);
3 Breakfast recommend eating high-fiber whole wheat bread or corn husks, oats, coupled with low-fat milk;
4. Eat at least 2.5 servings of vegetables, and color to many;
5 follow this diet, drinking two glasses of red wine a week still, according to people who drink coffee to drink it does not matter, even the chocolate we could eat.

For the love of food for you, this "perfectly happy eating diet" can be considered easy easy. After more than experiments, confirmed that eating high-fiber, high protein diet, basically no side effects, but more important is the process of weight loss, not hungry, especially the five major food categories are covered, as nutritionally balanced , so you can maintain good physical strength, and to maintain healthy blood sugar standard, so, less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease.

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Six kinds weight loss methods

Six kindsweight loss methods

Salt water to help bowel movement
Get up every day, they will immediately drink a glass of cold water. Remember, water can not be drained, to be a mouthful to drink. Cold water can stimulate the gastrointestinal motility, to make it into operation, drain away as quickly as possible in the early morning when the body of toxins. Because postpartum constipation often occurs, it may add some salt in the water, helps bowel movement speed "thin abdominal U.S. plan."
Sooner or later, two cups of skim milk

Drink two glasses of skim milk daily morning and evening, eating fiber-rich vegetables and foods rich in vitamin C such as oranges, kiwi fruit, all kinds of vegetables and tomatoes. This not only helps bowel movement, to help flush the toxins, but also enhances the permeability of cell membranes and the skin's metabolism. Less sugar, less oil optimum weight.

Postpartum, can not eat high sugar and high fat foods such as butter, sugar high of bread, biscuits and salad dressing, etc., as well as the high pigment content of food should also quit, such as soy sauce, vinegar, seasonings high pigment , coffee or tea.
Pay attention to eating habits
Get rid of improper eating habits, such as: do not drink whole milk to drink skim milk, drinking soup and drink soup, eat fresh fruit but do not eat nuts, do not eat fruit or salad dressing with high oil and sugar biscuits and bread to eat.

Red milk bath
Amount to do in the shower massage can help promote blood circulation, can help to pattern. One effective method is to massage bath shower, prepare a cup of milk and a brush, first with a brush for scrubbing the abdomen and legs to promote blood circulation, and then coated with milk in the abdomen and legs, hands massage from the inside to the outside, 10 minutes, then remove liquid markings massage massage in a clockwise way, and finally coated with the emulsion can tighten the skin, so that we can effectively than thin lines.
Mu coarse salt bath
Coarse salt bath soak, can also help weight loss, ready to approximately 40 degrees Celsius water into the bubble bath salts left after 5 minutes 30 seconds, repeat 2 or 3 times, and finally clean with shower gel body, they effectively diminish stretch marks, but Note too hungry, and drink should not be too full bath.

5 best way to lose weight

5 best way to lose weight
1 fixed exercise:
Fixed exercise 3-5 times a week, after reducing body fat, lose weight, increase muscle, a good way to make energy. Running, 5 times a week, every 45 minutes, the speed of 170 meters per minute, in 3 months by 10 pounds; dancing 6 times a week, each 1 hour in 4 months 10 pounds ; swimming, 4 hours per week in 4 months 10 pounds; cycling, 4 times a week, every hour, the speed of 15 kilometers per hour, in 5 months, 10 pounds. If you have not been regular exercise, start to do less to prevent bodily harm. Excessive exercise, will increase the appetite, so reach weight loss goals.

2 Strength training:
Strength training can build muscle. The more muscle, the faster the metabolism. 3 times a week 45 minutes of weight training, in 10 months by 10 pounds. To avoid hurt the body, the coach should be invited to help select the appropriate weight and the development of appropriate exercise program. Do stretching exercises before and after exercise to maintain the body's flexibility, weight lifting weight and frequency can be gradually increased.

3 to reduce caloric intake combined with a walk:
With soda water instead of Coca-Cola, a small daily intake of 150 kilocalories. Taking into 5 times a week, every 45 minutes walk of five kilometers, in three months can be reduced by 10 pounds. If we lower the heat a bit more, still keeping the walks, in seven weeks may be reduced by 10 pounds.

4 to reduce fat intake combined with weight lifting:
This method can consume excess body fat, maintain a good size, muscle growth, speed up the metabolism, promote cardiovascular health. Eat 20 grams of fat per day, lifting weights for 20 minutes, 3 times a week, in three and a half months by 10 pounds.

5 Best choice:
Based on the above nine kinds of methods to develop a progressive and able to ensure the implementation of the plan, the best combination of programs to control the fat intake, exercise and strength training. As long as confidence and perseverance to do it, we will be able to lose weight, build muscle, promote cardiovascular health and body metabolism purposes. 100 kcal per day to reduce calorie intake, walking three times a week, every 30 minutes walk three kilometers, weight training 2 times a week, every 40 minutes. This combination can be reduced in five months, 10 pounds. Will start to do three methods combined, may not adapt, we might try to gradually increase. For example, a way to add a way to do it. Be patient, do not rush.

5 kinds of the best way to lose weight

5 kinds of the best way to lose weight
For a lower calorie intake:
Nutritionists believe that no matter what you control - protein, carbohydrates or fat, and ultimately reduce the caloric intake. If a person daily intake of 800 calories less, can be reduced in six weeks, 10 pounds; less intake of 500 calories in 2 half months lose 10 pounds. However, weight should not drop too quickly, otherwise it is very dangerous. Notice, per person per day intake of at least 1,200 kilocalories, if too little supply of body heat; will lose muscle. Muscle is the body burns calories, metabolism of the key.

Second, eat fatty foods:
Experts point out that for every 1 gram of fat 9 kcal. Compared with fat, carbohydrate and protein calories per gram, much lower, about 4 kcal. Therefore, to lose weight do not eat anything, can be fresh vegetables, fruits, grains consumed each day instead of fatty foods (such as butter, etc. Experts believe that, if done eating only 20-40 grams of fat, in 2 months to reduce weight 10 pounds, however, not everyone can lose weight eat less fat, if consumed too much carbohydrate, but also make weight.

Third, to reduce food intake:
To lose weight, without giving up favorite foods, it is important to be controlled. If you prefer a certain food and dietary intake of large, it should be taken to minimize the weight of each. Than 4 times a week, each 200 grams of meat for consumption, but each 100 grams, so that you can reduce the intake of 1,200 kilocalories, in about seven and a half months of time to reduce their pounds. Recommended weight loss put a scale in the kitchen, posted a prompt slogans, pay attention to remind ourselves of the weight of food intake.

Fourth, eat liquid food:
Typically, the flow of making food is very convenient. If you only eat one meal a day flow of food or drink, you can in 8 months lose 10 pounds. The flow of food to diversify in order to avoid the lack of nutrition. Under the guidance of a doctor, or even two meals a day flow of food. This can be in five weeks lose 10 pounds. But to ensure that the selected flow body needs food to provide nutrients and proteins, and to ensure three meals a day.

Fifth, gone Weight:
Persist 5 days a week, day 1, every 45 minutes to go 5 km away, this can be in 6 months minus 10 pounds. If within 45 minutes walk 6.5 km, then the weight loss faster. Some might say "no time to walk." In fact, time is squeezed out. Cardiologists pointed out: using this weight loss may increase the appetite. Therefore, before or after a walk, you can eat low fat food or fresh fruit, drink plenty of water to supplement the reduced body of water due to sweating.

Positive thinking weight loss

Positive thinking weight loss

 To lose weight need to give yourself a positive thought
 Will be down so happy to find a target, think of a person to achieve that kind of body
 Relying on forward thinking, constantly imagine that one day he will become like him.
 Grew more and more happy, more power will be so thin from the
 This is the power of positive thinking!!
 weight loss may also have set a goal for himself
 Although the beginning is very hard
 However, reduced sense of accomplishment was felt more and more
 More and have fun
 I think this is the effect of positive thinking, it

Jolin weight loss

Jolin weight loss
Jolin special emphasis on the body, she said, many will purchase equipment to exercise the body, which is a thin waist secret fierce wild hula hoop. "Jolin said she would shake while watching TV, and now even a continuous roll and a half hours and will not fall . "I usually will pay attention to sports, like bowling, dancing, doing sit-ups, hula hoop. There is, I will maintain a very ...

She insisted, after six in the evening, do not eat anything. But every morning, she would eat the vitamins A, B, C have calcium to supplement nutrition. She said: "Women more prone to constipation, I would be nervous constipation, so I have been yeast bubble tea drink.
She also has its own set of weight-loss diet, including boiled vegetables, low-calorie cookies, not to eat sweets, Jolin Tsai said: "Although I eat light, but have enough nutrition! However, we do not over-weight, because health is the most important. Jolin weight loss
Jolin special emphasis on the body, she said, many will purchase equipment to exercise the body, which is a thin waist secret fierce wild hula hoop. "Jolin said she would shake while watching TV, and now even a continuous roll and a half hours and will not fall . "I usually will pay attention to sports, like bowling, dancing, doing sit-ups, hula hoop. There is, I will maintain a very ...

She insisted, after six in the evening, do not eat anything. But every morning, she would eat the vitamins A, B, C have calcium to supplement nutrition. She said: "Women more prone to constipation, I would be nervous constipation, so I have been yeast bubble tea drink.
She also has its own set of weight-loss diet, including boiled vegetables, low-calorie cookies, not to eat sweets, Jolin Tsai said: "Although I eat light, but have enough nutrition! However, we do not over-weight, because health is the most important.

Protein-based diet foods diet

Protein-based diet foods diet

A. sleep 4 to 5 hours before the food is absolutely non-stick, do not eat bread, biscuits and other foods with high carbohydrate content.

B. to get expert help to develop a protein-based recipes, recipes based on chicken breast and vegetables for the center. Want to eat low-calorie snacks to eat when the little tomatoes and other fruits.

C. student to lose weight one day and drink a bottle of lactic acid bacteria beverage fainted before, so this hunger strike, or do not choose to eat a food way to do low-calorie food healthy weight loss.

D. must eat breakfast every day for breakfast, stay away from sweet, salty, spicy food, can not only lose weight but also beneficial to health, is really two birds with one stone effect. Dinner to eat less and do not forget to eat vitamins every day, which is slim and healthy body to maintain one of the secrets.
In addition, daily maintenance of a low-calorie food and also pay the exercise, but only in her busy work before going to bed and half-bath massage, bath goods store to buy it to the bath solution became her life's important issues.

Elva weight loss

Elva weight loss
Elva way to lose weight is not an ordinary girl to take the dieting, "I can not eat without teeth, hungry for me, is simply inconceivable." Elva can not imagine to be hungry to lose weight, dizziness, because she not only more than a day meal, also eat high calories of fast food, plus fruit, dessert. She admitted that he is a very greedy person, "I do not even middle of the night often unable to go hungry, but also a big taboo to eat to lose weight --- 'supper'."

Hard to eat a little exaggeration, Elva will use a more stringent fitness training methods, to make you thin. "Fortunately, I had had the habit of fitness, coupled with the mother's tonic, even if not unhealthy thin." Elva confessed, laughing their way to lose weight. Elva has always maintained that weight loss does not mean can not eat, but eat right thing, "in addition to ordinary vegetables, fruits, I recommend you eat more milk. I grew up my mother requirements must drink two glasses of water after drinking after completing drink a large glass of milk, sometimes milk Banzhe bird's nest drink, when I feel bored. "Elva grew up after the mother's intention to understand, because her milk white skin and bird's nest, and every morning It also made her two cups of water to the toilet very "smooth", the plot does not poison the body, causing the body edema.
Note in addition to eating more teens began to fitness Elva, she develop the habit of focusing on the body lines. She entered the gym, usually start and a 45-minute treadmill, then do Pulldown, of course, the accumulation of fat girls most likely to pay attention to the lower abdomen, then lower abdominal muscle training and must be one item. Elva also stressed: "All movement is usually done, I will pulling the body of the tendon, Oh this step is very important, otherwise the legs will be thicker, will become the hard muscle of a mound, it is difficult to see one so difficult to imagine Elva one pair of white and straight legs of the origin.
Elva perseverance is the best weapon to maintain the body, even too busy to the gym, she will sit-ups every day before going to bed, "My greatest wish is that we can train the same body lines as Madonna, However, a smaller size than Madonna, or too burly 1 Elva says with a laugh.

Elva will bubble almost every day usually in the gym two or three hours, "was studying in Canada, there's emphasis on girls boys overall body lines, not only pay attention to where the boys around big girls on the ramp. Elva face handsome, smooth body lines, this is by eating, so that training, before they get it! Therefore, we also do not envy the stars bright light stand, or quickly start real training now!

Weight loss - how can both lose weight and breast

Weight loss - how can both lose weight and breast

Q: The main purpose of weight loss breast is to create beautiful curves of the body, but how to do both weight loss and breast enhancement, breast weight loss the following to tell you some points.
1 chest size depends mainly on the development of genetic and adolescence. If you shrink it to lose weight in the chest, more nutritionally balanced diet needs to be done to ensure that the intake of protein, healthy ways to lose weight. Period to the first 12, 13 days (3 days) and 18,19,20,21,22,23,24 days (7 days) is breast wedding day, to do more chest massage, eat a breast effect of food, such as: green peppers, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes and beans and nuts, and to drink milk.
(2) election has helped some of the breast weight loss food: milk, soy, fermented rice, yams, taro head, wolfberry, peanuts, walnuts, pig knuckles, tendons, milk. Which has a higher heat fermented rice, peanuts, walnuts, pig knuckles, tendons, milk. Other heat is relatively low. High-calorie daily amount of supplement can make up over the affect of weight loss.
3. Do fat burning exercise to lose weight, while beneficial for the chest with some of the movement. Must exercise: chest, put the chest, half-length push-ups, yoga in the cow-style, flat chest push. Every day the best massage, massage is the best, you can not find the point on the chest massage. Not too hard, or easy to break up the breast to chest down.

Regardless of weight loss or breast, are not in a very short period of time have changed a lot, and both need good planning and execution. Only good to insist, must be able to both weight loss and breast enhancement.

Weight loss - weight-loss method to lose weight slowly

Rapid weight loss is caused by another problem: fat again.

Mayo Medical Center, published by the "healthy weight" pointed out, there is a lot to promote quick and easy diet, if you adopt the diet, the effect may soon, but the end of this diet, will soon be fat back. Vicious cycle, not only to strengthen their faith destined obesity, but also failed to develop the habit of maintaining a healthy weight.

Feasible plan to slowly gain weight at the end. United States,

 "National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases," that whether you Xiangshou a few kilograms, achievable goals and a slow approach to the real weight loss and weight maintenance. "You should set a target of 2 to 4 kilograms a month," "idiot Diet" by Lin Sile (Carol Ann Rinzler) said, that is, week and a half kilograms. Lin Sile said "slow and steady" weight loss method as "a small amount of weight loss slowly theory (Little Things Theory of Dieting)", the idea is to maintain slow and steady way to lose weight, reduce the heat slowly and less to you almost do not feel the heat in the cut, "When I do not feel hungry, do not think the weight loss," Lin Sile said.

Slowly, it may contain a variety of food to create a balanced diet, nutritionists New Zealand is special (Jackie Newgent) said. In Japan, the "slow weight loss" is popular, slow weight loss web site click rate hit 2.5 million, and later even publishing a book. "Slow weight loss" from eating way, ingredients, preparations advice: eat eat a method from the beginning

The so-called fat is excessive intake of calories.

 If "moderate" intake, not fat. How to find their own "moderate"? Start eating a start. Eat one, not much different on mood, will not have a strong sense of deprivation, but in actual sense, it means not too much. If you have can adapt to the next meal, then eat one, eat slowly, you can gradually find their own "moderate."

Careful chewing, eating slowly would lose weight is the most basic principles. This brain activity. Hormone called leptin to stimulate the central nervous 20 minutes or so, people tend to eat fast not feel full, has been eating too much. And slowly is the "slow food" one of the spirit, by eating slowly can rediscover their taste. Chew out the original flavor of the food has not been found, not by the surrounding environment, eat their own flavor.
Whole grain ingredients
Brown rice, grain rice, whole grains of rice or flour can not ponder over the food, you can even eat through the delicious ponder over. If you are not accustomed to the taste, you can first half of the white rice, brown rice or half rice grain.
Slow weight loss is the most soy is not the lack of class. Soy can lower cholesterol, but also of plant estrogen, can increase bone density, but also the prevention of menopausal disorders. Beans are also appreciative of the food can be one.
If the focus of the Mediterranean diet is olive oil, the Japanese macrobiotic diet is the focus of algae. Algae low in calories and rich in soluble fiber, lose weight for the enemy - ─ constipation, very effective. Moreover, increased basal metabolic rate needs trace minerals, seaweed where there is adequate trace minerals such as zinc, manganese, selenium and so on.
Deep-sea fish
Fish oil can reduce blood cholesterol, is rich in deep-sea fish in histidine (histidine), can inhibit the brain's appetite.
Mushrooms, lilies, shrimp, scallops and other dry goods of high nutritional value. In particular, these foods are high fiber, usually can be bought to save, it is easier to maintain a wide variety of food.
Root fibers enough, can chew through a natural, stimulating the appetite center, feel satiety. Dietary fiber can delay carbohydrate, fat absorption, without consuming too much fat. If the intake of low-calorie root, stem, can help increase satiety.
Small package frozen preparations
If the ingredients can not be a ready, first in small package frozen. Such as time-consuming cooked soybeans, cooked the night before can, put a small package frozen cooling. Do salad, soup, you can immediately use. Meat can also use this method, start with packing small packages begin.
You can prepare a variety of table foods to eat when served with a small bowl, enjoy a variety of ingredients fun. The true meaning of slow weight loss is easy to enjoy, you can maintain long-term way of eating. Can also be used to easily prepare all the ingredients of the weekend.
Balcony garden
Can be grown, such as mint, basil, rosemary and other herbs or plants, you can add some flavor in the dish. You can also try simple green onions, lettuce, etc., if the vegetables is low, immediately added. Users to lose weight lose weight in a slow website to share: "Slow weight loss is to force the concept of liberation", and its believed that it was to lose weight, consider themselves as a healthy lifestyle. Setting achievable targets slow, you can find a way to achieve their goals, and then is to tell yourself: I do.
Eating out how to do?
Meal in a restaurant, ordering a lot of people often do not often point too much. If you are slow to lose weight, the same basic principles with selected ingredients, selected species to eat.
Such as point buffet, you can a dish, a meat, half of the semi-meat dishes (such as green pepper shredded pork). Do not choose, such as deep-fried or braised pork ribs and other big piece of meat to eat.
President Chain Store home to eat lunch as well buy, but also can put the rice, vegetable-packing into a small bowl decorations, if the lack of vegetables can be a hot vegetables, rice and sprinkle with black sesame seeds also add flavor.
And then still have to eat slowly, even if President Chain Store lunch, but also enjoy a meal.