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Lose weight kimchi soup -10 Days to lose weight lose weight kimchi soup

Lose weight, kimchi soup, kimchi soup to lose weight, lose weight pickles

1 very diverse pickle recipes
2 large folio pages easier to read not less burden
3 drawing easy
4 Describe the use of pickles how to lose weight

Kimchi species diverse and rich
Diet row stool suitable for each age group who not only beauty
Weight loss with pickles defecation easier than dieting better to do
Pickled foods are rich in enzymes because mainstream
Straightforward uncomplicated recipes
Hand-made kimchi charm with big wave, the New Year at home bored to give as gifts for personal use tilapia marinated

Korean kimchi key
Kind of Korean kimchi
Korean kimchi nutrition
Kimchi slimming effect

Delicious food production bubble
A wide variety of Korean kimchi family
Mix cabbage
Mixed with kelp
Mix Bracken
Mixed with bean sprouts
Mixed with radish
Mixed lettuce
Water mixed with celery
Mix sesame
Sprouts kimchi
Mix canola
Mix small garlic
Wolfberry water kimchi
Stuffed cucumber kimchi
Cucumber pickle water
Mix spinach
Mixed with eggplant
Mustard pickles
Thin square white kimchi
Bellflower mixed with cucumber
Bellflower pickles

Spicy cabbage kimchi

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Lemon Juice Diet - lemon juice to lose weight

Lemon juice to lose weight , lose weight , lemon juice , lemon juice lose weight

God is giving us a lemon , squeeze its juice went ,
Be diluted with 1-1/4 cups of water a day to drink two cups of it

Followed by lemon juice diet made ​​on the ~

Lemon juice diet is a safe , delicious and makes you slim change America , to purify the body and restore health and energy approach.

It allows you to lower blood glucose levels , digestive function smoothly, lemon juice itself is rich in vitamin C, better speed up the body 's absorption of vitamins to make your metabolism effect is good.

Whether you simply drinking lemon juice, or cook it into the dish , it will make you high unit pectin maintain satiety after meals , and lower your blood sugar.

Of course! Any one added lemon food tastes very fresh and flavorful !
Lemon juice to lose weight , lose weight , lemon juice , lemon juice lose weight
There is a common myth : that as long as detoxification, let yourself go hungry for a few days , drink fruit juice with water , you can greatly reduce the weight . But this detox diet is no scientific basis , but it is based on the product of fantasy . Lemon juice diet most distinctive places emphasis on detoxification and digestive function is to reconcile , if healthy digestive function , wholesome nutrients will be absorbed by decomposition, less healthy substances will be discarded , the body naturally healthy slim down.

While the general public to use the lemon diet is not quite strange, but do not know how to properly use a lemon to make their own to achieve the most healthy and effective weight loss. Weight loss is not just the use of lemon juice lemon juice on your various foods, but also with the use of other ingredients in the " lemonade diet ," the authors designed for readers seven days a week eating plan , and in the book Share your own " lemonade recipe ."

Conditioning the body healthy, you can also " lemonade diet" , learn homemade lotion, mask, shampoo , etc. with natural lemon efficacy of daily necessities , so you can be healthy and beautiful inside and outside .

Seven lemon juice diet Code :
◎ every morning eating first , is to drink lemonade , while the intake of plenty of water throughout the day .
◎ vitamin C effect.
◎ maintain stable blood sugar .
◎ reduce sugar intake.
◎ put aside the idea of ​​low-fat .
◎ eat natural fresh whole foods.
◎ learn about right and wrong digestion .
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Paleo Diet- Paleolithic diet weight loss method Paleo Diet

Weight loss , diet , Paleo Diet, Paleo, Diet

AMAZON TOP 1 bestseller list as primitive eat the most healthy !
Paleolithic diet, 30 days to change your life !

‧ efforts movement , as home to sleep
‧ more meat , you will be better than it is now !
‧ make you fat , not fat
‧ whole grains , macrobiotic diet completely unable to make you healthier
‧ gastrointestinal disease from cereals, legumes and dairy products

Paleolithic diet 30 days ‧ ‧ Delicious Easy Recipes transformation plan
‧ buy good food guide
‧ fitness training exercise Detailed graphics
‧ track your Paleolithic new life : health status assessment criteria

Because the parents of poor health , Robert ‧ Wolf from the urine on fitness and nutrition focused and full of enthusiasm .

Powerlifting teens get the state championship game with a 6-0 success Amateur Sanda has biochemistry diploma , and bent into the School of Medicine. But a vegetarian diet and life experience, so Robert 's very pretty poor state of health . Just a few years , he 's 81 kg athlete from robust physique , fell slim 63 kg . Edema , exhaust, gastrointestinal discomfort is a common practice , only 26 years old suffering from high blood pressure ( 140 / 95 ) , high triglycerides ( over 300 ) , ...... abnormal cholesterol levels .

Yes, he had more unhealthy than most of us .

Until he discovered Paleolithic diet ! Our primitive ancestors against eating meat , seafood , nuts , seeds , seasonal fruits and vegetables , health status actually surprisingly good !

Only six weeks , Robert blood pressure decreased rapidly to 115 / 60 , more than 300 from the triglycerides to 50 !
Today, Robert is already the world's most people named Powerlifting and fitness coach.

" Paleolithic health law" is Robert the ancient human hunter-gatherers as anthropological knowledge , combined with genetics , biochemistry , immunology and longevity research the latest, most sophisticated found most suitable for integration into a busy modern people 's healthy eating rules.

This book will tell you:
‧ How to lose excess weight and fat in a short time
‧ Paleolithic diet how to improve cancer patients , patients with diabetes , heart disease and autoimmune disease patient's health
‧ How to improve quality of sleep ? Why poor sleep quality will make people fat rises , ran spare tire on the stomach ?
‧ simple food which can significantly improve your appearance and health, so that becomes color and feel younger ?
‧ why we cognition of healthy food actually harmful ?
‧ how to improve your physical performance ?

" Paleolithic health law" is a comprehensive health plan .

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Drink plenty of water to lose weight

Drink plenty of water to lose weight
Drink plenty of water to lose weight, lose weight, drink plenty of water
Drink plenty of water , only drink water , drink beverages
Many people will lose weight by drinking it is often a good way to fit in when I drink Diet Weight Loss
Drink plenty of water to accelerate the body metabolism can improve the discharge of waste
Easy to accumulate harmful poisons and can be difficult to make a normal bowel movement Constipation
The most appropriate day to drink 2000cc to 3000cc amount
I would like to prepare the usual kettle kettle must have graduated
So they knew that they drink a small amount today
If it is not convenient to carry out to the convenience store to buy water to drink
Bottle of water will have detailed above cc 're wrong number so afraid to drink
Edema of the lower body is easy to remember to drink less people at night
Drink will make you lose weight naught
Nor can the sports drinks instead of water
If you do not want to drink only drink beverages that how to lose weight ?
You can choose to drink vegetable juice , black coffee , unsweetened green tea or black tea
Diet must not touch carbonated drinks, juice drinks, energy drinks , fancy coffee ex: latte , cappuccino , etc.
If you can avoid drinking beverages is the best or the most beneficial to the body
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Laser acupuncture weight loss - weight loss acupuncture

Laser acupuncture weight loss - acupuncture weight loss 

Weight loss , weight loss , laser acupuncture , laser acupuncture to lose weight

Do not need needles , but also to achieve weight loss , which is thought rejection of meat but is afraid of pain of the people, is a great boon ; practitioners have introduced " laser acupuncture " has become a new trend in weight loss. Bamboo LST CMCs Wengqing Song , MD, is not characteristic of laser acupuncture needle , use laser light to stimulate acupuncture points , almost zero pain , wound infection , or there will not be fainting and other issues, according to Chinese scholars thesis points out , 2-3 times a week for a month 2-3 kg of lean .

Laser acupuncture weight loss , acupuncture points for safety and painless. ( Reporter Lin tone Johnson / photography ) .
Laser acupuncture is mainly for the adjustment obese nerve and endocrine function , ㄧ aspects can reduce appetite , while inhibiting digestion and absorption , reduce caloric intake ; while promoting metabolism, increase energy consumption, promote lipolysis , to achieve weight loss .
The biggest advantage is safe and painless , effective and time saving convenience . MD, laser acupuncture instruments can be divided into desktop and handheld , each laser head can be individually stimulate an acupuncture point , which can treat a number of points , just 3-5 minutes a single treatment time .

Laser acupuncture to lose weight, one week need to be 2-3 times. ( Reporter Lin tone Johnson / Photography )
Wengqing Song , MD , through laser acupuncture to lose weight , because almost no pain , so for those afraid of the pain to try younger , but if it is compared with the embedding, embedding generally only back to the clinic once a week ; Laser Acupuncture week you need to be 2-3 times the average subject back to the clinic the next day . But laser acupuncture patients can follow the site you want to lose weight , to stimulate acupuncture points to achieve weight loss . Wengqing Song physicians stressed that according to domestic and foreign research papers such as the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Chung Yuan Christian University , " R & D and clinical application of portable low -power laser acupuncture instrument of ( weight loss ) ," research indicates that laser acupuncture to lose weight a month , average reduce 3Kg.

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Kiwi weight loss - weight loss methods kiwi

Kiwi weight loss - weight loss methods kiwi Diet, kiwi lose weight, lose weight, lose weight kiwi Kiwi has long been not only lose weight clergyman as stir-fried, or a big miracle: "the highest density of kiwi fruit nutrition, eating two kiwifruit a day can add the body of acidic calcium kiwi can promote gastrointestinal motility and reduce flatulence. Kiwi can improve sleep quality, and rich in vitamin C, a kiwi contained vitamin C, there eighty-seven milligrams. " Kiwi eat meals to eat two to three typical day would be enough. Eighty percent of kiwi peel nutrition part, but a lot of kiwi skin hair, how to eat?

 Find a new kitchen sink with a scouring pad, the surface is very rough kind, you can rub the hair on the skin scraped off. After shaving with two kiwi, plus less than half a glass of water, placed in a blender whipped skin, immediately drink a small mouth, put a long drink will oxidize. Best before eating breakfast, taken directly from the refrigerator is too cold, first in warm water about. However, this would eat the pulp fibers Chelan impact it helps bowel function, so if the taste is never too bad, just after eating directly to the hair on the right. Kiwi: The most natural vitamin C pills, meet on the 1st of vitamin C.

 1 nutritious: it is the highest nutrient density king of fruits. 2 beautify the skin: two kiwi to meet the daily requirement of vitamin C. (3) protect the bones: Calcium is Apple sixfold, to prevent osteoporosis. 4 eliminate edema: rich in potassium, can prevent leg edema. 5 help digestion: accelerating the decomposition of fatty acids, avoiding excess fat so that the legs thicker. 6 improve constipation: contains dietary fiber, can stimulate gastrointestinal motility promote defecation. 7 weight control: a kiwi before meals, can effectively help control weight. 8 Help Weight Loss: contains can promote metabolism, break down excess body fat "carnitine."

 According to the North American dietary reference intake, the recommended daily intake of at least 90 mg of vitamin C, up to 2000 mg. So eat one to two kiwifruit a day can meet the required day of vitamin C. Look on the card that Fluffy fruit, is one of the most natural and effective vitamin C pills. Eat kiwi skin is not only good for beauty, but also help you lose weight oh ~ ~ ~

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Bicycle weight loss - weight loss methods bike

Bicycle weight loss - weight loss methods bike

Lose weight, lose weight bike , weight loss , weight loss methods bicycle
Bicycle Diet & Heartbeat Management

( 1 ) " bike to lose weight " tips :

* A week for at least 3 to 4 times of 60 minutes ride . * At least once a week is a high intensity ( heart rate at age security ceiling ) riding ( climbing or fast . )

* 120 minutes per week of riding.

( 2 ) a three-month schedule :

First month : low-intensity riding.

1 heartbeat strength of 60 to 70 percent , which is about the extent of the side edges can ride speech .

2 riding time : 30 to 120 minutes .

The second month : the strength ( 70 to 80% ) of riding.

.. A heartbeat intensity ( 70-80% ) 2 riding time : 60 to 120 minutes . Route selection changes over the sloping lot , and remains constant .

The first three months : short-term high-intensity " interval training ."

* Every time you want to ride the course of four to five times a " sprint " , and gradually increase to 7-8 times.

* Each time a " full sprint " to be able to maintain 30 seconds , and gradually increased to 60 seconds .

* Each time a " full sprint " between the need to wait for the full restoration of the physical , and then re-start .

Bike to lose weight NOTES:

1 must eat food, especially long distance, otherwise they will be less sugar , and even fainting crash .

  * Exercise to lose weight , the main purpose : to burn fat . Do not eat no sugar can burn , it can not burn fat.
   Movement is the need to heat, had to change the number of burn protein to charge . Take burning protein, it will have an adverse phenomenon ;
  " Physical deterioration " and " self-poisoning " ( taken after the burning of protein metabolites is very toxic .
   If , excretion less, but remains in the body, it will " self-poisoning ." ) . This is cycling to lose weight,
   Must eat food truth.

2 Be sure to add a large number of water to prevent dehydration . Large number of additional water to prevent dehydration.
   Cycling every hour , about to supply 500 ~ 600CC ( kettle bottle ) .

3 drink milk or sesame ingestion have enough calcium, can help obese cells do not absorb fat.

4 Safety First ! Adherence to traffic rules . Way ride , the best choice by wrapping the road turn right .

5 in the morning , at night , the former must be equipped , rear lights , front and rear wheel 360 degrees total of four two- piece reflector mirrors and pedals , plus the best reflective triangle waist belt . Stowage foolproof safety equipment. Of course , helmets and gloves , it is indispensable equipment.

6 initial weight loss : The main is to develop cycling exercise habits . Not too fight to prevent injuries. Do not pay much attention to changes in body weight . Speed ​​of about 15 ~ 20km ( heartbeat between 100 ~ 110 bpm). Mainly in order to enjoy the fun ride .

7 second month interim ; about speed 20 ~ 25km ( heart rate 120 ~ 130 bpm, pedal turning 60 ~ 70 rpm.).

8 late in the first three months after the ride technology upgrading, plus physical adaptation, coupled with the implementation might short, high intensity tiring " interval training ."

9 When touring , the first one within 10 minutes , warming up the " heartbeat " up to " target heart rate " each time .
Then , in the last 10 minutes , we should " Heartbeat " and slowly cooling down to less than 100 jumps .

Age limits the risk of upper central limit

Above 50 160 140 120 100




" Diet " purpose , at least one day to consume 200 to 300 calories , about 60 minutes. About 20 to 30 minutes or so of " positive " campaign , with 20 to 30 minutes Warming up and Cooling down the left , so a total of about 60 minutes .
If time does not permit a 60-minute exercise time .

Changed 30 minutes each morning and evening , as more than a Warming up and Cooling down, but the consumption of calories than a movement of more than 60 minutes on the 31 separate several people who exercise in calorie consumption instead, more ... .
Because within 30 minutes after exercise , will continue to burn calories .
Moreover , at least three to five days a week motion !

Data on the bike sports medicine , said : Start fat ( weight loss ) conditions to burn :

1 heartbeat jump to 100 or more.

.2 Continuation 30 minutes .

3 body has enough oxygen to reach weight loss goals , at least 60 minutes a day riding , exercise heart rate jumped more than 100 (target heart rate : 130 ) .
    Holidays to enjoy more than 120 minutes of cycling .

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Weight Loss Efficiency - 6 big taboo avoid slowing weight loss efficiency

Weight Loss Efficiency - 6 big taboo avoid slowing weight loss efficiency

Lose weight, lose weight efficiency, weight loss , weight loss taboo

◆ taboo one : breakfast too
Daily breakfast just solve , especially ate buttered toast with black coffee , weight loss is definitely a disservice .

This is not just because of the importance of breakfast , breakfast if the lack of protein , weight loss will have a bad effect . Protein helps suppress appetite, increase satiety , so you would not be in before lunch and eat a few biscuits .
◆ Taboo two : the lack of " anaerobic "
Only jogging, swimming, aerobics, although can burn fat , but if the lack of training anaerobic exercise , weight loss efficiency will deteriorate. Because anaerobic exercise such as weight training and the like, can increase muscle mass and enhance basal metabolic rate , so to lose weight more efficiently.

◆ Taboo three : start weight training , but only using a lighter weight
Many girls know the importance of anaerobic exercise , the willingness to leave the treadmill in the gym , bicycle machine, and move towards re- training machines and dumbbells , but because of fear trained sturdy frame , but only willing to use a lighter weight. In fact, the girls have to train like a bodybuilder like big muscles , are to go through a very rigorous training and diet control before they can reach . So do not be afraid or three times a week training will become burly " bear woman " , and the staff can be a gym on-site consultation for their own weight , and it is not beyond their scope can load .
◆ Taboo IV: do not eat before exercise
Some people think that fasting exercise can burn more calories , but in fact the opposite . University of Arkansas (University of Arkansas) research indicates that girls eat before exercise under the high-protein diet, moderate exercise and then 30 minutes , calories consumed compared to fasting multi- sport girls .

◆ taboo five : your weight loss plan does comrades
According to a study of the American Journal of Medicine (American Journal of Medicine) , showed that the weight loss and weight loss alone alone have comrades By contrast, the former in the same time , under the weight reduction will be greater . This is because people have inertia, if there is one person work together to spur each other , a natural weight loss program will be easier to continue.
◆ Taboo VI: too much pressure
According to the University of Kentucky (University of Kentucky) conducted an experiment , the researchers will study subjects were divided into two groups, the first group told how a healthy diet , and control their diet , the second group in addition to dietary recommendations , also told how manage stress , methods of relieving stress , seven weeks after the first set of the magnitude of weight loss is not obvious , but the second group ate the same food , the average has dropped 17 pounds ( about 7.7 kg ) . So learn to release stress , avoid anxiety , never emotional eating, weight loss can make efficiency gains .

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Meal Weight Loss - male eating meals to lose weight 80 kg 16 months shovel

Meal Weight Loss - male eating meals to lose weight 80 kg 16 months shovel 

Lose weight, meals to lose weight, lose weight 
32-year-old chef Huang Zhiwei height 173 cm, weight it was as high as 200 kg fat to only sit and sleep, and suffer from hypertension, diabetes; yellow male doctor two years ago found that the body mass index (BMI) of 66.4, far exceeding the standard value 27.

Attending physician, said the past two years from the date the yellow drink 10 cups of sugary beverages cause weight hurricane, stomach reduction surgery due to the risk of large, changing eating meals to lose weight, diet pills with sports medicine therapy, within 16 months successfully dumped 80 kilograms of meat.
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