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Coffee ways to lose weight


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Drink coffee to lose weight has become the fad diets OL family, coffee diet weight loss method, we have to accept the diet of coffee use coffee contains caffeine, about five cups a day of coffee can reach a good weight loss .

Coffee diet principle
Ingredients of coffee - caffeine: biodegradable accumulation of fat in the body to make it into heat; the tannins: You can remove the fatigue caused by the reactive oxygen species, invigorating; volatile fat: with fatigue effect, is the main ingredient to dominate the coffee aroma. Caffeine in coffee has the promote lipolysis role, will release the fat in the blood, blood fatty acid concentrations become high for 30-40 minutes after drinking coffee, then regular exercise, fatty acid into heat energy, effectively burning refers to fat. The coffee diet plus four major steps, enhanced version 4 tips can be handy to lose weight.

Coffee diet two weeks slimming 4 steps
1: smell ─ ─ steeped in the rich smell of coffee, according to the study, the smell of coffee can make people feel stable, and to improve the sensitivity of the facial features, a cup of coffee at work can improve work efficiency, but will also stimulate the willingness to lose weight .

2: product ─ ─ after 30 minutes to 1 hour tasting cup of strong black coffee (no sugar, milk), caffeine helps digestion after meals, and promote fat burning; cup of black coffee, may wish to work with the walk. Generally 4 cups a day is the ideal amount of weight loss, but pay attention to: the excess will affect the health and sleep.

3: Sports ─ ─ after dinner cup of coffee, coupled with some simple exercise, such as brisk walking for 10-15 minutes, refused to take the elevator to take the stairs to the office, sitting in a chair on the reverse the upper body, toes, these campaigns can help you digest the ingestion of calories.

4: Massage ─ ─ boiled coffee grounds massage can make the skin smooth, also tightening the skin. In the accumulation of fat in the parts, such as the lower abdomen, thighs, waist deployed coffee grounds coffee liquid, massage toward the heart area, can achieve the effect of the break down fat, bath massage more effective.

Enhanced version of the weight loss tips
1: shallow baking the most effective ─ ─ roasted coffee beans temperature will affect the amount of caffeine, the temperature exceeds 178 ° C, the the caffeine completely dissolved, so although the rich, but the caffeine content is rarely. To lose weight, you should choose a light taste of American coffee.

2: better hot drinks ─ ─ drinking hot coffee body slight fever, then caffeine in prompting the body to burn calories, the effect of contrast iced coffee is not good and hot drinks.

3: instant products slightly inferior ─ ─ inconvenient own coffee, and had to use instant products, coffee grounds slimming instant products can not do.

4: Never add sugar ─ ─ not used to drinking black coffee, it is recommended that at most, plus a small amount of milk, do not sugar, because the sugar will hinder lipolysis.

Hot coffee iced coffee
Hot coffee can help you burn calories faster. Shallow roasted coffee is the most effective. High baking temperature
Coffee, although the strong flavor, but the caffeine content is less conducive to weight loss, and relatively light taste of American
Coffee is more conducive to weight loss.

Smell the coffee thin
The smell of coffee makes emotional stability and can improve the sensitivity of the senses, so work, drink a cup of coffee can
To improve work efficiency, but also more willingness to boost your weight loss.

A cup of coffee after exercise weight-loss method
Drinking coffee after 30-40 minutes of blood fatty acid concentrations become high, when coupled with regular exercise, can
The fatty acids into energy, burn fat effectively. Such as brisk walking for 10-15 minutes; does not take the elevator and walk the floor
Ladder back to the office or home: in situ can also do some small movement: like reverse stretching the upper body, foot, abdomen.

The coffee grounds Massage weight-loss techniques
With boiled coffee grounds massage not only can make the skin smooth, there are firming, cosmetic results. If the used coffee grounds
Deployment coffee emulsion, in the accumulation of fat in the lower abdomen, thighs, waist and other parts along the blood, lymph flow
Moving in the direction toward the heart of the move, the decomposition of fat to achieve weight loss, if the shower massage effect
Will be better.

Coffee stovepipe method
Material: coffee powder, massage oil amount
: Coffee bean powder and massage oil blending to spiral is its Xiangshou paint on the thigh at.
The Effects: coffee powder can promote skin blood circulation, to avoid generating cellular tissue, thighs and other Firmer.

Coffee slimming Note
Caffeine will stimulate the human body to sweat and other effects the performance of outstanding pharmacological action makes sure that the weight loss, but to achieve a significant effect, there must be a lot of caffeine stimulation. The side effects of excessive caffeine is fatal and mild cases of insomnia, suffer from anxiety disorders, severe stomach ulcers, and even cause heart palpitations, seriously affect the heart and lung function. Day, only fit to drink 3-4 cups every day, adults should not be more than 300 milligrams of caffeine intake in accordance with the recommendations of the Department of Health. In other words, if you own slow metabolism, or seldom exercise sweat, fixed drink the right amount of black coffee, as long as they can adapt insomnia and other side effects, can indeed achieve slight weight loss, promote metabolic effect of defecation; However, conversely, originally had stomach problems, or cardiovascular, heart disease, drinking black coffee a day, but body burden, even original condition deteriorated, and do not apply this method to lose weight.

Lose weight coffee diet weight loss methods, coffee, weight loss methods, coffee, coffee diet meals

Bitter gourd way to lose weight


Lose weight, bitter melon weight loss methods to lose weight, bitter gourd, weight loss methods, bitter gourd, bitter gourd diet meals

Principle of bitter to lose weight
Bitter gourd contains rich in vitamins B, C, calcium, iron, etc., and has a significant hypoglycemic effect, have a certain effect on diabetes. It also has the ability to antiviral and anti-cancer effect. Friends can try to thin raw bitter gourd, containing CLT factors can prevent fat absorption. The bitter gourd is a medicinal fruits and vegetables, in addition to medicine effect remains bitter gourd diet, you heard this? Bitter melon is also a good diet food, bitter melon weight-loss allows you to quickly slim down Oh! Edit bitter gourd diet recipes to share with you and want to be successful slimming is not hardship, bitter melon weight loss methods to help you thin out the light and a good body! Bitter melon has reduced the role of cholesterol and triglycerides, while nutrition is very rich, bitter gourd, vitamin C content ranks first of melons and vegetables, sugar and fat content is very low, it is very suitable for people to lose weight eat.

Bitter gourd diet food
 Method: Juice
Bitter bitter gourd juice, if you have the courage, gulped If you really can not stand, add a kiwi or tomato together juicer. Remember, do not add the sweet fruit, the sugar will affect balsam pear slimming prime stable. And remaining after the juice the bitter gourd scum should eat.
Fiber sub-soluble and insoluble most, bitter gourd slag fiber is insoluble fiber, and fiber to promote gastrointestinal motility and break down fat in the intestine magic Oh. If your stomach is not good, it is recommended that you up to eat two a day, before lunch and dinner each drink a bitter melon juice. If your stomach is very good, do not over four more would be Shang Wei.
Day four of each one before dinner early in the course, and then drink before going to bed three hours before the last cup, do not wait for bedtime before drinking. Bitter gourd absorbed by the body after the obvious reaction is thirsty, you do not want the middle of the night to drink plenty of water, and then the toilet? In addition, drink plenty of water will cause swelling of the body in the middle of the night.

Method: direct eat
If you do not have a juicer, you can directly eat the bitter gourd seeded and cut in half, cut into 1.5 cm wide small pieces, and then uninterrupted food, eating carefully chew until after feeling bitter gourd Juelan swallow, like eating a cucumber in his hand, as breath after eating the equivalent of eating one-third of the bitter gourd, natural weight loss good stuff, you can only absorb one-third or less.
Similarly, you sleep three hours after eating the bitter melon consumption is relatively large as concentrated before meals.

Bitter gourd healthy diet:

1, bitter gourd must be eaten raw.

2, not flood damage, flood damage will make bitter gourd effective material loss.

3, the number of not less than two to more than four a day to eat bitter gourd.

Do not add seasonings, the seasonings inside of spicy greasy substances will reduce the speed of weight loss.

5, it is recommended to use in half an hour before a meal.

6, seeded, peeled but do not.

Black bitter gourd Road, bitter gourd effective, but very expensive, there is no need to buy, although it is not bitter, bitter gourd yellow do not eat.

Bitter to lose weight Note:

1. Bitter melon is cold stuff, do not eat during the consumption of bitter gourd, do not drink tea, what tea green tea weight loss tea altogether stop to drink water. Although tea polyphenols is a good thing, but theophylline but it will hurt you have been tired from eating bitter gourd and stomach.
2. Black bitter gourd Green bitter gourd, and expensive, there is no need to buy, although it is not bitter. The yellow bitter gourd do not want to eat.
3. Under normal circumstances, bitter gourd and other natural foods to lose weight, exclude edema, to remove fat from the intestine, these things are removed, many people 1:00 not see the effect of the surface, do not give up, persist for some time you turn to the subcutaneous fat.
4. Bitter to lose weight, the speed will not soon, due to the consumption of bitter gourd reduced meals intake, coupled with the bitter gourd weight loss is the real reason to speed up the rate of weight loss. However, not bitter gourd as a psychological comfort to eat bitter gourd, eat as much rice right, then you will only get fat. Eat bitter gourd without dieting, but at least you should reduce the intake of spicy and greasy food.
5. Defecation will be more and more smooth, if there is severe diarrhea, your stomach can not stand, you reduce the consumption of bitter gourd or stop eating for some time.
6. The last point, of course, is to insist on it!

Bitter gourd diet meals

Of bitter gourd celery juice

Material: a bitter melon, celery, 2, a little honey.

Practices: Wash the bitter gourd, seeded, cut into small pieces into the juicer. Celery leaves washed, cut into small pieces into the juicer, and bitter gourd juice with, and then add the honey can be.

Lose weight, bitter melon weight loss methods to lose weight, bitter gourd, weight loss methods, bitter gourd, bitter gourd diet meals

Grapefruit weight loss


Weight loss, grapefruit diet, grapefruit, weight loss methods, grapefruit diet method

Grapefruit weight loss theory
Each grapefruit contains one hundred and three calories, of three hundred thirty-two mg of potassium, and four grams of fiber. For high potassium-quality food, beneficial to improve the problem of the body edema, but those suffering from kidney disease, unfit for human consumption, so as not to affect the patient's condition. Grapefruit is also rich in vitamin C and carotene, this antioxidant, can not only slow down the aging process of the body, and to protect the health of the skin and mucosa. The Diet Menus weight loss it is necessary to comply with regulations cut off the feet, and not just the deletion of any food in the downsizing Menus, because every kind of food is a chemical process should induce fat burning substances, are indispensable. Bacon and salad and no less! The coffee will directly affect the release of insulin, absolutely no help to burn fat. If you comply with this weight loss menus, you should not feel hungry. Even if the hungry can not eat any dessert or bread food.

Grapefruit way to lose weight
What is a "small cycles"? Grapefruit way to lose weight is fourteen days for a small loop, the first twelve days of follow menus to lose weight, thirteenth, fourteen days, compared with the "Liberation Day", the past two days to resume their daily meals, eat The sugars also available.

Grapefruit Diet Menus
As the main ingredients of slimming Menus fruit is very common, and the main ingredient Grapefruit Diet Menus weight loss significantly, 12 days can subtract ten pounds. Many of my friends tried this slimming Menus, the effect is very strongly recommend. Diet Menus twelve days a cycle, after to disable two days, two days later, if necessary can re-start 12 days cycle.


Half a grapefruit (juice) Tang 2 eggs (any kind of cooking) 2 bacon


Half a grapefruit (juice) Tang salad (sauce not limited) meat (any kind of cooking)


Half a grapefruit can drink juice no Tang Meat (any kind of cooking) to fish better

The following two election:

1 green or red vegetables (with no seasoning, butter also available)

2. Salad (the sauce not limited to)

If necessary, each meal only low can drink a cup of coffee or weak tea

Snack: 1 cup tomato juice or skim milk

In accordance with the rules:

Do not attempt minus any food on the menus, bacon and salad menu above food mixed production chemical principles to burn fat, grapefruit is very important, because it Menus in conflict with the law agent, it leads the entire combustion process, it is indispensable.

2. Reduce coffee quantity, because it will affect the insulin and thus slow down the entire combustion process.

In addition to the above Menus, not eating other food or drink (other than water). If you follow the above food law, you should not feel hungry.

4 Do not eat desserts, bread

Vegetables (not included): white vegetables, sweet potatoes, potatoes, white onions, celery

Vegetables (including): red peppers, carrots, onions (red or green), tomatoes, broccoli, radishes, the Celadon melons, cucumbers, broccoli, lettuce, spinach

Menus pros and cons to this is a can help you to edema, minus some weight Menus

"Grapefruit diet" is a partial eclipse of the law, through the control of sugar rapidly lose fat. Hutchison , the body is not long-term partial eclipse, "grapefruit diet" can only be deemed to speed weight-loss techniques, and subsequently should be replaced by "balanced diet" to gradually trim down.

For decades, the medical profession of "grapefruit diet" has been both applauded and criticized whether it applies also vary. So, even if this method is used in combination to me, introduced me to still be pertinent to point out it's pros and cons (pros and cons). The major principle to measure whether food, If you are partial eclipse, especially for ingest too much meat found objectionable, nausea (such as license to eat more meat and does not feel well), they should not try this method, it should use a balanced diet and exercise to reduce calorie absorption. If you have tried many weight loss methods are ineffective, and self-proclaimed "food  the Wushi rice" Carnivore ", you may wish to pilot a" small cycles ", drink plenty of water during the encounter not suited should dead top "to stop immediately!

Weight loss, grapefruit diet, grapefruit, weight loss methods, grapefruit diet method

Red beans way to lose weight


Red beans weight loss methods, weight loss methods, red beans to lose weight, lose weight

The Hongdou eat so many women choose red beans diet as a weight loss during auxiliary method. Red beans and what foods mix together for weight loss. Red beans carp soup, red beans cooked lentils, red beans boiled barley have good eliminate edema and anti-obesity.

Even though the red beans small, it is to lose weight, but have great efficacy. Red bean diet best suited to eliminate edema row toxins. In addition, the girls eat red beans there blood promote cardiac activation effect. Red bean diet is mostly made of red beans and ingredients, such as bean soup, red beans, mung beans, sugar, red beans are good weight loss recipes.

Barley bean soup

Materials: barley 20 grams, 30 grams of red beans. Practice: barley and red beans with clean water until a half-day, drain. Barley and boiled to semi-soft, then add the red beans. Been cooked red beans and barley can be overripe. Finally, add rock sugar to taste, let cool and can be eaten.

Weight loss: barley bean soup helps beautify the skin, a Qi and blood, benefits of water swelling effect. Barley and red beans eliminate edema effect, particularly for edema physique MM edible. Remember to soak these two materials a few hours but the production of barley bean soup, red bean barley faster overripe. Red beans also known as red bean, red bean to edema, spleen, diuretic efficacy. Red beans can be blood eat red beans beneficial to the body. Simple red beans diet recipes cooked red beans water. Directly boiled with red beans and water, until the red beans cooked soft can. Effect: You can reduce abdominal fat away from the bellies.

Red beans Horseshoe cool
Material: 200 grams of red beans, Horseshoe number. Practice: the Horseshoe peeled and chopped, then add sugar, lemon boiled chestnut water. Red beans and water boiled with bean soup. Red bean paste and then poured into the Horseshoe water, stir well and serve. Effect: Horseshoe have lower blood pressure and anti-cancer effect. Horseshoe containing vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and other helpful for weight loss.

Red bean diet MM insist on eating three weeks. Remember to measure up weight before eating, and then three weeks and then the amount of time, see if there is not decreased Oh. MM said, after consumption of the bean diet. Face ruddy skin than ever perfectly clear.

Red beans weight loss methods, weight loss methods, red beans to lose weight, lose weight

black rice weight loss method


Black rice, weight loss methods, weight loss

Eat black rice diet has absolutely slim good body black rice has the reputation of "the king of the world's rice" as well as "Black Pearl", the nutritional value is very high, but it also has the effect of weight loss. Lose weight, eat black rice is not only the perfect curve of your body, but your skin whitening. Therefore, you want to MM who wish to try to lose weight through diet diet of black rice, hand-picked quality black rice, a delicious black rice recipes, personally verify "black rice can lose weight", is it not a pleasure? Love is still the network will explain in detail the "black rice can lose weight, teach you how to eat black rice to lose weight, get that absolutely slim good body.

Black rice contains a sufficient number of carbohydrates, protein necessary low point, but the quality compared to other staple food is better, contain very low fat, the rice embryo contains a small amount of essential fatty acids and vitamin E, it also is rich in vitamins B family, potassium, magnesium, and iron and other trace elements.

Black rice compared with the normal life, eat rice, containing vitamins, trace elements and amino acid content is higher. Food value is very high, In addition to porridge, it can also be made into a variety of nutritional food or wine. Modern medicine confirms the efficacy of black rice with Yin and kidney, spleen warm liver, eyesight, promoting blood.

Black rice since ancient times Harmony, the a rare diet Jiapin. Cherished There are many benefits of black rice, you want a charismatic woman, how to use black rice diet for it? Xiaobian take you to band together to try to spread the weight loss method has long black rice, so you eat healthy Xiangshou.

Black rice as a staple food, after eating it is easy to produce satiety, and thus be able to control the appetite, and food intake. Black rice congee, pickles, add a little porridge contains a lot of moisture, so eat more, people will not be excessive intake of calories.

Black rice is a nourishing health care products, its nutrient-rich, and for Slimming very effective. Three black rice today Xiaobian to recommend ways to lose weight and make you healthy and effective weight loss success.
Black rice the way to lose weight: homemade black rice Slimming Tea

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The black meter weight loss method

Black rice tea practices:
1, 400 grams of black rice.
2, black rice with water to wash a few times, so that black rice brew the tea, will be clear, no impurities.
3, wash the black rice, certain dry control moisture.
4, put a good washing black rice and fry for 5 minutes, to allow water to fully evaporate.
5, turn a small fire, slowly Scoop black rice cracking, revealing the white rice heart, this process takes about 15 to 20 minutes.
Finally, the black rice fried in a sealed box saved. .
Fried black rice, you can smell the enticing aroma. Each brew, remember to use 40 grams of black rice, plus 500 g of boiling water, brew stew on after 10 minutes, Aoao delicious black rice tea you can drink.
Effect: adds to the growing black rice tea, it is able to resist the generation of carcinogenic substances, promote blood circulation, improve metabolism. Especially female friends, drink black rice tea can also receive eliminate temperature and detoxifying, spleen, Slimming effect.

Black rice diet: healthy weight loss recipes

Method: month cycle, every week is a small cycle!
The first week of ready to begin to lose weight, the first day of the breakfast as usual lunch about three-quarters of the usual dinner fruit meal replacement (such as vegetable soup, that is, do not eat rice).
Business as usual the next day breakfast, lunch is about half of the usual, the dinner as the first day. Gastrointestinal (so the habit you eat less it also will not be hungry)
The third day you can start eating black rice diet breakfast eat a small bowl of black rice, is also a lunch, dinner also (hungry, then drink plenty of water, you can eat a small amount of fruit, of course, better not to eat).
The fourth day to the sixth day and the third day!
On the seventh day, you can eat something else, but do not eat too full (seven full enough), or the effect on the bad! Such a small cycle is completed, the other week as first weeks! (you adhere to to seriously doing good effect by 2 to 4 kg a month!)

Although the effect of black rice diet fast as the protein diet, but relatively speaking, more stable, while difficult to rebound, high security. But black rice contains vitamin C, vitamin B12, vitamin A and vitamin D, calcium lack.

Exercise and diet to lose weight mainly to control the good two aspects in the diet, there is a lot of food to help lose weight eating, which is a kind of black rice. The black rice diet in weight loss during the eating black rice production of food, is a monotonous food to lose weight. Black rice can have a lot of production methods, so it is suitable for most people to lose weight food, but also need to pay attention because it is to the monotonous food to lose weight, so the use of black rice diet, the use of black rice diet, what to do to be more healthy and effective it? We take a look at.

Using black rice diet need to pay attention, because the only edible food black metric during weight loss, often eat the monotonous food easily reduce appetite, black rice is nutritious, but it does not provide all the nutrients in the black rice does not contain vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin B12, among the calcium content is not a lot, but also eat plenty of fruits and vegetables in the diet during the calcium composite nutrients balls supplementary nutrition, but also add protein.
Black rice, weight loss methods, weight loss

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Emetic weight loss method

Vomiting, weight loss,  weight loss, vomiting weight loss, vomiting weight loss method 

Vomiting weight loss method
If you have "After dinner went to the toilet, put your finger in your mouth just eating the food dug spit it out, you will not get fat." Idea, please hurry to stop this idea.
Rely induce vomiting to lose weight, will form a "Regardless of how much to eat just spit it out will not be fat," the cognitive, but more overeating. Repeated vomiting can cause arrhythmia, will harm the digestive organs, circulatory organs, respiratory organs, triggering serious illness.

Commonly used to induce vomiting methods weight loss not only damage to the digestive system, the vocal cords will be acid corrosion, into a squirt throat; vomit also with acidic etching tooth enamel outer layer, causing rotting teeth; pay special attention to women, if the weight of the storm thin menstrual cycle disorders can cause disorders do not even come. WANG Jia Qi Zhuren further reminded emetic into sexual psychological issues must also be taken into account. Bulimia may eat too much guilt, so to force myself threw up; may also like the Japanese star Miyazawa Rie, weight loss reduced to become anorexia emetic law, years after cure.

Emetic weight loss method missing
Food and gastric acid of the stomach will induce vomiting all spit it out, is a strong acid stomach acid burns the esophagus through the esophagus; through the vocal cords, some damage will bring the vocal cords.

Esophagus will withstand a lot of pressure and injuries. Minor bleeding, 1,2 days to recover after treatment; Once the injury was serious and heavy bleeding, get to the emergency room immediately to stop the bleeding by endoscopy.

Not only vocal cord damage, also mouthful of rotten teeth, it was also a result of long-term emetic depression or manic-depressive emotional instability.

Addition, if vomitus inadvertently choke into the lungs, but also may lead to aspiration pneumonia.

Induce vomiting to lose weight harm a

Some of the girls on the body has relatively high requirements, although it looks very thin, they are still not satisfied, not have to re-thin. Recent economic downturns, increasing the pressure of their lives, but I do not know how to respond, had to be resolved through overeating, but finished later regret, so to hand dig throat to the bathroom, the only food eaten all spit it out . The doctor said that all the food and gastric acid of the stomach will induce vomiting spit it out, is a strong acid stomach acid burns the esophagus through the esophagus; through the vocal cords, will bring the vocal cords some damage. Once the long-term vomiting caused by gastroesophageal reflux disease, the situation is even worse. The emetic, esophagus, stomach, food forced to turn out, will put heavy pressure on the esophagus and injured. Minor bleeding after treatment, 1,2 days to recover from illness K; Once the injury was serious and heavy bleeding, get to the emergency room immediately to stop the bleeding by endoscopy.

Induce vomiting to lose weight harm two

Emetic way to lose weight has always been popular in the online pass so far, said that a lot of stars use this method to lose weight fast. So of some schooling TV actress practices to achieve the purpose of weight loss, in order to induce vomiting. Over time, vocal cord damage, also mouthful of rotten teeth, it was also a result of long-term emetic depression or manic-depressive emotional instability.

Induce vomiting to lose weight harm three

Girls will choose to induce vomiting to lose weight fast, usually are different from ordinary people's state of mind, their awareness of body image tends to be distorted, obviously thin like a bamboo pole, still feel too fat, have to engage in their own like a foreign model kind, such as a paper person appearance Caixing.

Doctors to induce vomiting weight loss methods are classified as "extremely dangerous" way to lose weight. Vomiting, gastric acid will damage the esophagus, throat and teeth, feel general malaise, and will cause rough skin. If you develop the habit of vomiting on the spit, it may lead to bulimia, anorexia, sad and beverages, so do not plunge to remind the beauty of the sister.

How to prevent emetic?

Eat breakfast is the most important protective factor for all body types students who eat breakfast every day can reduce by more than half (57%) the risk of vomiting; enough sleep eight hours can also be decreased by 14% dangerous.

In addition, every day, eat fried things, this will make the risk of vomiting will increase significantly more than twice. "Watching TV, playing video games, the Internet more than two hours a day" and "everyday snack, make emetic increased risk by half.

As for how to effectively lose weight? The study found that sedentary leisure patterns with too little sleep, "the youth obesity determinants.Girls want to lose weight, you have to do more exercise, there are 3.3 times the risk of becoming overweight weekly laborious movement is less than 2 hours.

Eat less and move most effective

Shuping Li stressed that the basic concept of weight loss is to eat less and move "necessary to follow the doctor's advice to use the legal weight loss drugs, weight loss drugs purchase, should ask the pharmacist to use way. Since the mechanism of action of these diet pills are fat inhibit gastrointestinal enzymes, in order to reduce the fat is broken down and absorbed, Li Shuping reminded, after treatment should implement the principle of eat less and move, in order to achieve the effect of weight loss.

Emetic cause eating disorders, absolutely can not try this method!

Vomiting, weight loss,  weight loss, vomiting weight loss, vomiting weight loss method 


Juice weight loss methods


Lose weight, juice weight loss, weight loss methods,

As long as the juice is the material fully prepared, tomorrow will be able to start breakfast drink juice life. The following description of the breakfast juice weight loss program, anyone can persevere.
Breakfast, drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice rich in enzymes

Get up in the morning, drink a glass of room temperature water and fresh fruit or vegetable juice into the juice. Skin feel rough, sallow or not feeling well, it is recommended to drink carrot juice nutritionally balanced. If you drink a glass of fruit juice will be hungry, you can drink a few glasses, until satiety far. Also, If you want to eat, eat a brown rice balls. However, if you eat first group to drink fruit juice, fructose fermentation in the stomach, remember dined group to wait 20-30 minutes before drinking juice. Busy in the morning, can be replaced with fruit juices, can also have the same effect.

Lunch, eat food like it!
Lunch can be assured to eat something they like. But have to remind myself to eat the speed is not too fast, do not eat too much, eat slowly and savor cuisine. Noon digestive enzymes work time, lunch a little more, can inhibit the dinner food intake, make arrangements to three meals a day appetite. Avoid high fat intake. High-protein dishes or use bad oil cooking dishes. After dinner, trying to sleep, you eat too much. Body enzymes are used to digest enzymes for metabolism, weakening the body's vital energy, and will want to sleep.
Afternoon, hungry snack OK!

Work in the afternoon if you feel hungry, but also daily snack. Just select blood glucose levels rise speed slow, easy satiety, nuts or a small amount of black chocolate. Dried fruit persimmon dry, dry matter and other natural food the best. Polysaccharide or greasy donuts, cakes, honey cakes, plus a lot of sugar gong burn, fried snacks are people aging or fat food, it is best to keep a respectful distance.
Dinner, 7 to 10:00 diet principle difference

"Dinner too late to eat" and "eating too much" is the biggest reason to lead to obesity. Even if your breakfast drink juice, late dinner, and will not have any weight loss. 20:00, physical condition into the absorption and metabolism "time to greet the new day coming. The best practice is finished eating before 20:00. Remember that control appetite, eight full best.

If forced to eat after 20:00, please select easily digestible food. Replaced with different side dishes can ingest food enzymes raw food (salad or raw fish, etc.) or the activated enzyme force fermented foods (kimchi or natto, etc.), the effect is even better. Dinner after 21:00, it is best to increase the amount of raw food dishes, and for half a bowl of rice reduction. Vegetable soup or salad, the best drink after 10:00 after dining. Due to eat when you eat too much, and other food digestion, the stomach is not so full and then go to bed, it will not let the body burden.

0:00 to sleep, allowing the body to repair
Please develop a habit of sleeping later than 0:00. 20:00 to 4:00 is the physiological repair time. When we sleep, the internal organs still continue to work, metabolism, and prepare for tomorrow. In order to prevent the energy for other things, the rest as soon as possible is very important. It is said that the quality of sleep allows the body enzyme amount, thereby improving physical fitness, so do not stay up late.

Juice mixed drink for 15 strokes
Tomatoes + celery + lemon juice = weight loss.
Oranges + carrots = beauty Chuban, reduce the cholesterol. Note: It is best to separate the juice and then drink.
The Kiwi + apple + mint leaves = nursed back to health the skin, moisturizing, whitening, reducing wrinkles. >> Vegetables in kiwi lose weight.
Papaya + honey + orange juice = suitable physical, indigestion, constipation, gastrointestinal weak references.
Celery + Carrot + Apple = prevention and stabilization of high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries. Note: It is best to separate the juice and then drink.
Lotus root + Watermelon = prevent the glossopharyngeal dry, thirst, dry cough, dry skin, dry hair, constipation and other symptoms.
Of celery + honey = Qingrejiedu, Liver Yin and lowering blood pressure.
Cucumber + lemon + orange + carrot + honey = beauty, can make the skin soft and smooth. Note: cucumber, carrots are rich in vitamin c biochemical enzymes, it should be the last to join.

5 companion of vegetable juice
1, cool white open (or pure water). Some fruits and vegetables easily juicer, but for less water, carrots, apples, and I am afraid we must add water-assisted juicer. For children with weak absorptive capacity, too strong fruit and vegetable juices also need to be diluted with water to drink.
Honey: Some fruits and vegetables nutritional value is very high, but not necessarily palatable, such as celery, carrots, and this time you can add honey to adjust the taste of a honey is nutritious beauty to share, and two, it will not be like sugar as people gain weight.
3, ice: the ice fruit and vegetable juices taste delicious, taste better. > Lose weight for what to eat fruit
4, lemon juice: in addition to adjust the taste, the lemon juice, the most important function is to keep the vegetable juice oxidation discoloration.
5 mint leaves: This refreshing Wizard is the close companion of the fruit and vegetable juice, a few mint leaves to put in any combination, both Tim taste, added a sense of beauty.

Juice weight loss methods

Known as the "beauty," said Rosamund Kwan not only glossy skin, and body Ana scene. Her slimming Road: eat more vitamin C, vitamin E and calcium supplements, drink freshly squeezed juice from time to time.
Sandy: vegetarian slow weight loss
Popular of all the singers, Sandy, although when the mother, but the figure is still aliasing, what shot it? Because she is a vegetarian. Vegetarian benefits a lot, not only can lean, you can also completely change the constitution, and it gets the skin can also be changed for the better. So about 7 months lost 5 kg. Have enough patience, but this slow weight loss method absolutely comfortable than rapid weight loss, healthy vegetarian diet.

Small days after the singer Jolin is not fat, even and generally girls than slim, but long a round face on camera at a disadvantage, so Jolin Tsai to rely on to lose weight eating fruit and whole wheat crackers, literally from just the debut of more than 40 kg reduced to 38 kg, is almost a little girl's body weight, weight loss success, Jolin Tsai in order to maintain, no matter how hard or eat only these two things.

Hidefumi success from Xiao Panmei become skinny beauty for many years are in a state of hunger in order to dress nice and foreground image, like a rehearsal, usually from morning till night, a day off, she was as long as a salad enough, therefore, Sammi Cheng hopes day improper artists, can indulge their appetites, eat some good.

To Hello color juice ─ ─ mango orange apple juice

Materials: ● mango 2 ● oranges half a ● Apple ● little honey


● three fruits practices: Wash, peel, cut, into the blender.

250cc of water.

● After using the right amount of honey can be eaten.

Mangoes, oranges, apples, three fruits are rich in vitamin C and fiber, can promote metabolism, purify our gut, so drink plenty of skin rosy water of tender, even better it also has a nice slimming effect.

Enhance immunity fresh fruit juice-kiwi pineapple apple juice

Who like sweet and sour taste This Road, juice is definitely join your taste, and in the summer without valid appetite, aid digestion appetizer. , So every drink, you can quickly defecation will, the body will feel very light.

Materials: ● kiwi 2 ● Pineapple half a ● Apple ● little honey


● washed, peeled and cut into pieces of three fruits into the blender.

250cc of water.

● After using the right amount of honey can be eaten.

Three fruits are rich in vitamin C and fiber, can help defecation, and gets rid of waste and toxins, detoxification effect beautifully, can effectively enhance the human immune system, drink natural skin and slimming.

Detox Cleanse ─ ─ tomato apple cabbage juice

In fact, the cabbage juice sweet and taste will not Sese high nutritional value of cabbage contains vitamin A, C, E and minerals, is very effective in promoting metabolic want to have supple skin and Transamerica good body, drink purification slimming juice go wrong.

Materials: ● tomatoes 2 ● 1 Apple ● 100 grams of cabbage ● little honey


● the tomatoes and apples washed, diced, cabbage washed into cubes, put together a vegetable juicer juice.

250cc of water.

● After using the right amount of honey can be eaten.

Cabbage is an alkaline food that contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, can help the body detox and laxative, purification physical effects.

Skin waist juice ─ ─ tomato celery and cucumber juice

This plus the fiber juice of vegetables, the taste will be a little astringent, because the relationship cucumber. Do not be so that you do not drink, oh, this is a good weight-loss fruit juice can accelerate the exclusion of the body of water; effect of thin waist, also soon be able to see. And to drink, the skin will naturally change.

Materials: ● tomatoes 1 ● U.S. celery 1 ● 2 cucumber ● little honey


● Wash the three materials, diced into a vegetable juicer.

250cc of water.

● After using the right amount of honey can be eaten.

Tomatoes and celery as to increase the alkalinity of our blood, plus vitamins and minerals, very useful to clear the body of toxins, cucumber, is particularly effective in the normalization of the function of the excretory system.

The white Body juice ─ ─ watermelon pineapple lemon juice

Materials: ● watermelon 200 g ● 100 grams of pineapple ● half a lemon


● Peel the watermelon and pineapple.

● First lemon juice and set aside.

● juicer, watermelon and pineapple juice, poured into the cup, and add lemon juice to.

Lemon already rich in vitamin C and citric acid, whitening slimming clergyman, watermelon is rich in vitamin C and lycopene, and phosphorus, calcium, sodium, fiber and moisture can diuretic drainage beneficial to lose weight and white skin. Pineapple vitamin E and C, as well as sodium, calcium, iron, manganese and coarse fiber, three fruits are beneficial whiten skin and weight loss.

A matte finish Slimming Apple Green Tea

This fruit tea, micro-ice drinking really good drink, both whitening matte finish to the skin and can Transamerica and weight loss, green tea, drink plenty of wholesome! Drink green tea every day can quickly weight-loss but also against free radicals and prevent aging, but also effective way to boost the immune system, so Hello, want to change the United States and lose weight, you must drink the Apple matte finish slimming green tea.

Materials: ● apple 1/2 ● lemon 1/2 ● little honey ● a green tea bag


● Wash the lemon juice stand, Apple Peel Xiaoding standby.

● hot water to brew green tea bags. Squeeze a good green tea before adding lemon juice into the apple, plus 2 spoons of honey, and finally add a little ice Stir to drink.

Slim and beauty fruits and vegetables salad

Materials: ● Fuji apples 1 ● 1 small cucumber, celery 1 ● white vinegar 1/2 tablespoon ● 1 tablespoon sugar ● salt 1 teaspoon olive oil 1 teaspoon ● Sesame little


● First Wash the apples, cut filaments, and then soaked in salt water, then cold water rinse, drain to the water, spare.

● Wash cucumber, cut long strips, celery, washed, cut into very fine shape, are spare.

● on materials, coupled with the seasoning mix can be. Finally, sprinkle with a little white sesame.

Apple's approach to salad, you can retain more vitamin C can make the skin supple; cucumber and celery fiber, plus the heat is not high, eat a satiety tall slim good salad. In fact, I really like to eat salad, sometimes used when a meal to eat, eat up very refreshing!

1. Every morning to drink vegetable juice a day of abundant energy
Continued daily breakfast drink juice, you will certainly be able to feel light-weight, weight loss. Drinking component is set in a cup (of about 200ml ~~ 300ml). Freshly squeezed juice is rich in dietary fiber, drink a glass of very satiety, long held as there will be unexpected slimming effect.
Freshly squeezed juice in addition to rich intake of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to the daily diet is difficult, it is a treasure trove of the protein, phytochemicals and other nutrients. Also necessary complement to the morning activities carbohydrate energy, clear-headed, but also activation of visceral functions.
Get up in the morning, drink a glass of water at room temperature to promote blood circulation, then squeezed juice, chew slowly drinking can improve digestive function. Beautiful day and the beginning of, natural nutritional juice to moisturize your body and mind!
2. According to preferences juice material rich in vegetables and fruits, vegetables, mainly to seasonal
You must get annoyed of the election what ingredients do? Basically fresh ingredients, choose your favorite material from fresh ingredients. When you buy, it is recommended to choose the necessary basic juice citrus, banana and other multi-nutritional ingredients enzyme-rich ingredients, and carrot.
Society of juice, busy, do not have to use blender juicer juice production methods can cope with the situation to choose the right juice drinking, make life easier breakfast juice.
3, to avoid the enzymes necrosis wastage juice must immediately drink
Freshly squeezed juice is the most luxurious freshness. Please take advantage of food nutrients not drink immediately before necrosis. Juice contains nutrients, some within minutes necrosis, tastes changed or discoloration appears separation phenomenon. Especially enzymes or vitamin C, is reduced as time elapses, and once the contact with air, the nutrients may be lost.
If not immediately after drinking the juice squeezed all the ingredients first cut, put into a blender, and other drink virgin, at least you can prevent the loss of nutrients. Also, pour some lemon juice, fruit juice or chopped ingredients incision, to avoid oxidation discoloration.
Juice drink endless, you can pour in the ice tray freezing, made of fruit juice ice cubes or a smoothie consumption is also very delicious.
4, do not let yourself under pressure is the key to sustained
When you implement a "breakfast juice diet, do not have any pressure. When you think to get up early, "trouble", "no time to get the time, please stop the plan. Once the pressure, will not be sustained. This is the time to eat as long as peeling will be able to eat the fruit, bananas or oranges. Can approximate the effect of drinking fruit juice.
If not empty buy ingredients, it is time to buy a week component of fruit, and try to pick a long shelf life of apples, citrus, kiwi fruit. Do not forget to buy a bunch of bananas. Then the magical thing occurs when all materials are fully prepared, you will naturally daily breakfast juice drink juice. I feel peel citrus peel is very troublesome, use commercially hundred percent pure juice instead. Although the nutritional value decreased slightly, but want to persevere "breakfast juice diet, do not pressure.

Lose weight, juice weight loss, weight loss methods

Vegetable soup weight loss methods

Vegetable soup, vegetable soup weight loss, weight loss methods, weight loss

Insider large open vegetable soup weight loss methods

Principles of vegetable soup diet
Pumpkin, onion, carrot, cabbage boiled vegetable soup, is based on the life extension diet developed with a delicious, low-calorie, practices, and nutrition out, the effect is remarkable:
◎ belong to allow the body to maintain a constant temperature of neutral food ", you cut off the desire to snack.
◎ rich in beta-carotene, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, potassium, iron, may improve metabolic function.
◎ water-soluble cellulose, prevent diabetes, lower cholesterol, protect the intestinal wall, so that defecation.
◎ antioxidant plant compounds including polyphenols and flavonoids, can eliminate free radicals, improve immunity, inhibit cancer.

Hand-chef first dish is vegetable soup
An forget snacks after drinking vegetable soup
The basic approach of vegetable soup
Vegetable soup diet
Making vegetable soup (color graphic)
A sudden drop in blood pressure
Spots, sarcoma, cold hands and feet neither longer see
Defecation toilet paper, just like not need to use a camel refreshing
Tortured wife of thirteen years of hay fever cured within ten days
Vegetable soup and why?
Eliminate radical to let the body recover

Tags: vegetable soup, vegetable soup weight loss, weight loss methods, weight loss

Breakfast juice weight loss method

Lose weight, breakfast juice weight loss, weight loss methods, fresh fruit juice

"Breakfast juice diet, fasting every morning to drink a glass of freshly squeezed fresh juices normally eat at noon, dinner, eat breakfast, the amazing results actually happened, her weight from 70 kg 50 kg successful lean back.

Breakfast juice weight loss principle
1 drink on an empty stomach.
Squeezed finished drink immediately.
3, at noon at ease like to eat.

You know that "soy milk" which Juicer, delicious most speed dating?
Do you know what Juicer summer weight loss can improve efficiency, while both sunscreen whitening effect?
Constipation, hyperacidity, no appetite, you know that you can drink those fruit and vegetable juices, can add energy to start the healing power of this?
The women hate become dry sister, you know what ingredients juicer can achieve efficient moisturizing skin?
Want to completely eliminate the winter fat, you know you want to buy those Juicer most effectively do?
You know with cabbage, lettuce and other vegetable juicer, to match what the ingredients, you can remove the bitterness and astringency?
Everyone is afraid of the cold winter, you know to purchase those winter ingredients juicer, up to warm the body and improve the effectiveness of the body temperature?
"Hey ... how fat!" Pressure, you know, drink vegetable juice can relieve the pressure, and to achieve the fat burning effect it?

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Healthy vegetable soup weight loss methods


Weight loss methods, weight loss, bean soup, bean soup diet

Healthy vegetable soup to crack the a tall slim password end the obesity factor!

Principles of vegetable soup diet
Vegetables an integral part of the human body contains vitamins, minerals, and is conducive to the body's acid-base balance. Not only allow you to eat vegetables full of vitality, can become more beautiful. Modern people outside food machine is high, fewer opportunities into the kitchen, is often inconvenient, no time. In order to let you easily and conveniently without spending too much time will be able to take care of the body, book design recipes, good electricity pot advantages, does not destroy the nutrition of vegetables, the use of a smart method, grasping access pot time, the public thought green leafy vegetables stew rice cooker for a long time is not suitable for use into one. And stressed the "one finger cooking", "no fumes" so that you no longer fear into the kitchen, electric pot can easily conditioning completed, and teach you how to cook stew beaker vegetable soup, white-collar workers are also able to health with the walk. Diet is the way to lose weight, most people choose, but if selected diet menu is incorrect, it is prone to malnutrition, even if you managed to lose the fat, but the deterioration of the skin becomes the spirit it is not worthwhile. Therefore, the use of the diet must be careful response to own physique select the appropriate method.

The loofah and melon soup
Melon contains alcohol acid can prevent the sugars into fat. Coupled with high fiber magic Yu, easy satiety, and also avoid to eat too much at night, really serve multiple purposes!

Kelp bean soup
Kelp is very beneficial ingredients to edema, can cause people to speed up the metabolism, red radish with the white, tomatoes, bean sprouts, cooked together, soups are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, health very good.

Cucumber the Lee water sprouts soup [improve lower body fat]

Red bean the dampness soup [eliminate lower body edema]

Melon the Reducer soup [eliminate abdominal hypertrophy fat]

Melon white celery soup [modified leg line]

The shrimp crisp algae pot [eliminate Tuntui accumulation of fat]

Tags: healthy weight loss methods, alternative way to lose weight, lose weight, kelp bean soup, way to lose weight, lose weight, healthy vegetable soup

Bean soup ways to lose weight


Weight loss methods, weight loss, bean soup, bean soup diet,Bean soup ways to lose weight

Diet drinks bean soup making easy and delicious summer heat

Bean soup weight loss principles:
About 70 kcal heat of a bowl of bean soup, lily bean diet decoction value, summer conditioning regimen, Qingre. For summer day upset, dry mouth, sweating. Can also be used to prevent a sense of summer, and has a role in weight loss. The effect of this cup mint margin of bean soup is not only low-fat, but also can reduce your eating desire to lose weight

Lily mung bean soup diet practices:
The material is very simple, the edge of beans and mint leaves. The first edge of beans soak, then wash clean mint leaves added to the soybean milk, into the water, start Soymilk can be completed after a cup of delicious beneficial mint green bean soup. And then placed in the freezer.

1 the bean remove impurities wash;
Lily peel wash;
3 green beans into the pot, add 500 grams of water to a boil;
Turn low heat and cook until mung bean blossom into the lily and continue to cook;
5 to mung bean, lily Shulan, add sugar, be glycated open, poured into a bowl can be.

Note to lose weight

And then with the other food nutrition smaller meals, do not let yourself get too hungry, or hungry for too long, lest raw psychological compensation role will eat more healthy weight loss including diet and exercise, gradual, sustained, long-term will see the effect.

Weight Loss Tags: Weight loss methods, weight loss, bean soup, bean soup diet,Bean soup ways to lose weight

Healthy foods to lose weight method


Lose weight, weight loss methods, food way to lose weight, diet, banana, bitter gourd, vinegar beans

Weight loss is a long battle, but every woman diet weight loss weight-loss methods, weight loss methods are too hard for many people.

In fact, there are a lot of healthy and beneficial food, eat the opposition to lose weight. Candied and pink roses tea drink, which can stimulate the metabolism, helps intestinal peristalsis, remove the stool is a good helper!

In addition, honey and banana have a good diet food, because bananas are high-calorie fruit, but of course, still much lower calories than eating hamburgers and other meals. Used instead of dinner you can achieve a slimming effect.

In addition to bananas, apples are also good weight loss foods, stomachs because Apple would give people the feeling satiety is very important for a lot of friends go on a diet to lose weight, but also the key to weight loss success.

Second, is dill white original dill white contains spicy ingredients, can promote the body's metabolism, burning fat helpful.

Effect of bitter melon and eat beans with vinegar is best, but still very healthy very green Oh, the skin on the body is good, there will be close, fatty liver, endocrine disorders, acne is also very effective, especially waist and abdomen effect is most obvious Oh, single-eat bitter gourd effect will be slower, if bitter melon and the vinegar beans with eating effect faster and more obvious Oh
Methods of food: bitter day three points early, lunch and dinner meal consumption (give birth to chew fear hardship can also be pressed into juice drink, the slag with drink, you can also add a teaspoon of honey together to drink, so the effect will be better also better drink)

Vinegar beans three meals a day, a 20, to eat together with the bitter gourd can
Vinegar beans practice: the wok clean, do not have oil Oh Griddle saute the soy (soy, black specks on it) and then let cool
Prepare a jar and let cool soybeans poured down on the white vinegar flooded one week you can eat (soy and vinegar ratio: one-third of the jar soy, vinegar and two-thirds)
Beginning to eat one week tummy Rourou will become loose and soft, the longer it will be looser, oh, about 20 days after the weight slowly down the face of the small pox pox also did slowly, smallpox in India is also slowly faded down oh.

Weight Loss Tags: weight loss, weight loss methods, food way to lose weight, dieting, banana, bitter gourd, vinegar beans

United States weight loss problems


Obesity, weight loss problems
The New York City passed a ban on the 13th, in places such as meal Pictures from March next year, the lock-up more than about 470 ml of soda and sugary drinks.

Future New York fast food outlets, restaurants, cinemas, etc., are to be sold in more than 470 ml of soda and sugary drinks, the offending businesses will be fined for $ 200 (about 5866 NT) to solve the U.S. population obesity problem
Obesity, weight loss problems, to solve the problem of obesity of the U.S. population

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Liposuction to lose weight

 to lose weight

Some developed countries, liposuction is the best way to lose weight.

    1, the pros and cons of liposuction? Liposuction will affect the endocrine?

    Liposuction to lose weight in the world, has three decades of history here, the physician who did an observation experiment that received liposuction bariatric surgery and did not receive the two populations of liposuction surgery were 20 years of observation, as a result, hypertension, coronary heart disease, various cancers, etc. The incidence of the former lower than the latter by 20 to 30 times.

    On the impact of endocrine problems, liposuction to lose weight is siphoning off part of the abdominal fat on endocrine some minor impact, but not too much, we do not have to worry about some impact or benefit, as some people originally constipation , postoperative stool flow.

    2, which age for liposuction?

    This principle Speaking from liposuction to lose weight, liposuction to lose weight is to use physical methods, siphoning off excess fat cells around the navel, while the growth of human cells essentially completed before the age of 18, after which the body's fat cells are generally longer mitosis and growth, therefore, after the age of 18 with the effect of liposuction is good. The most suitable liposuction ages: 18 to 55 years old.

    3, liposuction compared with other non-surgical way to lose weight, which is not easy to rebound?

    Lose weight after a rebound, we are very concerned about the problem. To 18-year-old, the number of fat cells in a constant state of body fat, thin, mainly depends on the size of the fat cells filling degree, it can be said, under the conditions of the same filling degree, the more the number of fat cells , the body fat the more remarkable. For non-surgical way to lose weight, say, people lose weight after dieting, just so reduce the degree of filling of the fat cells, but the number of cells does not, therefore, as long as the conditions for an improvement in filling degree (such as not paying attention to continue dieting or reduce exercise), the filling of the fat cells will soon become larger, which is the rebound. Therefore, the weight loss is a very hard thing it needs is perseverance. And the use of surgery to lose weight - liposuction, physically remove most of the fat cells, even if the rest of the small number of fat cells again filling, but the filling of the two cells is better than 20 cells filling seem thin. Obesity, except where necessary to pathological Morbid obesity is the patient's fat cells have abnormal division, but this phenomenon is? Tiny minority.

    Conclusion: liposuction to lose weight is not easy rebound.

Lose weight fish

Weight loss, weight loss, fish, obesity fish Want to lose weight, spend a lot of money to buy diet pills are not effective? Future first threw the fish to eat it to know! Mackay Memorial Hospital, Chung Yuan Christian University Department of Biotechnology research team recently succeeded in raising a transgenic obesity fish, eat the same feed weight than normal fish fat 30%, can be used not only screening new drugs to lose weight there The effect of metabolic syndrome mechanism, but also as a source of fish oil extracted using artificial breeding, development attracted international attention.Mackay Memorial Hospital pediatric genetic, director Linda Xiong and Chung Yuan Christian University, Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology Xiaochong De originally wanted to study the mechanisms of cancer, this development Akt transgenic zebrafish, did not expect, and quite unexpectedly raising function more "obesity fish" .Linda Xiong said Akt can regulate cell growth, and cell growth, cell survival, lipogenesis and lipid born in Chengdu, the study found that of Akt hyperactivation zebrafish, normal feeding poor glucose regulation capacity, activity appears phenomenon of decline, but also significant fat, obviously fed the same amount of weight than the normal zebrafish has 30% more.Weight loss, weight loss, fish, obesity fish  -->

European and American diet weight loss method

Weight loss methods, weight loss, diet, weight loss, diet, weight loss methods Interval weight-loss techniques (40-30-30 weight-loss method) The the many slimming Tip, followed up to star in Hollywood, is a biochemist  research and development of "40-30-30", "range weight-loss techniques". Simple terms it is a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. Sandra Bullock will be revealed, to get rid of 12 pounds of fat on her with a set interval weight-loss techniques. Interval of thin Act was originally proposed by the Boston University School of Medicine professor of biochemistry(Dr. Berry Sears) is a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet, which is currently popular high-protein, low-carbon water Compound meal.I.e. at a certain time, the daily intake of a certain amount of carbohydrates, protein and fat. Compared to the general carbohydrate diet accounted for nearly 55-60% of the proportion of the interval weight-loss techniques carbohydrates strict control below 40%, 30% protein and unsaturated fat each. According to the theory of the Sears, a day at the right time, the correct amount of consumption of carbohydrates, protein and fat, you can easily achieve the purpose of weight loss.Weight loss methods, weight loss, diet, weight loss, diet, weight loss methods  -->

Mistakes jumping rope to lose weight


Lose weight, skipping, weight loss, weight loss methods

Misunderstanding: the jump rope the cause gastroptosis?

China five thousand years of history, jumping rope, there are over a thousand years of history. If you say it will lead to gastroptosis, then the people of this world have to stomach is not endless number yet? So jump rope, though more dramatic this case, as long as you do not immediately jump rope after a meal, it is impossible to occur. Xiaobian recommended, jumping rope is the best choice for the 3-8 o'clock in the afternoon, and meal times, at least one hour apart, and half an hour to each exercise time.

Myth: Skipping thin chest?

Jumping rope, always "chest" Chung surging predisposes mistaken chest become smaller. In fact, Definitely. Jump rope weight loss, chest excess fat disappear leaving the pectoralis major and gluteus maximus to become strong and elastic to make your chest more firm and plump. It also lose the fat on your shoulders and back, so that your upper body is no longer burly, but more than Tim sort Xiaojiabiyu girl that lovely feeling. However, regardless of the size of the chest MM, jumping rope, be sure to wear underwear to prevent sagging breasts.

Myth: Skipping does not produce radish legs?

As long rope skipping, already a sense of paralysis. Suddenly swarmed to stop the movement, piled together a sense of pain, so you have no time to worry about the body, a lot of MM also want to adjust the body of the function by instinct. But although stopped jumping rope, but the whole lower leg in a highly strained state, the slow buffering function of the body itself, to restore the original state, it takes a long time, over time certainly there will be a radish legs. Therefore, Xiao Bian recommended that each dance through rope, MM is best to relax the body, can beat the lower leg, do a set of stretching movements, etc., to increase the body's pliability better pray body sculpting weight loss results.

Myth: Skipping must have a rope?

Girls Xipinenrou, slightly careless rope flung it will leave ugly scars, really worth the candle. In fact, as long as you guarantee the same posture, with the jump rope and exercise for 30 minutes or more, the same will be the effect.

Myth: Skipping everyone line?

In fact, the experts pointed out that obese people should not jump rope, jump, weight is very easy on the leg joints caused too much pressure, leading to a sports injury. Whether they are suitable for rope skipping, to judge by the body mass index. Body mass index (BMI) = weight (kg) / height (m) squared, normal, between 20-25, over 25 belong to overweight, while above 30 is obese. More than 30 of the MM best abandon jumping rope to lose weight you, choose walking, jogging and swimming and other aerobic exercise, can also achieve weight loss goals.

Lose weight, skipping, weight loss, weight loss methods

Weight loss key

Weight loss, diet food, weight loss methods

Quit all junk food (fried sweet snacks and beverages), have to stand for half an hour after dinner.

Breakfast: every day must eat, provide a variety of proteins needed by the human body as well as to maintain the heat of the minimum human consumption, eat some raw mill sugar-free milk, remind soy milk egg can not both consumption.

The lunch: Moderate eat nutritionally balanced dishes, starchy staple omitted.

Dinner: eat cucumber, apple, some yogurt.

Choose one they like about sports: aerobic exercise, such as swimming, jogging, playing badminton, fitness, runaway! Be sure to select their favorite, so that it is easy to stick to it! Time each exercise should start in more than 40 minutes before the consumption of fat, just water consumed in 40 minutes before.

I'm in the studio after weight loss
Encounter a problem when small reminder to lose weight

Must insist that no increase in body weight in the plateau is progress. Do not give up, wary of overeating. The plateau everyone in the weight loss process, the body to maintain basal metabolic avoid complete consumption of energy consumption to a certain extent, when the energy in the body, the body will produce a protective inhibition. Has not been used in the process of losing weight too radical, or to the body to stimulate the body has to adapt to this stimulus will accelerate the arrival of the plateau. As long as the weight loss persist in the end, break through the plateau, the weight will continue to fall. However, entering the plateau, due to the relatively small body fat, the magnitude of the weight loss will be very small.

"Biggest regret" Answers to lose weight

Q: What are the things done in the weight loss process most regret? A: The thing I most regret is the body in performances Department, many students are taking diet pills, I could not help but also to eat for two days, then began to have side effects, chest tightness, rapid heart beat! We must remember that healthy weight loss and balanced nutrition!

Q: If you could go back a long time ago, you will be how to prevent obesity? A: I grew up fat, has been fat to 22 years old that summer! In college, every day to the house in the dormitory, not Hamburg, takeaway, or instant noodles, dormitories always piles of snacks. If you could go back, I must reject these junk food. Every day activities up!

Weight loss, diet food, weight loss methods

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PSY Gangnam Style weight loss

PSY  weight  lossPSY, weight  loss

If you do Gangnam Style dance,

you can lose weight .

So fuuny,Gangnam Style dance ,weight  loss.

Gangnam Style dance

 losing weight is much easy

see Gangnam Style dance,weight  loss


Sexy way to lose weight

Sexy actress way to lose weight

Korea, actress, slimming, sexy, hot body,Sexy actress way to lose weight
The three Korean actress weight loss experience, so you can easily thin out like a star hot S-curve.

Lee Hyo Ri: adhere to swim one hour every day

Her appearance gave the conservative Korean, started on the sexy new understanding, and her popularity in recent years, almost all Korean can not resist sinking her sexy charm, the most effective The thermal control diet pills stunning in her hot S-shaped body, stunning in her radiant rave dance. Today, she is a Korean pop music deserved "sexy queen", "song and dance days.
The Lee Hyori adhere to swim one hour every day, swim wear and tear of energy. This is due to the resistance of the water in the swimming is much larger than the land-based activities of the resistance of the air, in the water around effort, then swim to swim, more calories must depletion. The same time, the thermal conductivity of water is greater than the air 24 times, the water temperature is generally lower than the air temperature, which will also help the cooling and heat dissipation. Therefore, the depletion of energy when swimming than running on land many big projects, so the weight loss is more obvious.

Han Chae Young: bedtime will do yoga for 10 minutes
She is the love Cui core "Endless Love" in intellectual, dignified, she is the "Hero maid in pony tails into pure invincible Chunxiang, she is a" the sparks game "small and medium-sized woman taste full application Nora. Screen image Variety mentioned Han Chae Young, the first thing people think of a word is sexy, has a 34E, 25,35 of proud measurements and 172 cm tall Han Chae Young, known as "sexy Barbie, she is perfect.
Han Chae Young bedtime will do 10 minutes of yoga. Han Chae Young said thin waist yoga is a great way to regulate the body's respiratory and activities to fat, it is the only effective way to burn fat, rather than just relying on muscle movement. If you do some anaerobic exercise is not with the body's deep breathing, then you did just let your muscles become tight, instead of burning fat, this time your fat is still piled up in there, do not may achieve weight loss results.
Han Chae Young chosen bedtime Yoga thin waist, so not only able to regulate the body's breathing and targeted to do something thin waist yoga can also relieve body fatigue, body recovery effort perfect state, this is good weight-loss choices.

Mina: never weighed
The Mina is Miss World Cup 2002 World Cup, after the end of the World Cup by a lot of people's attention from his debut. Mina dance its dynamic charming, sexy body and sultry voice firmly seize the hearts of the fans, and quickly won the majority of young fans love their sexy music and dancing.
It comes to weight loss, she jokes, "I never weighed, I prefer to look at the mirror, and then will ask themselves my great shape? "Mina said movement of her is the most important thing, because even if the aging, but the sport still makes her best state. Each week, she would exercise under the guidance of personal trainer three times, training includes weight training and aerobics classes. In addition, she also practiced yoga, she insisted on using the best weight-loss products and with the use of slimming cream.
Maintain perfect posture for Mina is more important than weight. Perfect proportion of health should be the purpose should not be the only way to look at the weight that should be pursued. So if you want to have a hot body like Mina, then you should do is to throw away the unhealthy weight loss concepts focus on sculpture body posture curve body filled with the beauty of lines and force.

Korea, actress, slimming, sexy, hot body

Exercise to lose weight fast shape S body type

Lose weight, exercise to lose weight

1. Doing housework
The housework Is everyone in life must bear a responsibility when the MM doing housework, may wish to change their mentality, which would allow the housework is no longer boring, but also play a slimming effect. In fact, doing housework is one of the best exercise to lose weight. Because when doing housework, body bent over, Arm and other actions will exercise This will pull the body fat fast metabolic function, so that you can easily get rid of the autumn fat.
2 Dance
In the fall, the cool weather is always MM who desires movement. At this time, if you want to lose autumn fat, may wish to use dance as a way to lose weight this way, dancing is not only a stylish new way to lose weight, and you can also make your own limbs to become more flexible. For many women who long to do in the office, this is a very good exercise way to lose weight, but also be able to quickly resume slim.
Dancing to lose weight this way, a wide variety of dance forms to select for different personalities and different hobbies MM, MM can own their own dance forms to choose their own interest, so that you can let slimming effect to be more effective, but also enjoyable. Under normal circumstances, in so many types of dance, the most effective and rapid weight loss in the form of dance belly dance, Latin dance and ballet, dance allows the rapid burning of body fat, so as to achieve a good weight loss effect.
3 jogging
For outdoor sports the many MM best way to lose weight in the fall, because this way allows them to breathe fresh autumn air, but also can feel the cool breeze of autumn. While jogging can fully meet the MM have this desire. And jogging can also quickly and easily in the autumn weight loss success, MM they can be restored to the slim figure in a short period of time. Jogging can promote blood circulation of the body, so that the metabolism faster, so that you can be a good fat consumption.
Jogging to pay attention to, it is best to be able to choose the boulevard, this is the real healthy weight-loss. Often, MM may be for the convenience of always jogging on the road, but you know what? Jogging on the road will make their own inhalation of automobile exhaust gas, this may damage the health of the body. Therefore, if you want to jogging to lose weight fast, the best is to choose to park clean place.
4 hula hoop
Hula Hoop in the eyes of many MM, this is a humble fitness. In fact, however, the hula hoop addition to the fitness function, the most important role is actually to help MM to lose fat quickly re-build flat belly, MM have to get rid of belly woman. In the fall of the hula hoop, you can reduce the heat of summer transit hula hoop final weight loss will be more obvious. Therefore, in the autumn, MM may wish to use the hula hoop to let their body slim resume.
The reason can play a significant weight loss hula hoop, hula hoop, hula hoop keep the motion in the lower abdomen can accelerate intestinal peristalsis speed, so that you can quickly vivo hoarding garbage quickly discharged, and help solve the pain of constipation. , Hula hoop, each time the best is to be able to adhere to the more than 30 minutes, so that you can burn more fat. Hula hoop, 3-4 times a week to maintain soon slimming success.
5. Rope skipping
Rope skipping is a lot of MM in a childhood favorite recreational sports, however, when MM are slowly grew up after this exercise will be slowly ignored. In fact, skipping in the fall is a quick and effective exercise to lose weight. Jump rope are restrictions on the location is very small, the MM in the fall to jump rope in the park, so that can quickly get rid of the autumn fat, but also a breath of fresh autumn air, can also feel the cool autumn.
Jumping rope to lose weight in the fall, each skipping time best is to insist on more than half an hour, more than half an hour of jump rope exercise allows the body's blood constantly cycle, so that the body metabolism. In addition, it allows the muscles of the arms and legs become firmer in the jump rope. MM who want to lose weight, jumping rope is a good way to lose weight fall sports.
6 Yiqiang squat exercise
Yiqiang squat this way, let their own way movement have a way to lose weight after the completion of a series of fall outdoor sports in order to be able to let the MM. This movement is actually very simple, when MM came home at night, going to sit relaxed on the sofa watching TV, you can carry out this exercise to get rid of the autumn fat. Doing this exercise, can reduce the time sitting on the sofa, and reducing the autumn fat in the body hoarding opportunity to quickly and easily build a slim figure.
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Protein weight loss methods


protein diet, quick weight loss methods, weight loss methods, calories, protein

1, sleeping high carbohydrate content of 4 to 5 hours before the absolute non-stick material, do not eat noodles, biscuits and other products.

2, get the help of experts to develop a protein-based recipes recipes is chicken breast and vegetables for the center. Eat zero eat small tomato fruit.

3, a student in order to lose weight drink a bottle a day lactobacillus drinks fainted, so this does not select a hunger strike or eat a food way, the healthy low objects do.

4, daily breakfast must eat breakfast, stay away from sweet, salty, spicy substance, not only health benefits, is really killing two birds with one stone effect. Dinner to eat less, and do not forget to eat every day vitamin, which is to maintain one of the secrets of the slim and healthy wood.

In addition, daily to maintain low dining addition to the busy working, she can only do massage before going to bed and half bath to the bath merchandise store to buy bath gel became important issues in her life.
Tags: protein diet, quick weight loss methods, weight loss methods, calories, protein