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2012年9月14日 星期五

Bean soup ways to lose weight


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Diet drinks bean soup making easy and delicious summer heat

Bean soup weight loss principles:
About 70 kcal heat of a bowl of bean soup, lily bean diet decoction value, summer conditioning regimen, Qingre. For summer day upset, dry mouth, sweating. Can also be used to prevent a sense of summer, and has a role in weight loss. The effect of this cup mint margin of bean soup is not only low-fat, but also can reduce your eating desire to lose weight

Lily mung bean soup diet practices:
The material is very simple, the edge of beans and mint leaves. The first edge of beans soak, then wash clean mint leaves added to the soybean milk, into the water, start Soymilk can be completed after a cup of delicious beneficial mint green bean soup. And then placed in the freezer.

1 the bean remove impurities wash;
Lily peel wash;
3 green beans into the pot, add 500 grams of water to a boil;
Turn low heat and cook until mung bean blossom into the lily and continue to cook;
5 to mung bean, lily Shulan, add sugar, be glycated open, poured into a bowl can be.

Note to lose weight

And then with the other food nutrition smaller meals, do not let yourself get too hungry, or hungry for too long, lest raw psychological compensation role will eat more healthy weight loss including diet and exercise, gradual, sustained, long-term will see the effect.

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