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Healthy foods to lose weight method


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Weight loss is a long battle, but every woman diet weight loss weight-loss methods, weight loss methods are too hard for many people.

In fact, there are a lot of healthy and beneficial food, eat the opposition to lose weight. Candied and pink roses tea drink, which can stimulate the metabolism, helps intestinal peristalsis, remove the stool is a good helper!

In addition, honey and banana have a good diet food, because bananas are high-calorie fruit, but of course, still much lower calories than eating hamburgers and other meals. Used instead of dinner you can achieve a slimming effect.

In addition to bananas, apples are also good weight loss foods, stomachs because Apple would give people the feeling satiety is very important for a lot of friends go on a diet to lose weight, but also the key to weight loss success.

Second, is dill white original dill white contains spicy ingredients, can promote the body's metabolism, burning fat helpful.

Effect of bitter melon and eat beans with vinegar is best, but still very healthy very green Oh, the skin on the body is good, there will be close, fatty liver, endocrine disorders, acne is also very effective, especially waist and abdomen effect is most obvious Oh, single-eat bitter gourd effect will be slower, if bitter melon and the vinegar beans with eating effect faster and more obvious Oh
Methods of food: bitter day three points early, lunch and dinner meal consumption (give birth to chew fear hardship can also be pressed into juice drink, the slag with drink, you can also add a teaspoon of honey together to drink, so the effect will be better also better drink)

Vinegar beans three meals a day, a 20, to eat together with the bitter gourd can
Vinegar beans practice: the wok clean, do not have oil Oh Griddle saute the soy (soy, black specks on it) and then let cool
Prepare a jar and let cool soybeans poured down on the white vinegar flooded one week you can eat (soy and vinegar ratio: one-third of the jar soy, vinegar and two-thirds)
Beginning to eat one week tummy Rourou will become loose and soft, the longer it will be looser, oh, about 20 days after the weight slowly down the face of the small pox pox also did slowly, smallpox in India is also slowly faded down oh.

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