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2012年9月13日 星期四

Mistakes jumping rope to lose weight


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Misunderstanding: the jump rope the cause gastroptosis?

China five thousand years of history, jumping rope, there are over a thousand years of history. If you say it will lead to gastroptosis, then the people of this world have to stomach is not endless number yet? So jump rope, though more dramatic this case, as long as you do not immediately jump rope after a meal, it is impossible to occur. Xiaobian recommended, jumping rope is the best choice for the 3-8 o'clock in the afternoon, and meal times, at least one hour apart, and half an hour to each exercise time.

Myth: Skipping thin chest?

Jumping rope, always "chest" Chung surging predisposes mistaken chest become smaller. In fact, Definitely. Jump rope weight loss, chest excess fat disappear leaving the pectoralis major and gluteus maximus to become strong and elastic to make your chest more firm and plump. It also lose the fat on your shoulders and back, so that your upper body is no longer burly, but more than Tim sort Xiaojiabiyu girl that lovely feeling. However, regardless of the size of the chest MM, jumping rope, be sure to wear underwear to prevent sagging breasts.

Myth: Skipping does not produce radish legs?

As long rope skipping, already a sense of paralysis. Suddenly swarmed to stop the movement, piled together a sense of pain, so you have no time to worry about the body, a lot of MM also want to adjust the body of the function by instinct. But although stopped jumping rope, but the whole lower leg in a highly strained state, the slow buffering function of the body itself, to restore the original state, it takes a long time, over time certainly there will be a radish legs. Therefore, Xiao Bian recommended that each dance through rope, MM is best to relax the body, can beat the lower leg, do a set of stretching movements, etc., to increase the body's pliability better pray body sculpting weight loss results.

Myth: Skipping must have a rope?

Girls Xipinenrou, slightly careless rope flung it will leave ugly scars, really worth the candle. In fact, as long as you guarantee the same posture, with the jump rope and exercise for 30 minutes or more, the same will be the effect.

Myth: Skipping everyone line?

In fact, the experts pointed out that obese people should not jump rope, jump, weight is very easy on the leg joints caused too much pressure, leading to a sports injury. Whether they are suitable for rope skipping, to judge by the body mass index. Body mass index (BMI) = weight (kg) / height (m) squared, normal, between 20-25, over 25 belong to overweight, while above 30 is obese. More than 30 of the MM best abandon jumping rope to lose weight you, choose walking, jogging and swimming and other aerobic exercise, can also achieve weight loss goals.

Lose weight, skipping, weight loss, weight loss methods

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