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2012年9月9日 星期日

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Weight loss methods, weight loss, weight loss food

March 15, this day and a friend went to the market, at noon to eat my favorite cold noodles and fried string eat stays, 14:00 suddenly in front of the mirror with the idea of trying to lose weight for years without moving the electronic scales moved out, weight is 152.8 pounds night decided to eat dinner, and finally could not resist, grams many gross grams to fill their stomachs.

16, 2009: 75.4 kg morning, half a bag of instant noodles, half egg, noon did not have, at night a cucumber

17: 74.6 kg, a cucumber in the morning, afternoon a cucumber

18: 73.6 kg, did not eat in the morning, the medium a few mouthfuls of mixed dried tofu, 16:00 to eat a dumpling dinner to eat a cucumber

Three days before I myself would like to lose weight, then look out 2 pounds of body weight per day, very pleased, did not see the glass heart posts after the 19th, I found that the less healthy weight loss and weight out, but most of the moisture. Because I do not have a little movement itself eat less, not daring to move. And found that feeling a little dizzy, so I started dosage.

19: 72.8 kg, the morning bowl of millet gruel mixed with dried tofu, a few mouthfuls of fish noon, a few slices of sausage, night eating roast beef. (Because tonight is the birthday of a friend, did not tell you that I am on a diet, so eating five the rest eat PICKLES)

20: 72.6 kg, as early as half a bowl of millet gruel, fried dried tofu, at noon, a box of yogurt, a tomato, the evening did not have (do not know to not eat a lot of reasons, out today so little regret ah!! !)

21, 2009: 72.7 kg, suddenly rose, gas, a little something during the day also did not have night eating a cucumber and cherry tomatoes

22: 72 kg, did not eat in the morning, at noon a tomato, an apple, a banana 15:30

23: 71.6 kg, morning, half an egg, medium bowl of boiled vegetables (cabbage, mushroom, tofu) 11:00 eating an apple

24, 2008: 71.4 kg morning, an egg, a banana, noon five beef PICKLES, 16:00 an apple

25, 2009: 71.2 kg morning, an egg, a bean bag, moderate eating PICKLES

Weight loss methods, weight loss, weight loss food

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