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Coffee ways to lose weight


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Drink coffee to lose weight has become the fad diets OL family, coffee diet weight loss method, we have to accept the diet of coffee use coffee contains caffeine, about five cups a day of coffee can reach a good weight loss .

Coffee diet principle
Ingredients of coffee - caffeine: biodegradable accumulation of fat in the body to make it into heat; the tannins: You can remove the fatigue caused by the reactive oxygen species, invigorating; volatile fat: with fatigue effect, is the main ingredient to dominate the coffee aroma. Caffeine in coffee has the promote lipolysis role, will release the fat in the blood, blood fatty acid concentrations become high for 30-40 minutes after drinking coffee, then regular exercise, fatty acid into heat energy, effectively burning refers to fat. The coffee diet plus four major steps, enhanced version 4 tips can be handy to lose weight.

Coffee diet two weeks slimming 4 steps
1: smell ─ ─ steeped in the rich smell of coffee, according to the study, the smell of coffee can make people feel stable, and to improve the sensitivity of the facial features, a cup of coffee at work can improve work efficiency, but will also stimulate the willingness to lose weight .

2: product ─ ─ after 30 minutes to 1 hour tasting cup of strong black coffee (no sugar, milk), caffeine helps digestion after meals, and promote fat burning; cup of black coffee, may wish to work with the walk. Generally 4 cups a day is the ideal amount of weight loss, but pay attention to: the excess will affect the health and sleep.

3: Sports ─ ─ after dinner cup of coffee, coupled with some simple exercise, such as brisk walking for 10-15 minutes, refused to take the elevator to take the stairs to the office, sitting in a chair on the reverse the upper body, toes, these campaigns can help you digest the ingestion of calories.

4: Massage ─ ─ boiled coffee grounds massage can make the skin smooth, also tightening the skin. In the accumulation of fat in the parts, such as the lower abdomen, thighs, waist deployed coffee grounds coffee liquid, massage toward the heart area, can achieve the effect of the break down fat, bath massage more effective.

Enhanced version of the weight loss tips
1: shallow baking the most effective ─ ─ roasted coffee beans temperature will affect the amount of caffeine, the temperature exceeds 178 ° C, the the caffeine completely dissolved, so although the rich, but the caffeine content is rarely. To lose weight, you should choose a light taste of American coffee.

2: better hot drinks ─ ─ drinking hot coffee body slight fever, then caffeine in prompting the body to burn calories, the effect of contrast iced coffee is not good and hot drinks.

3: instant products slightly inferior ─ ─ inconvenient own coffee, and had to use instant products, coffee grounds slimming instant products can not do.

4: Never add sugar ─ ─ not used to drinking black coffee, it is recommended that at most, plus a small amount of milk, do not sugar, because the sugar will hinder lipolysis.

Hot coffee iced coffee
Hot coffee can help you burn calories faster. Shallow roasted coffee is the most effective. High baking temperature
Coffee, although the strong flavor, but the caffeine content is less conducive to weight loss, and relatively light taste of American
Coffee is more conducive to weight loss.

Smell the coffee thin
The smell of coffee makes emotional stability and can improve the sensitivity of the senses, so work, drink a cup of coffee can
To improve work efficiency, but also more willingness to boost your weight loss.

A cup of coffee after exercise weight-loss method
Drinking coffee after 30-40 minutes of blood fatty acid concentrations become high, when coupled with regular exercise, can
The fatty acids into energy, burn fat effectively. Such as brisk walking for 10-15 minutes; does not take the elevator and walk the floor
Ladder back to the office or home: in situ can also do some small movement: like reverse stretching the upper body, foot, abdomen.

The coffee grounds Massage weight-loss techniques
With boiled coffee grounds massage not only can make the skin smooth, there are firming, cosmetic results. If the used coffee grounds
Deployment coffee emulsion, in the accumulation of fat in the lower abdomen, thighs, waist and other parts along the blood, lymph flow
Moving in the direction toward the heart of the move, the decomposition of fat to achieve weight loss, if the shower massage effect
Will be better.

Coffee stovepipe method
Material: coffee powder, massage oil amount
: Coffee bean powder and massage oil blending to spiral is its Xiangshou paint on the thigh at.
The Effects: coffee powder can promote skin blood circulation, to avoid generating cellular tissue, thighs and other Firmer.

Coffee slimming Note
Caffeine will stimulate the human body to sweat and other effects the performance of outstanding pharmacological action makes sure that the weight loss, but to achieve a significant effect, there must be a lot of caffeine stimulation. The side effects of excessive caffeine is fatal and mild cases of insomnia, suffer from anxiety disorders, severe stomach ulcers, and even cause heart palpitations, seriously affect the heart and lung function. Day, only fit to drink 3-4 cups every day, adults should not be more than 300 milligrams of caffeine intake in accordance with the recommendations of the Department of Health. In other words, if you own slow metabolism, or seldom exercise sweat, fixed drink the right amount of black coffee, as long as they can adapt insomnia and other side effects, can indeed achieve slight weight loss, promote metabolic effect of defecation; However, conversely, originally had stomach problems, or cardiovascular, heart disease, drinking black coffee a day, but body burden, even original condition deteriorated, and do not apply this method to lose weight.

Lose weight coffee diet weight loss methods, coffee, weight loss methods, coffee, coffee diet meals

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