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2012年9月13日 星期四

Lose weight fish

Weight loss, weight loss, fish, obesity fish Want to lose weight, spend a lot of money to buy diet pills are not effective? Future first threw the fish to eat it to know! Mackay Memorial Hospital, Chung Yuan Christian University Department of Biotechnology research team recently succeeded in raising a transgenic obesity fish, eat the same feed weight than normal fish fat 30%, can be used not only screening new drugs to lose weight there The effect of metabolic syndrome mechanism, but also as a source of fish oil extracted using artificial breeding, development attracted international attention.Mackay Memorial Hospital pediatric genetic, director Linda Xiong and Chung Yuan Christian University, Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology Xiaochong De originally wanted to study the mechanisms of cancer, this development Akt transgenic zebrafish, did not expect, and quite unexpectedly raising function more "obesity fish" .Linda Xiong said Akt can regulate cell growth, and cell growth, cell survival, lipogenesis and lipid born in Chengdu, the study found that of Akt hyperactivation zebrafish, normal feeding poor glucose regulation capacity, activity appears phenomenon of decline, but also significant fat, obviously fed the same amount of weight than the normal zebrafish has 30% more.Weight loss, weight loss, fish, obesity fish  -->

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