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fast way to lose weight

fast way to lose weight

1) Start by eating on a schedule. Your meals will then be spread out equally throughout the day, with 3 meals and 2 snacks. Do this for at least 1-3 weeks, not worrying all too much about the calories, especially if your diet is a high-calorie diet at this time. This will help your metabolism begin to learn when to expect food and to digest it properly, not store it away.
2) Across each meal, begin to see how you can improve the sugar / fat / calorie content of each meal, making replacements that make sense to you. Water instead of coke, lean meat instead of a hamburger, salad side dish instead of fries - you will know what to do!
3) Once that is fully stabilized, then one can reduce each meal to a smaller calorie content even further by reducing portions, skipping second helpings, skipping desserts, etc. Here you are not only replacing food choices, you are reducing.
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  1. These tips are most useful Fat Burner Weight Losstips that if follow strictly can reduce our weight too much