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2013年8月30日 星期五

Good way to lose weight

Ways to lose weight, lose weight, lose weight meridian, a good way to lose weight 
So a good way to lose weight is to maintain and increase blood habits:

Sleep: Latest 10:00 -11 points sleep, get enough sleep eight hours or whenever he woke up. (100% restore the body blood and manufacturing blood)

Meridian: knock gall bladder is necessary to do the project, it can increase the body's blood. (Providing manufacturing flesh material)

Diet: Brunch normal eating, absorb adequate nutrition, dinner, eat less starch. (Providing manufacturing flesh nutrition)

Sport: Every day at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, the body's meridians spironolactone. (Small increase in body blood)

Mood: maintaining a good mood, it will not interfere with the body's metabolism yo. (To avoid blood running disturbed)

Among the most important sleep. Start the day sleeping well, then, is the failure of the day. Even if you knock gall bladder meridians is useless, even if you eat no matter how useless diet, even if no matter how hard you exercise is useless, even if you feel no matter how pleasant it is. Because qi of the body is unable to lose weight.
Ways to lose weight, lose weight, lose weight meridian, a good way to lose weight 
As early knock gall bladder, weight will increase, which means your blood up, congratulations! Blood increases, just like your computer to buy a four memory installed as system efficiency increased dramatically, they have more resources to deal with the body of excess garbage.

Also, why the human body is usually the first thin upper body, and finally the thin lower body? Because the upper body fat, it is easier endanger the health of human organs, so a priori exclusions; For lower body fat, healthy little effect on the organ, so there is excess blood will engage the lower body fat.

Because of this, so only people who are at a disadvantage lower body fat, upper body is very thin and you still continue to lean, lean lower body but not much, it is most difficult to lose weight lower body fat.

Although the lower body fat is not harmful to health, but mental and psychological health damage, which is something that God had not calculated consider it ‧ ‧ ‧ knock gall bladder so it is up to Hello!
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Meridian weight loss method

Ways to lose weight , lose weight, lose weight meridian
NO1. Sleep first : go to bed before 23:00 every day .
NO2. Improve blood : knock gall bladder meridian weight basis .
NO3. Healthy Eating : Brunch normally eat dinner eat .
NO4. Healthy exercise : exercise at least half an hour a day , activation meridian bones.
NO5. Cheerful mood: good mood , maintain a normal body metabolism.
In the comic world of Dragon Ball , the level of fighting is to determine whether they can defeat the villain protagonist key ; while in the world of weight loss , blood level , is to determine if you can successfully eliminate fat key ! We must first make enough blood !

Lose weight and have a great relationship of human blood

Our body's blood , the first will be used to repair damaged organs function , followed by the will to rid the body of excess waste . Why ? Because the temporary accumulation of fat in your body , do not have life-threatening ( especially in the lower body heap ) , but if it is long-term organ damage , and that a large section of the Chronicles on .

The biggest and blood relations , is sleep . If you stay up late one day , or lack of sleep, the next day some poor mental , physical Xu Xu . That day no matter how you exercise diet , often found ineffective weight loss , weight stagnant foot circumference does not change, even fatter !

This is because your lack of sleep, lack of blood on ; lack of blood , then the body because you stay up all night to repair damaged organs are too late , how to exclude unwanted blood garbage ? Therefore , the body simply can not bird you plan to lose weight , and this time , not only difficult to lose weight, but more vulnerable to the accumulation of garbage .

It's like when we are playing on the computer , each computer has memory , some just 1024KB, some 2MB, 4MB or higher. But no matter how much memory your computer is still the same process .

Important work will give priority to occupy memory , such as " organ of the body maintain and repair" this is very memory-intensive up ; And your work stress management classes , this will take up memory ; As for the " excess fat decomposition and exclusion " the computer as unimportant work , until finally there is extra memory before processing .

Therefore, the human body in particular fatigue , the most important thing is to quickly get a good sleep , let your "Memory " returned to normal . At this point do not force yourself to exercise , because the movement will not have any effect, because not enough blood can not remove fat ( after 9:00 pm should not exercise, the body was about to break ) ; not greedy , because when tired to eat,
More likely to become fat because lack of blood can not digest these things.
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Morning weight loss methods: high-protein breakfast 30 minutes of aerobic exercise

Lose weight, weight loss methods, weight loss mode
First, the diet
Breakfast is a source of energy a day, if you do not eat breakfast is adequate, it is easy to eat snacks before lunch, so
Breakfast must be rich, carbohydrate, protein food is absolutely essential, such as bread, rice-based foods. Furthermore,
You can also add that meat, eggs or milk, breakfast enhance satiety.

Diuresis, swelling food intake
Chinese medicine believes that morning from 7 to 9:00 the stomach meridian running time is 9 to 11:00 Ministry spleen meridians are
Run time, so doctors recommend you can eat and water, swelling of the food, such as melon, red beans, bamboo shoots, yam,
Barley, apples are very good choices that can help you to water discharge, there will be a feeling of edema.

Second, sports
Suitable for doing exercise in the morning, it is best to increase cardio aerobic exercise, such as jogging, cycling, aerobics
Dance, etc., can consume originally part of the energy stored in the body, it can make you a day to enhance the vitality of
To the highest, so you feel vibrant hundred times a day!

Third, the maintenance of life
Increase opportunities for walking. People are inert, if often does not move, over time will develop a habit, so construction
Anytime, anywhere you want to discuss activities. Even if you do not engage in strenuous exercise habits, it is also to do some very simple
Exercise, such as walking yourself the chance to add a little more. Over time, they will develop the good habit of exercise.
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Roundworm way to lose weight

Ways to lose weight, lose weight, lose weight roundworm, Ascaris

"Roundworm way to lose weight" on the Internet caused blitz, hospitals also have a lot of women consulting whether to eat worms to lose weight. Experts point out that eating roundworm can actually achieve weight loss purposes, but the body will bring harm outweigh the benefits.
According to Wuhan Evening News reported yesterday, Ms. Yang came Zhongnan Hospital consultation, she is more obese, and unable to control diet, in line to see eating roundworm eggs to lose weight ways to lose weight, this weight loss method is relatively easy to see, want to try and worry about eating bad body, went to the hospital to consult a doctor.
Reporters in the online search "worms to lose weight", you can see information published dozens of businesses, called weight loss principle is dose capsules containing Ascaris, Ascaris parasites in the intestines, become adults later in the stomach Department of digested food liquid for food, thus eat extra food and nutrition, thereby maintaining the body will not nutrition, achieve weight loss. After successful weight loss medication to kill the eggs excreted.
Zhongnan Hospital of Infectious Diseases, Associate Professor Zhang Wei introduced the human intestinal roundworm is the largest parasitic nematodes, relying on "roundworm diet" is in fact doing to get healthy "bet." The body being swallowed after hatching eggs in the intestine, intestinal roundworm does food intake to achieve weight loss goal. But will follow the intestinal roundworm drilling biliary, pancreatic and other parts, causing damage to multiple organs, causing serious complications, even life-threatening, clinicians do not agree with this method to lose weight.

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Weight Loss-8 Ways to Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

Weight Loss,Weight Loss Success

1. Don't wait

2. Healthier Options

3. While at a restaurant, order first

4. Pay attention to serving sizes

5. Dressings

6. Alcohol

7.Eating Slowly

8. Skip Dessert
Weight Loss -Secret To Success

1.Stick to one plan. Britney Spears stuck to one plan.

2.Diet control.


4Take before and after photos.

5Maintain your priorities.

1. Fat Burning Foods:
2. High Calorie Foods For Topping:
3. Water Throughout The Day:
4. Food Journal:
5. Six Small Meals:
6. Physical Activity:
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Weight loss

Weight loss
Lose weight, weight loss methods

Teeth, the index finger, middle finger and ring finger presses at occlusal muscle, hard to push in, but forced himself to let your fingers pushing back the masseter muscle. This action can be done three times, the first time for five seconds, the second and third ten seconds in the middle you can take a break.
Efficacy: from the ears to the entire side of the chin contour will have a modifying effect.
Open your mouth, with the index finger, middle finger and ring finger chin, try to open your mouth to make the greatest degree of cooperation on the campaign, do not be closed finger strength, but also three times.
Efficacy: the ability to effectively exercise the minibus at the fat, tighten minibuses.
Duqi into the mouth round, with the index finger, middle finger and ring finger on the upper lip, forced outward upward direction, clawed mouth while keeping his mouth toot tight.
Efficacy: can exercise the upper lip muscles, nasolabial folds, sagging darken for a relief role.
Close your eyes, with the index finger on his eyelids, and then forced his eyes softened.
Efficacy: Exercise upper eyelid muscles and prevent the aging of the eye caused by furrow.
Thumb on the end of the brow, the index finger on top of the lower eyelid bone, and then closed his eyes softened force.
Efficacy: help the orbital bone of exercise.
Hands on above the eyebrows, force the forehead pulling up his opened his eyes looking down.
Efficacy: Exercise entire forehead muscles, and help enhance the hair at the temple to the forehead muscles.
[Step 7]
Frowned tight, with the index finger and middle finger will frown at hard poke, keep themselves frown gesture.
Efficacy: help to help us face the center of the hair at the corners of the mouth to the upgrade.
Weight loss
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Push fat massage slimming method

Weight loss methods, weight loss, pushing fat, pushing fat massage

Summer, and the beauty of the people to lose weight but also painstaking, some beauty, weight loss sites "lazy to lose weight", "lose weight fast" and other diet anxious to tempt people, in which the push fat massage Many enthusiasts.
Lying on massage that few will be able to lose weight, there is such a good effect you?

One lying in bed, beauty, belly exposed, beginning with the palm beautician doing a lot of steps in its abdomen, such as back and forth from bottom to massage; hands and hug the waist, forced to the side Tuirou; hands clockwise rub hard abdomen; Zhuanie put on the skin such as waist, the waist on both sides were finally beat gravity.

2 During the massage, beautician continued to smear her belly with ginger essential oil massage cream ingredients, said to be able to speed up the metabolism, promoting fat decomposition. She also describes cases of this push fat massage slimming principle, said to be pushing fat massage is to heat the skin, subcutaneous fat consumed locally, and timely acupoint pressing the abdomen, but also from the reduced stomach capacity, suppress appetite

3 Half an hour later, pushing fat massage is over, during which accompanied by a little pain, especially the middle part of the abdomen, a pressing obvious pain. Got up, she still feels burning abdominal skin for a long time. In order to promote weight loss, the very fact that these days to comply with the advice of beauticians, eat much less than usual, can be surprisingly, did not feel hungry, it appears that massage can really control the appetite.

Massage to lose weight, in addition to those versed chef can do, most people simply can not do. In addition, massage weight loss is just not good for the stomach, endocrine disorders, constipation and other symptoms after patients eliminate massage can play an indirect role in weight loss, normal is no effect.

Why a decreased appetite began to feel very fact that the effect? "Just by beautician massage, you can play shrink the stomach, improve gastric motility, appetite suppressant, which is no scientific basis." Second City Hospital medical director Zhu Liming analysis, pushing fat massage is nothing more than the role of psychological suggesting a role, eventually dieting to lose weight, do not believe, you're not on a diet
Certainly no effect.

In addition, in this particular place, the people involved in the case, there is also the role of group comparisons, but less so and so much these days, and accordingly you will control your appetite, with weight loss. And some people in the process of receiving massage, abdominal pain is like to pay attention, because the beauticians will hurt way too heavy to internal organs, especially the liver cysts cyst easily diffused in massage, people's spleen is very fragile, massage improper may rupture.
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Cheng Fu hole way to lose weight

Weight loss methods, weight loss, Cheng Fu Point, Cheng Fu Point Diet
[Effects] card
1.Improve ass sag.
(2) eliminate ass edema.

Some girls always complain about their body like a pear, and now teach you this trick ─ acupressure shaping Bottom.
Please moderate Bottom cream evenly applied and hips, and with the "firm buttocks massage" Steps to massage.

Location: Cheng Fu Point, at the midpoint of the inferior gluteal sulcus stripes. (Pictured above)

Weight Loss Methods: thumb pressing acupuncture points 20 to 30 under (under pressure every 3 seconds), three times a day to do.
(According to Road To feel a slight pressure sore, the better)

Tips at: here because they push easy, flat end of the pen can be used to press the point.

The amount of beginner exercises: a back massage every day, you can play 500 attack power.
Advanced Practice Volume: daily massage two times, can play a 1000 attack power.
Strengthening effect volume: three times daily massage can play a 1500 attack.

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Osteopathy way to lose weight

Ways to lose weight, lose weight, lose weight osteopath

  Thigh have reduced about 5 cm
Waist with butt also reduced by 5 cm
My two arms each decrease of 1 cm
Hardest thin legs also fairly disappointing size of 2 cm
My whole pelvis around 7 cm less! ! !
Recently really very mad osteopath five consecutive three weeks time to go is really handsome guy out there to report
Blogs also opened a special classification record my osteopath course yesterday discussing with colleagues in the company's vigorous

Would also like to say to two thousand four times a month to go it is a little expensive
But now the whole think it is worth! It is worth! !

Even if the next is really handsome guy called out to me that Miss slip tank "Pushed down."
Or call me at recess to sorrow osteopath I do not have a bed roll complainers! !

Ways to lose weight, lose weight, lose weight osteopath


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Tea weight loss - weight loss methods

Diet, nutrition weight loss tea weight loss, weight loss methods

Slimming tea

Features: The most convenient and easiest way to lose weight.

Reason: many natural plants including tea, are more or less lose weight, although weight loss is not so obvious, but long-term adherence, self help. Particularly suitable for use as an auxiliary way to lose weight ...

1-2 hours every day after lunch, drink a cup of tea can help lose weight regimen. Drink a cup of oolong or green tea can metabolize 40 calories,
Equal to brisk walking for 15 minutes, while Eucommia has the effect of promoting metabolism, tea equals free to help you do exercise.

In particular, the modern day wrestling and computer, you really want to drink tea, a variety of tea you can! When you sit in front of the computer,
May wish to take a cup of tea, drink it whenever you have a few mouthfuls, not only to prevent radiation hazards, but also Shuhuojingu, eliminate fatigue
And fatigue, the health cultivation methods.

】 【Tea season

Tea season: Which should you drink tea to lose weight?

As for what to drink tea can be like to eat fruit, can vary with the seasons transform. As the saying goes: "spring to drink tea,
Summer drink green tea, winter drink black tea, oolong tea to drink throughout the year. "In the winter, you can choose to drink Tie Guan Yin (oolong tea belongs
Valuable species), or choose to drink tea regimen.

Health in accordance with the words of the four seasons, autumn tea, Tie Guan Yin is the most suitable for fall this season to drink, especially cooked Pu'er tea
Tea suitable for winter consumption. Winter in the cold, cold pathogen very hot season, the body's physiological functions subsided, the body yang
Gas diminuendo. This time nothing more than to be warm warm.

Cooked Pu'er tea of ​​protein-rich, with a tonic effect, can raise the body yang, but also enhance the body's resistance to cold,
Aid digestion, to greasy. So easy to drink tea regimen recommended in winter!

Finally, according to personal life situations and see for yourself what kind of card it suitable for practitioners!

Object】 【tea

Pu'er tea:
Slimming beauty.

Oolong tea:
(A) cholesterol is too high, the number of people with high cholesterol.
(2) a person addicted to eat meat, carnivorous animals who do not eat meat [one day people will feel in a trance]
(3) regular exercise, or a large amount of manual laborers who work.
(4) after exercise person.
(5) slimming beauty.

Black tea:
(A) exercise great people, regular exercise, or a large amount of manual laborers who work.
(2) physical exertion and more people.
(3) people who want to live longer.

Green Tea:
(A) the amount of exercise and labor less people, sedentary, people usually do not do sports.
(2) drug addicts, alcoholics, alcohol and tobacco leave their hands of people.
(3) require frequent riding a motorcycle, or often by dirty air poisoned person.
(4) cholesterol is too high, the number of people with high cholesterol, lowering blood pressure would prevent arteriosclerosis.
(5) working pressure greater.
(6) cancer.
(7) to lose weight.

Note: Various commercially available slimming tea, usually contain vent pills, weight loss mechanism to vent mainly undesirable.

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Tailored weight loss - weight loss nutrition

Diet, nutrition diet, tailored to lose weight, weight loss methods

Tailored to lose weight

Features: According to their different situations, tailored weight loss programs that seek to maximize the effect of weight loss.

Reason: Because obesity by age, sex, accompanied by chronic illness, physical condition, lifestyle and diet, genetic factors and other aspects of the existence of many differences, so weight loss needs vary, symptomatic and treatment. Tailored weight loss methods should include: the use of targeted products, correct poor eating habits, a healthy weight loss psychology.

Note: You need to find an experienced professional bodies, or expert.

Nutrition Diet

Features: attribution diet weight loss methods, ie eat less, and eat high nutritional value, which is the essence of weight loss diet.

Reason: simple obesity fundamental question, that is, greater than calories consumed calories. The daily food intake of too much heat and high in calories or food intake too much about. So the way to lose weight is mainly nutritional meal replacement with high nutrition low calorie low nutrient foods to replace high-calorie foods.

Note: meal replacement food nutrition contained in the human body must be able to meet daily needs.

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mushroom lose weight

Mushroom diet
Diet, mushroom lose weight, weight loss methods
As long as the daily intake of 100 grams of mushroom
Able to receive amazing weight loss!

New discovery! Improve constipation, boost the immune system, reduce visceral fat, clean the blood, lower blood sugar, increased body temperature, is also very effective for hay fever! Especially for relieve constipation wonders. You can directly use the latest scientific evidence can reduce visceral fat.

The secret to successfully help you lose weight, that is, containing mushroom "mushroom vegetarian" ingredients!

Flammulina known anti-cancer effect, and containing β-glucan. Shiitake mushroom is the highest class content. Such slender figure with great force hidden.

Not only allows you to lean, leaving you healthy, mushroom secret, slimming eat and promote health. Professor authority by the Japanese mushrooms. Takasaki University of Health and Welfare. Eguchi, Mr. Wen Yang to help you explain! Began to build a healthy and tasty mushroom diet!

Mushroom quite human health benefits have mushroom vegetarian helps clean the blood, strengthen the immune system, prevent high blood pressure, lower blood glucose levels and other functions, and of course help defecation, remove visceral fat, it is suitable for those who want to lose weight or is to improve the health of modern man
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Curry slimming method introduced

Heard it right! Delicious curry can also lose weight oh!

Weight loss methods, weight loss, weight loss curry, curry diet recipes, weight loss recipes

Delicious curry, with excellent weight loss. Curry ingredient helps the body burn calories, weight control, prevention of obesity.
Malaysia is rich in turmeric root, this spice is the main component of curry, growing wild in the jungles of Malaysia. Turmeric is one of the main components of a substance called curcumin, this is a powerful fat fighter. The latest from the Boston Tufts University study found that mice fed a high-fat diet containing a small amount of curcumin, their body weight and body fat than the other has a similar diet, but do not add turmeric to lower body weight in mice, less body fat . The researchers believe that turmeric curcumin because of its rich, can inhibit the growth of fat tissue, achieve excellent weight loss. Therefore, proper cooking may wish to put some turmeric powder. Diet food - turmeric diet

Curry weight loss principles - Curry increase metabolism

Curry is a hodgepodge of many, many kinds of spices, but also according to the different origin and slightly different. But ultimately, no doubt a few basic weight loss ingredients: ginger, pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, mustard, cloves, Zi Ran, octagonal, etc. Headed by Jiang, can effectively promote blood circulation and metabolism rate. Enhanced metabolism is very important, is the weight-loss diet killer. (Increase metabolism three methods)

Curry control insulin secretion
Has long been clinically proven that eating curry can reduce the secretion of insulin after a meal to control blood sugar, energy consumption increased, while reducing fat deposition. Reduce fat deposition, but to accelerate energy metabolism, hale and hearty you then add the right amount of "labor", is it the best opportunity to lose weight. Eat the same amount of food, you eat curry than those who do not eat curry thinner. Haha, this is also the reason India is full of lean right. But the premise is, do not eat curry very well with rice because of increased food intake, oh. Turmeric diet

Curry avoid increasing the amount of food staples
Curry potatoes, curry with rice. Curry Xinxiang Rong Yi people unknowingly eating too much food. Therefore, pay special attention to this aspect, the control starch intake. Curry with vegetables and curry with meat is a better choice.
Control while eating too much oil

Pure is pure spices like curry powder, salt (salt intake to lose weight enemy) Few, very few calories. But the "oil curry" or put too much oil when cooking. This meal is not a small amount of heat. Recommend everyone to eat curry hot pot, homemade curry meal time, buy a thick curry powder, rather than synthetic curry curry content of less mass. Often eat curry, 2 or 3 times a week, and in the heat without adding other cases, it can promote weight loss. In addition, usually put some curry powder and cook in the seasoning is good
Weight loss methods, weight loss, weight loss curry, curry diet recipes, weight loss recipes


Kimchi way to lose weight - four kimchi diet recipes

Weight loss methods, weight loss, weight loss kimchi, kimchi diet recipes, weight loss recipes

What to eat to lose weight able to combine food and health, so rely on a weight loss diet lose weight were able to stick in the end? Pickles, is to make you slim down a good helper. Here, Xiao Bian recommended Jani vitality fiber diet pickles, for you to create fast thin kimchi diet recipes, just stick nine days, you can witness the miracle you slim down.

First, the principle of weight loss kimchi

Some people have been very much opposed to eat kimchi, that "eat kimchi are carcinogenic." They think that kimchi contains carcinogens nitrite. Jani vitality fiber Xiaobian pointed out, in fact, this statement is unscientific, not only does not eat kimchi quality cancer, the human body is still very good, and, kimchi is one of the food of choice for healthy weight loss.

In fact, because of the acidity of kimchi cabbage lactic acid decomposition of sugars to produce lactic acid, lactic acid, not only did not carcinogenic, but also promote digestion and so on. In addition, many kimchi making processes use a lot of pepper and garlic, salt it needs not much, it is a low cholesterol, low energy content of healthy food.

Second, the secret of making kimchi

It is said that there are two secrets of making kimchi in South Korea: First fontanelle fine shrimp sauce, one kimchi Ingredients: chili powder, this seemingly ordinary, but they are difficult to find elsewhere alternative raw materials. Such as South Korea, red pepper is very special, not too spicy, thick aroma, and even a little sweet, even with much more pepper, spicy people still will not have the feeling of choking.

Pickles diet | pickles diet recipes allow you to see the miracle of 9 days

Third, kimchi slimming tips

1 low-calorie and efficient antibacterial action

Kimchi is very low in calories, but rich in microorganisms and minerals. Kimchi lactic acid bacteria in the fermentation process due to the effect of inhibiting the growth of bad bacteria, but also promote gastrointestinal proteolytic enzymes - pepsin hormone secretion, normalization of intestinal microbial distribution, helping to maintain healthy intestinal environment. Intestinal health, constipation caused by obesity naturally solved.

(2) activation of bodily functions

The main material pickles, peppers can promote the secretion of gastric juice, thus helping digestion; Also rich in vitamin also has the role of acid-fast, and can help metabolism, increase appetite and promote blood circulation. Jani-fiber diet food with vigor and kimchi pepper, garlic and ginger, etc. can promote the body metabolism, help the body perspiration.

3. Maintain good health

As the main material of the cabbage kimchi low in calories, fat-burning effect garlic has, in addition to a lot more dietary fiber, can prevent constipation and colitis, prevent fat accumulation and effective fat burning has been formed, the body is more light.

4 Best Slimming timing and method of eating

The market there is spicy kimchi (Korean) and not spicy (partial Japanese style) two kinds. To thin, of course, the more effective the more spicy, but if you're stomach is not good, do not recommend choosing spicy kimchi, though not spicy slimming effect rival, but because of low heat, used in place of other foods is a good weight-loss options .
Pickles diet | pickles diet recipes allow you to see the miracle of 9 days

Four, pickles diet recipes

Four kimchi diet recipes allow you to see the miracle of 9 days
One, bean sprouts kimchi soup 87 kcal

Ingredients: cabbage kimchi 50g, bean sprouts 70g, broth bouillon cube 1/2 (2g), water 300cc, onions 3g, soy sauce, sesame oil, white sesame small teaspoon 1/2.

Method: Pour water into the pot, add broth soup boil after the block. Bean sprouts and drain after washing. Shredded pickles, onions sliced ​​green onion. The bean sprouts into the soup boil. Add kimchi soup boil, then add soy sauce and sesame oil. Dish and sprinkle with white sesame seeds and chopped green onion.

Second, kimchi tofu 104 kcal

Material: Material cabbage kimchi 50g, soft tofu 1/2 (150g), roasted seaweed amount.

Practices: the water drained tofu, cut into three equal parts dish. Chopped pickles. Placed on the kimchi tofu, and then decorate seaweed. Taste is not enough, you can eat pickle juice instead of sauce.

Third, kimchi cabbage salad 45 kcal

Ingredients: cabbage kimchi 50g, cabbage two (100g), ginger 5g, basil leaves a soy sauce 1 small teaspoon.

Practice: first cabbage hot soft, picked up the drain basket placed on, let it cool and cut into small pieces. Ginger and shredded basil leaves, chopped pickles. The cabbage, ginger, basil, soy sauce into a large bowl and mix well until the flavors penetrate edible.

Fourth, kimchi tofu miso soup 207 kcal

Ingredients: cabbage kimchi 50g, broth bouillon cube 1/2 (2g), water 300cc, a teaspoon of miso, pork pieces (leg) 30g, soft tofu 100g, mushrooms one, Jade Tan mushrooms 30g, 5g ginger onion a , a teaspoon of sesame oil.

Practice: sliced ​​mushrooms, tofu cut into three centimeters square blocks, shredded ginger, mushrooms Jade Tan peel by hand. Cut into bite-size pickles, onions are cut green onion. Wok pour sesame oil, ginger and fry pork pieces. Cooked meat into the water, add broth blocks. Add tofu, mushrooms, mushroom Yu Tan, boil, add miso. Add chopped green onion kimchi fish boil.

Kimchi diet recipes, not only lose weight but also tastes good health is essential to lose weight diet.

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Focus on four major postpartum weight loss success

Weight loss, weight loss focus, successful weight loss

1 set goals with incentives, with a very strong heart, believe in yourself to do so!

(2) start with the attitude of the amount of weight on the start!

If you can Tiangou an electronic body fat weight machine is very important, if limited budget can also be measured regularly at the drug store,

The amount of body weight per day is best to get up to pee in the case of thin clothing after measurement, not one day up to and fro in the amount of weight machines,

This did not help to lose weight, would seriously worry about the outcome, the last three days drying nets, do not want to lose weight!

Please try to weight the data as a reference, not to be unduly influenced weight figures in the mood to lose weight,

Body fat measured once a week, and recorded in the diet because of physiological quadrant sometimes cause weight gain,

But what is unseen is fat, increase muscle weight sometimes, sometimes the weight of water, to observe himself in the mirror,

And wear old clothes from a loose degree to observe their size, the weight is too important figures, often failed to lose weight mine Oh! Be careful ~!

3 is thinner yourself Shuibao first step!

"My God ~ ~ ~ What is Shuibao? ! To a postpartum mother slept too difficult one!

Postpartum mothers slept almost no chance, but also to go to bed early beauty sleep, how likely? ! "

Do not get excited, drink a glass of water to calm down Listen to me, I was quick to mark one-year-old began to have the opportunity to have slept eight hours,

I found that as long as I have slept 7-8 hours, the day the amount of light weight will drop some more, oh! Slept and saw light in weight reduction,

Simply fun to fly, but I also found that even diet control, even if the day in sports, as long as no Shuibao day weight

Is unchanged or significantly increased a few tenths of a kilogram choke! Shuibao really important, when his mother did not control points after falling asleep,

But as far as looking for opportunities to have slept, slept each person's time is not necessarily, 5-9 hours a day, this part should look at their own research,

Observe their body considered slept a few hours to sleep, how to sleep, I lose weight then focus coming:

@ Turn off the lights to sleep, melatonin secretion helps!

@ Large fonts supine body relax, close your eyes and think that they will use both thin abdominal breathing to sleep!

(Slowly inhale belly bulging nose, mouth and then slowly exhale, do not control the length of time, in their own way like the most comfortable.)


4 learned how to drink more water is thinner second step!

Obesity is almost impossible during my drinking, less than a day to drink 300cc of water, all with drinks to quench thirst, too unhealthy me!

I started to lose weight requirement forced to drink their own one day 3000cc of water, has bought a large bottle, drinking a good habit to develop their own convenience,

After a day of water increases, the natural beverage will quit, stomach simply no way to bottled drinks, ah ~ ~ ~

Just started actually will drink more thirsty, to say how else? Then think about the body should be thirsty too long now! Time enough,

Thought of this before it really should abuse his body felt, had forced himself to drink more water, about a month after so quickly develop a good habit to drink water,

Naturally do not want to drink of it! Drink plenty of water may help metabolic waste from the body, weight loss is very important!

Focus on coming to drink:

@ Morning fasting can drink 300-500cc of honey water, constipation great help!

(I was about to lose weight initially drink honey water does not have constipation problem a month later, after a not drink honey water.)

@ Drink lemonade, squeeze fresh lemon juice a 2000cc added in an amount of water can be adjusted easily thin alkaline!

(Lemon when it is cheaper to buy, no special look, all revel.)

@ Breath Do not drink more than 300cc of water to drink in batches, not fierce irrigation!

@ Grasp a good time to drink water before meals with exercise, a kettle can carry is very important!

@ I like to drink mineral water, mineral supplements for weight loss can also help!

@ The amount of water each person is different, and some heart or kidney or liver disease, such as patients with daily water intake needs doctor's instructions Oh!

@ I almost do not drink fruit juice in the diet with sugary drinks.

@ Accustomed to only drink water all day breastfeeding mothers can drink "South Africa Rooibos" decaffeinated, breast-feeding can also help it!

Weight loss, weight loss focus, successful weight loss

My best weight loss experience

Best weight loss experience, weight loss, weight loss experience, weight loss methods

People are not necessarily born so I was able to ~ ~
I used to think I was born to eat no fat is not considered to be never thought this thing to lose weight
I grew up in a completely impossible to eighteen-year-old former life so what's too much trouble ~
Not all the way on the thin fat thin too there is no mood
Until their own to understand really fat over what is this feeling

Well yes ~
I'm too fat I lean over (to 60 fattest few too thin is not the most fun a few over 30
All things grow up speaking not a student of)
I also had my ugly beauty too (I do not recognize you really do not want a bird sorry puff)
I also had my mundane immortality too ~ (ibid. ha ha ha)

So what could have been unknowingly change because of their own has been naturally accept the present self
But to return to their own memories will be scared to death of a sober one Mimi!! @ @

And there are less overweight woman who must have very understanding who did not lose weight on a diet
(Even if that person has been killed does not recognize that there is no natural thin
Ghost Talk has been eating lean category you will still know that on the right)
Because we are born of a woman ~ ~ ~ ~ baa effort to bring natural sensitivity on the right
What is not made no less compared nerves so people will know not to lie to us liars ==

The weight loss was every woman are crazy insane
Then check after famous people all day love concept crazy crazy to think why someone is thin
View Cha fat habits (in fact, they do not see their own view compared with others on why to eat together on the understanding of fat ==)
There concept investigation although this behavior is really thin habit afterwards feel like a madman, but when the diet is really a big, big help
Please go and see everyone around you scrag friends how they eat
Why lose weight you know you can eat something happens for a reason ah
Will be thin is not unreasonable! (Thin skinny love easily eat wasting scrag drinks are left ....)
Now immediately go to learn these innate habits thin it!

But step by step, until all their own experiences will be found after the weight loss really is commonplace two words
"Eat eat eat eat" You eat eat his mother is a little catty! Look do you want to eat!

There are some standard ideas mentality undesirable fat ~ ~
Feel you are born fat then you really have to wait a lifetime fat dead
Sense of self and not thin down the meat that group will not leave you that your flesh will die really stick in your body do not go too
Feel faint small meal would die the next second would exaggerated ideas
Do not feel you have to malnutrition every day, three meals a (fixed to eat three meals a day I do not see where your nutrition man?)

Can only say that the idea is very important
You put their own thoughts and actions on what type it is, what kind of person you are
Anyway, that is the law of attraction wants to believe their own right ~ ~
In particular, it is really doing anything to lose weight, only their own will not do not do not do no ~ ~ ~

Another misconception is that weight loss is equal to an unhealthy state of mind???
Really strange an idea - an unhealthy diet will not make you okay ~
It will not kill you can not see how you go let him dissolve in your life
Real change their own bad habits, including some small bad diet habits mentality ideas
Maybe you really are beginning to implement these things themselves and forced
But really really do not dissolve Who taught you after you will naturally remember
See a woman born into a dislike to others see you go
Innate nature to become a fairy-like ethereal everyone belly rotten you ~
How can you make someone else feel this model skinny people to eat no fat see the woman!

Of course, no one will make you lean to lean to the variable star talent called variable model or paper thin ~
"Thin" into what is entirely their own standards
Whether you lost 0.1 kg or lost a few kilos of their own standards as long as they are lost forever
Happy to accept their own thin appearance change will indirectly change the mentality and life ~

Clothes look good is no longer the clothes you pick clothes to pick you up
Will be more and more confident of some promise looks different maybe not all but a person's first impression
Themselves are not pleasing to the eye pinching yourself why would happy??

In the most tried dieting eating fat when tried tried tried all these sports
Also want to give too have failed to maintain over a long period of time did not change once thought themselves too thin enough enough enough US perfect
Has also been seriously crazy people want lean into the paper (but the same approach taken just eat and where to go in no way morbid)

Finally goes above losers remember eating a diet this way you can rest, but did not give up the mood
Weight loss is not the devil not necessarily have to die every day, three hundred sixty-five days forces you to make you bitter
But you do not forget what little too long did not forget to get the only care that you must eat fat
Do not rely on drugs supplements do not rely on what is the real secret to your success because you are integrated into the lifestyle of the

This is my way from 2007 when the mood fattest
Until 2008 Height 158 ​​cm Weight 40 kg a year's experience since the record ~
Because now I have is less need to worry about this kind of thing does not feel the weight of the ~ how much pain when
Most weight loss method to take pleasure weekends system
Monday to Friday, I will seriously lose weight ~ 26 I will play with eating holiday Kiyomatsu
Eating and drinking out is fun no matter how long after the time is smaller than fat eaters eat after all a pull multiple pull the bottom line!
've Never drinks a woman will die without Ribes now raving but he did not really love the point where he wants to turn against
Before I was completely without water who later will also go out to drink tea with water or sugar-free drinks learn to love it

This really is truly born to eat do not eat fat woman plus fairies see it

World is really no ugly simply see if a woman like
When we come to a natural fairy elegant woman see it ~ ~

Do not forget to always remind himself of a large thin
Fairy own self is a beauty all their own so beautiful

Do not look at the words are like an idiot
Speaking for a long time will become really really do not need it .... compare yourself with any one person is their own perfect fairy
No ranking is no need to give an account of their own who can produce a perfect transcript of thin
Of course, not been overeating dead in bed then this idiot in that fantasy things and to have succeeded friends ~
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