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2013年8月27日 星期二

Push fat massage slimming method

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Summer, and the beauty of the people to lose weight but also painstaking, some beauty, weight loss sites "lazy to lose weight", "lose weight fast" and other diet anxious to tempt people, in which the push fat massage Many enthusiasts.
Lying on massage that few will be able to lose weight, there is such a good effect you?

One lying in bed, beauty, belly exposed, beginning with the palm beautician doing a lot of steps in its abdomen, such as back and forth from bottom to massage; hands and hug the waist, forced to the side Tuirou; hands clockwise rub hard abdomen; Zhuanie put on the skin such as waist, the waist on both sides were finally beat gravity.

2 During the massage, beautician continued to smear her belly with ginger essential oil massage cream ingredients, said to be able to speed up the metabolism, promoting fat decomposition. She also describes cases of this push fat massage slimming principle, said to be pushing fat massage is to heat the skin, subcutaneous fat consumed locally, and timely acupoint pressing the abdomen, but also from the reduced stomach capacity, suppress appetite

3 Half an hour later, pushing fat massage is over, during which accompanied by a little pain, especially the middle part of the abdomen, a pressing obvious pain. Got up, she still feels burning abdominal skin for a long time. In order to promote weight loss, the very fact that these days to comply with the advice of beauticians, eat much less than usual, can be surprisingly, did not feel hungry, it appears that massage can really control the appetite.

Massage to lose weight, in addition to those versed chef can do, most people simply can not do. In addition, massage weight loss is just not good for the stomach, endocrine disorders, constipation and other symptoms after patients eliminate massage can play an indirect role in weight loss, normal is no effect.

Why a decreased appetite began to feel very fact that the effect? "Just by beautician massage, you can play shrink the stomach, improve gastric motility, appetite suppressant, which is no scientific basis." Second City Hospital medical director Zhu Liming analysis, pushing fat massage is nothing more than the role of psychological suggesting a role, eventually dieting to lose weight, do not believe, you're not on a diet
Certainly no effect.

In addition, in this particular place, the people involved in the case, there is also the role of group comparisons, but less so and so much these days, and accordingly you will control your appetite, with weight loss. And some people in the process of receiving massage, abdominal pain is like to pay attention, because the beauticians will hurt way too heavy to internal organs, especially the liver cysts cyst easily diffused in massage, people's spleen is very fragile, massage improper may rupture.
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