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2013年8月29日 星期四

Roundworm way to lose weight

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"Roundworm way to lose weight" on the Internet caused blitz, hospitals also have a lot of women consulting whether to eat worms to lose weight. Experts point out that eating roundworm can actually achieve weight loss purposes, but the body will bring harm outweigh the benefits.
According to Wuhan Evening News reported yesterday, Ms. Yang came Zhongnan Hospital consultation, she is more obese, and unable to control diet, in line to see eating roundworm eggs to lose weight ways to lose weight, this weight loss method is relatively easy to see, want to try and worry about eating bad body, went to the hospital to consult a doctor.
Reporters in the online search "worms to lose weight", you can see information published dozens of businesses, called weight loss principle is dose capsules containing Ascaris, Ascaris parasites in the intestines, become adults later in the stomach Department of digested food liquid for food, thus eat extra food and nutrition, thereby maintaining the body will not nutrition, achieve weight loss. After successful weight loss medication to kill the eggs excreted.
Zhongnan Hospital of Infectious Diseases, Associate Professor Zhang Wei introduced the human intestinal roundworm is the largest parasitic nematodes, relying on "roundworm diet" is in fact doing to get healthy "bet." The body being swallowed after hatching eggs in the intestine, intestinal roundworm does food intake to achieve weight loss goal. But will follow the intestinal roundworm drilling biliary, pancreatic and other parts, causing damage to multiple organs, causing serious complications, even life-threatening, clinicians do not agree with this method to lose weight.

Ways to lose weight, lose weight, lose weight roundworm, Ascaris -->

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