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2013年8月29日 星期四

Morning weight loss methods: high-protein breakfast 30 minutes of aerobic exercise

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First, the diet
Breakfast is a source of energy a day, if you do not eat breakfast is adequate, it is easy to eat snacks before lunch, so
Breakfast must be rich, carbohydrate, protein food is absolutely essential, such as bread, rice-based foods. Furthermore,
You can also add that meat, eggs or milk, breakfast enhance satiety.

Diuresis, swelling food intake
Chinese medicine believes that morning from 7 to 9:00 the stomach meridian running time is 9 to 11:00 Ministry spleen meridians are
Run time, so doctors recommend you can eat and water, swelling of the food, such as melon, red beans, bamboo shoots, yam,
Barley, apples are very good choices that can help you to water discharge, there will be a feeling of edema.

Second, sports
Suitable for doing exercise in the morning, it is best to increase cardio aerobic exercise, such as jogging, cycling, aerobics
Dance, etc., can consume originally part of the energy stored in the body, it can make you a day to enhance the vitality of
To the highest, so you feel vibrant hundred times a day!

Third, the maintenance of life
Increase opportunities for walking. People are inert, if often does not move, over time will develop a habit, so construction
Anytime, anywhere you want to discuss activities. Even if you do not engage in strenuous exercise habits, it is also to do some very simple
Exercise, such as walking yourself the chance to add a little more. Over time, they will develop the good habit of exercise.
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