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2012年7月21日 星期六

Actress way to lose weight exercise + diet essential

Actress way to lose weight exercise + diet essential

The best time of the hot summer months to lose weight, to the artist is also true, here we look at the weight-loss diet of South Korean actress who

* Envy Kara member Nicole Bottom dance, try the "Danish diet

Some baby fat and win heterosexual favorite Korean female group Kara member Nicole is gone. "Mr.." The Bottom dance return of Nicole makes eyes bright, she kept the secret of the perfect body is the Danish diet.

The Danish diet is rapid weight loss through two weeks of weight-loss diet. This weight loss method developed by the Danish National Hospital, intended to draw a minimum of carbohydrates, mainly composed of high-protein low-calorie ingredients such as eggs and vegetables. At the end of two weeks of rapid weight loss, we must continue to eat 10 days of nutritional supplements. In addition to Nicole, there are a lot of Korean stars through the Danish diet, lose 3-10kg of fat. However, this bias in the recipes of some of the nutrients easily lead to malnutrition, but also easy to rebound.

* 2ne1 members of the Park spring beautiful curves from lettuce weight-loss method

Park spring, relatively large changes in body weight Korean female group 2ne1 members of selected lettuce weight-loss techniques. Previously, she was eating lettuce photos on the network are also widely spread, so that users also keen on lettuce thin.

Park spring lettuce weight-loss method, in addition to eat lettuce, but also a day to drink 2L of water, and appropriate exercise to be effective. Contains a lot of lettuce Lactuca cream can improve depression, headaches, insomnia and other symptoms, very suitable for people who are suffering due to downsizing. Of course, the lettuce can also promote excretion. However, if you do not drink adequate water or sports, then, lettuce weight-loss techniques there are no major effect, but is hazardous to health.

Combination of aerobic exercise lose weight Renying diet

Korean singer Renying fit and slim figure hiding behind her efforts. Usually easy to get fat in the first 1-2 months of each album promotion with the "banana diet" or "milk diet" to adjust the weight.

She used to lose weight through eating bananas, but thinner in the two 6kg. Eat chicken breast with banana, matched on aerobic exercise, this weight loss method because it almost does not bounce much loved. But draw too much banana hand, will make the weight gain, it must be careful!

* Li Heni health abs, the secret is a "lemon diet"

Vegetarian Korean actor Li Heni choice of lemon weight-loss techniques. In addition to her actors full-Hui Bin also used this approach.

Lemon weight-loss method is ground into juice of three lemons, put some sugar and chili powder before being placed into 2L of water after drinking. This week without eating, drink lemonade, in practice very difficult. But you can rule out the toxins from the body, in the short term to achieve a slimming effect. Have a good effect of citric acid to recover from fatigue, beauty, health, and rich in vitamin C can prevent colds, improve skin, very popular with women welcome.

Lose weight although it is one of the women sustained a topic of discussion, but to remember is that several of the above are for reference only and must find their own weight-loss methods to get satisfactory results. Adjust your diet to lose weight, combined with a certain movement to do more with less.lose weight exercise

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