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2013年2月19日 星期二

Low oil weight loss method

Weight loss methods, weight loss, low-oil diet
The use of low-oil cooking methods
Available methods: cold (less mayonnaise, salad dressing), steamed, boiled, less oil fried, baked, stewed, stewed.
Avoid methods: fried, stir-fried, thicken.
Remove visible fat
Replace pork with lean meat or remove the chicken skin, pork skin do not eat here is the place of the accumulation of fat. As for the cooked chicken soup or hot pot soup, the first drink fishing to the upper oil slick can also remove some of the grease.
Spice seasoning
Select fresh onion, ginger, garlic to add dishes scent, or do fondue dipping sauce, replace the barbeque sauce, chili sauce, sesame paste, chili oil and other high fat condiments.

Weight loss methods, weight loss, low-oil diet