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2011年9月18日 星期日

The most effective fruit diet

The most effective fruit diet
Many people know that many fruits have a slimming effect, and the fruit weight is a lot of people like the way to lose weight, but the real weight loss achieved by eating fruits and the effect it's probably not many people. Of which there are so many people choose the way to lose weight by eating fruit, mainly because the fruit is green, natural no side effects.

So, as one of the most effective way to lose weight fruit diet, why did not we here people say that so amazing? Only one reason: to eat the right way!

In fact, weight loss, abnormal development of the industry today, the fruit diet longer amount of time every day to eat fruit, but also with good exercise and other diet so complicated. The most effective and efficient fruit diet, the fruit should be the most anti-obesity ingredient extracted, condensed into the essence for overweight people to take. This is consistent with the requirements of effective weight loss, but also to adapt to a convenient, labor-saving social trends.

Studies have shown that citrus fruits, such as red orange, grapefruit, oranges, etc., with a significant promotion of fat burning, reduce weight, reduce body fat effect. Based on this research, the French health food franchise with innovative raw materials, manufacturers Fytexia-NBConsulting company after several years developed a highly effective weight loss ingredients - citrus integrated polyphenols.
Over thousands of human clinical testing and a series of scientific experiments, polyphenols efficiently integrated citrus, healthy weight loss, safe weight-loss rebound effect is not fully proven. Polyphenols in citrus integrated into the formal market, a number of internationally renowned research institutions and national government departments have also conducted a series of rigorous testing. Comprehensive test report unanimously approved citrus polyphenols in reducing weight, reducing body fat magical effects, and get the world's patents (WIPO) certification.

Citrus integrated application of polyphenols in China began in 2009, by the joint Sino Trade Co., Ltd., Guangzhou, imported from France, and to citrus integrated polyphenols as raw materials, the successful development of the Chinese constitution for efficient and safe weight loss products - Sinuo grapes citrus integrated polyphenols (official website http://www.ilenor.com/, http://www.ilenor.cc/). Sinuo grapes citrus integrated polyphenol market, after nearly two years of taking countless consumers, weight loss has been repeatedly verified.
Sinuo grape polyphenols opened Citrus comprehensive health human weight-loss methods, scientists have been hailed as the greatest development in the 21st century, even the World Health Organization issued a statement: humans will never say goodbye to obesity.
If you are still full of fruit weight loss consultation most effective method to find that weight loss in the fruit, you're really out, and the emphasis on efficient 21st century, also waste time looking for advice on and on, it definitely is for life a huge waste.

Corresponding to the "facial features" Weight loss tips

Corresponding to the "facial features" Weight loss tips
 Your face is your body's notice card. In the face, filled with your diet, health, and emotional information. The most nutritious diet of fresh information, that is, the corresponding facial features and the stars, find the reasons for fat, and seek ways for you to lose weight.
A: dry skin type

Dry skin and thyroid dysfunction
Face, said: dry skin, shiny hair more no
Fat reasons: decreased thyroid function
When the thyroid gland in the operation when the overload, it can not secrete the appropriate amount of hormones to control metabolism. Cause you lack energy, weight gain, dry skin, hair has become more not shiny.
Weight loss recipe:
Every meal should be noted that intake of protein, such as lean beef, chicken and fish. These foods can give you a steady amount of iron and amino acids, which is for the production of thyroid hormones are very important. Moreover, intake of these proteins can also help you avoid eating slow thyroid function that may lead to food. In a week among the following food consumption should not exceed twice: soybeans, peaches, strawberries, peanuts and spinach.
Second, the type of acne prone

Easy acne-type ph imbalance
Face, said: skin prone to long-pigmentation, acne and other small little
Fat reasons: ph imbalance
Diet contains too much acid foods, such as meat, dairy products, sweets or fruit, will provide a good growth of harmful bacteria in the environment, hinder the liver and thyroid function. This reduces the ability of these organs deal with fat. Meanwhile, the body due to the toxins produced by acidic substances can cause clogging of skin pores, oil imbalance, resulting in skin problems.
Weight loss recipe:
Adjust your diet to alkaline foods to 75%, 25% acid. You can choose alkaline foods include asparagus, broccoli, bell peppers, carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, onion, pumpkin, radish, avocado, tofu, vegetable juice, garlic and other spices. After this dietary modification, you will find yourself not only not so hungry, and the skin will greatly improve the oh.

Fourth, the type of facial edema

Type of hormonal imbalance facial swelling
Face, said: facial edema, have bags under the eyes
Fat reasons: hormonal imbalance
When estrogen and progesterone levels become chronic disorders, and then control the appetite hormones, such as serotonin function may be affected, leading to weight gain.
Weight loss recipe:
Studies have shown that calcium-rich diet can help those who are prone to hormonal imbalances in women to lose weight. This is because the calcium helps the body turn off those who are too sensitive to hormonal changes in the genes. Daily intake of calcium rich foods, such as low-fat milk, cheese and yogurt.