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2012年6月21日 星期四

"Witch soup" diet

"Witch soup" diet

Witch thin soup diet has recently been favorable for weight loss enthusiasts, said "the most beautiful old lady," Chen Mei-feng is relying on this to maintain body Faye bamboo body, in addition to cassia seed tea slimming active witch soup is said to also help less busy.

Witch soup to cook with 2-3 large tomatoes and a whole cabbage, plus 2 green pepper 1 small celery and 2 onions into a large pot of boiling down all the vegetables until softened drinking according to their preferences, add salt, pepper and parsley, in addition to recommended that the food you can eat every day, a feel hungry drink witch soup, a pot of drinking seven days.

Witch soup ingredients are all gas production of vegetables, bulging belly will eat, plus high-fiber vegetables, there are a lot of soup, it is easy enough, they are able to reduce appetite. This recipe is a "reduce the staple recipes, it recommended that the ingestion of food, are starch, vegetable soup almost no heat, so every day even with eating fruit or beef, total calories are low. Basically, this is a pretty good way to lose weight, the only thing to note is the fruits and vegetables have high potassium, heart or kidney disease patients is not recommended.

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