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2012年6月22日 星期五

Super efficient NFAM way to lose weight by 10 pounds

Super efficient NFAM way to lose weight by 10 pounds 

This method is quick short-term short-term, basically one will be able to lean 10 pounds, and insists that after six months, really become the body to eat no fat. Because our body of about 5-6 hours a day to eat once, the calories consumed are eating come the things inside the body have some fat and calories are not fully consumed.

Super efficient NFAM way to lose weight by 10 pounds 
NFAM, which is a weight loss shortcut
NFAM way to lose weight, is after lunch, and resolutely put an end to any eating, as well as sugary drinks, to give the body a long time to digest the existing heat. Remember, the world is not diet food, eat everything, president of meat, there is heat. Of course, the night really hungry, drink a glass of skim milk, dairy products stay in the stomach a long time, both Zhumian skin.
Breakfast and lunch to eat normal, but not excessive
And sisters spent the afternoon food weight loss methods do not discount, remember that after noon on the seal. Breakfast and lunch to eat, but the volume on the evening cup of skim milk, absolutely effective. But this method is not an ordinary person can afford, you need perseverance.
39 weight loss Tip: Remember those good way to lose weight
1, can not eat snacks, carbonated soft drinks to drink to quit the problems of the greedy. (Junk food calories are vulnerable to the accumulation of fat)
2, ensure eight hours of sleep a day. (Endocrine adjusted)
Dinner to eat less to fight for five copies of full appropriate. (Dinner high proportion of)
4, adequate exercise, adhere to the early running, night walk. After a meal four hours sleep! (Motor coordination body)
5, if conditions permit, every day to eat vegetables, eat greasy food blasting pot, eat more fruits. (Whitening effect)
6, the weight loss drug is best not to use, side effects.
Final reminder to lose weight and sisters, weight loss is a process, do not be too hasty.