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2012年6月21日 星期四

Diet - milk vitamin

Diet - milk vitamin

  Of weight loss methods available for you has been completely ineffective? Are you looking forward to a new way to lose weight. Recently published on the cellular metabolism of a new study found that a vitamin in the milk, the benefits of health has a significant, if beneficial to the body of energy consumption, reducing fat diet leading to obesity opportunity is a new way to fight against weight loss.

         Milk contains a small amount of vitamin - nicotinamide nucleotide (nicotinamide riboside, NR). The researchers found that giving rats high doses prime the amount of nicotinamide nucleoside, their state of health can be improved. Anthony, a pioneer in the study, Weill Cornell Medical College Associate Professor of Pharmacology Dr. Sower, Anthony of Sauve invented a simple way to make the nicotinamide nucleoside can be a large number of synthetic
         Nicotinamide nucleoside by stimulating the metabolic pathways to promote sugar and fat into energy. Study, mice were divided into two groups, the first group fed high-fat foods and nicotinamide nucleoside, another group fed a high fat food. The results show that the first group of mice a high weight of the second group of mice, and more vibrant, nicotinamide nucleoside enhanced their endurance levels. In addition, the feeding of nicotinamide nucleoside mice more responsive to insulin and lower their cholesterol levels.
         According to the researchers said, the nicotinamide nucleoside improve the body energy generated. Dr. Sower: "The role of nicotinamide nucleosides may be even greater. Nicotinamide nucleoside can also improve the function of mitochondria and cellular energy factories, the decline of mitochondrial function is age-related diseases (such as cancer and neurodegenerative diseases) features. "