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2012年11月9日 星期五

The effective method to lose weight fast


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The most effective way to lose weight fast, healthy and effective
Quick way to lose weight 01, should not Snooze, Standard, lowest metabolic rate sleep sleep seven hours every day, the least energy consumption, significant increase in the amount of cholesterol and fat synthesis.

Fast way to lose weight 02, when hungry, that is, when the body burn fat: this time the movement for half an hour to an hour and burn fat best exercise to pay attention to add enough moisture sugar and oil like: reducing daily sugar (rice and noodles) and food intake of fats, is a necessary way to lose weight.

Quick way to lose weight 03, do not drink cooking soup: This soup is high oil content, easily absorbed, and very easy to gain weight, so be sure to keep in mind. Leisure time, eat less: Casual metabolic rate, the calories consumed less food calories shall give appropriate reduced.

Lose weight fast way to 04, not late night: Do not eat before going to bed two hours ago, the heat is most easily converted into fat accumulation in the abdomen.

Quick way to lose weight 05, do not eat leftovers: In order not to waste every time the bowl and plate of leftovers, feed the stomach, do not gain weight is also difficult.

Quick way to lose weight 06, the a weak willpower of fat should make good use of his handedly achieve weight loss results, for example, you want to find a reliable weight loss consultant or looking for family members to assist in the maintenance of ideal body weight for life.

07 fast ways to lose weight, limit salt: salt is the easiest absorbent material, taste, be sure to drink a lot of water, four cups of water, one kilogram, namely, there are a lot of people say to drink plenty of water also gain weight because. In fact, the water is to make people gain weight, not the people to gain weight. Therefore, to remove excess moisture can lose weight.

08 quick ways to lose weight, go on a diet to lose weight should strictly reduce drinking. Alcohol is the second highest energy food, heat per gram grease seven card. Diet is not hungry, but low-calorie balanced diet, as long as the eating of things, or can-eat and not gain weight, body flexible health and longevity friends up and down power should be in the low-calorie diet.
Lose weight, lose weight fast, effective weight loss, weight loss methods

3 days effective weight loss menu


Weight loss, weight loss menu, effective weight loss, weight loss methods
First day diet Breakfast: the grapefruit half of two teaspoons of peanut butter toast, a coffee / tea cup
Lunch: tuna ﹝ flooding the ﹞ half a can the toast a coffee / tea cup
Dinner: Any meat two carob / string beans, ten the red grape Ten apples a
Low-fat ice cream cup of coffee / tea cup

The second day diet breakfast: half a banana, boiled eggs, a toast, a coffee / tea cup
Lunch: cheese / yogurt cup of salty crackers two coffee / tea cup
Dinner: Ten pieces of hot dogs, two broccoli half red grapes banana half.
Low-fat ice cream half a cup of coffee / tea cup of

The third day diet Breakfast: the apple cheese ﹝ skim ﹞ a salty soda bread is a coffee / tea cup
Lunch: boiled eggs, a toast a coffee / tea cup
Ten teeth can of red grapes for dinner: tuna ﹝ flooding ﹞ broccoli than half banana half
Cantaloupe four ounces of low-fat ice cream half a cup of coffee / tea cup

Slimming Note:

1. Daily drink at least five glasses of water between meals and at noon and before bedtime drink, in addition to not drinking or eating other things.

2. Sequentially food, do not adjust the exchange other substitutes.

Raw food can only be white cook until cooked, in addition to available salt and pepper, and can not add other seasonings.

4 coffee, tea, sugar and creamer are not.

Diet weight loss menu with a chemical action, can not arbitrarily change the first three consecutive days on a diet can be reduced to 4.5 kg, three days later to take the normal diet, but not excessive, after a four-day general diet, if when you want to lose weight, eat a diet meals three days ﹝ ﹞ but must be separated by four days normal diet before they can continue, so a month will be able to minus 18 kg.
Weight loss, weight loss menu, effective weight loss, weight loss methods

2012年11月7日 星期三

Fasting morning exercise to lose weight


Weight loss, fasting morning exercise, weight loss methods 
British Journal of Nutrition, the latest research results again confirmed this. The study found that fasting morning exercise to lose weight better, decrease blood lipid levels is also greater.

Dr. Gill said that fasting exercise should be, as the case may be, are relatively safe under normal circumstances, the body stores energy sufficient to ensure the movement of 90-2 minutes. But if you do not eat the Games so you discomfort, may be appropriate to have something to eat and then exercise also helps weight loss fitness.

University of Glasgow, UK scientists found that the effect of exercise, weight loss exercise before breakfast than eating breakfast better. Not only can consume more body fat, but also helps to greatly reduce blood lipid levels. The person in charge of the new study, Dr. Jason Gill invited 10 male participants who receive three tests: the first time without any movement, the second one hour before breakfast brisk walking, brisk walking one hour after the third breakfast. Found that exercise than non-exercise to lose weight, and fasting sports than the postprandial sports consume 33% fat, and blood lipid levels greater reduction. If exercise is brisk walking every morning before breakfast fasting, persist in about 10 days, body weight can reduce pounds (0.45 kg).
Weight loss, fasting morning exercise, weight loss methods

2012年11月6日 星期二

Eat smooth! Weight loss diet

Water-soluble dietary fiber and insoluble dietary fiber
Will be living rich in soluble dietary fiber ingredients list
Intake of warm diet activated parasympathetic
Eat defecation agent before the intake of lactic acid bacteria fermented food
Beneficial gut! Lactic acid bacteria fermented food list
Replaced the white rice to brown rice can increase stool volume!
Weight loss diet

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Sweet potato way to lose weight


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Sweet potato eat only the size of a fist in the morning or in the evening, drink milk, both can be reconciled nutrition not be harmful. Low-calorie foods to eat two meals a day. The sweet potato is a complex carbohydrate, so weight loss is helpful. However, due to the intake of protein is not enough, so we must pay attention to protein supplements.

Sweet potato diet recipes, dinner time to advance. 5:30 early in the morning, I want to eat the first meal, a small bowl of rice, two sweet potato, two vegetables, remember not to have any meat. Sweet potato itself contains a lot of starch, the consumption of meat, starch will be a large converted into fat, not worth the candle. And the amount of each meal of sweet potato is not easy to overdose, or likely to cause bloating.

Eat sweet potatoes the best time in the morning from 4:00 to 12:00, which is the most appropriate body detoxification and excretion of time, therefore, in this period of time to eat sweet potato can achieve better results; And the best is to avoid or close to sleep at night time to eat a sweet potato, so difficult to digest.

In addition, the remaining two meals mainly with light vegetable foods, avoid lavish meals and other difficult-to-digest food. Also need to keep the movement for more than half an hour daily, accelerated lipolysis.
Way to lose weight, lose weight, sweet potato, sweet potato to lose weight


Lettuce way to lose weight


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Lettuce diet
The Park spring obesity like too obvious! Worthy Korean think most artists like to eat. Her lettuce diet is eat lettuce and eat with rice, the rice should be 50 less than usual. Do not eat too salty or too spicy things. If you have been eating lettuce feel tired when Cheuk eat. But do not let it fully cooked! This is the case the contrary, the effect will decline. After weight loss photos instantly turned sexy Pussycat Dolls. And she is also less very hard.
Weight loss methods, weight loss, lettuce, lettuce lose weight

Small tomato weight loss method


Weight loss methods, weight loss, small tomato
Small tomato eating:
1:3 Tianquan eat small tomato

Method 2: One day only one meal a small tomato, the other two meals a day and, as usual

Method 3: before meals and eat small tomatoes (increased satiety and reduces appetite)

Tomato menu:

1. Tomato fried rice

Material: tomato, tuna, lettuce, ginger juice

1) Remove the tomato head, sliced

2) washing the lettuce quartered cut, took only a can.

3) get rid of the canned tuna oil

4) Canned oil to fry lettuce

5) with salad oil refining hot fried ginger juice plus

6) into the tomato and tuna with fried, then baked in the lettuce Zaichao.

Weight loss methods, weight loss, small tomato