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2012年11月4日 星期日

Small tomato weight loss method


Weight loss methods, weight loss, small tomato
Small tomato eating:
1:3 Tianquan eat small tomato

Method 2: One day only one meal a small tomato, the other two meals a day and, as usual

Method 3: before meals and eat small tomatoes (increased satiety and reduces appetite)

Tomato menu:

1. Tomato fried rice

Material: tomato, tuna, lettuce, ginger juice

1) Remove the tomato head, sliced

2) washing the lettuce quartered cut, took only a can.

3) get rid of the canned tuna oil

4) Canned oil to fry lettuce

5) with salad oil refining hot fried ginger juice plus

6) into the tomato and tuna with fried, then baked in the lettuce Zaichao.

Weight loss methods, weight loss, small tomato


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