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Weight loss recipe


Lose weight, weight loss methods, weight loss recipe
★ Yakult + half a lemon 3 pre-dinner drink can whitening and slimming

★ every night before going to bed, legs against the wall for 30 minutes, at a 90 degree angle with the body, over time, to ensure that you have a pair of beautiful legs!

★ milk and Yakult and more about a 3:2 ratio of mixed (to drink it! Do not place too long, otherwise there will be the thick sediment fermented), several times a day to drink, you will have unexpected successful experience Oh!

★ first one teaspoon of green tea powder with warm water and mix thoroughly, then pour the Yakult or yogurt mixed with food to aid digestion, skincare, but also to achieve weight loss results!! (Meals eaten after a meal better)

★ Yakult + green tea can lose weight.

★ eat and drink a glass of water before meals Chiyikoufan drink of water, the effect is not bad, if you replace the water with lemonade, the effect will be even better!

★ each meal one to two ate only yogurt add boiled eggs .. I did ... and the results do not thin three kilograms a week!

★ roll hoop half an hour a day, to ensure that after six months is a beautiful and handsome.

Every morning and evening, before dinner drink a cup of black tea + low ester milk powder (350c.c) of you (but black tea to be cold unavailable heat or temperature so that no effect) tastes like tea, like (preferably drink a day)

★ normal diet, do not eat snacks, three meals a day is normal, not picky eaters. Avoid << to snacking >> Otherwise, broken power!! Easy to say, is not easy ㄚ, with a total of make effort to be My Fair Lady it!

★ drink a large glass of water before meals, eat more than 25 minutes during the try, a brain automatically convey the message, you have a "eat" the best chewing food 30 times, although a lot of trouble, but the results will be very Perak Oh!

★ exercise more, eat less fried goods less meat and more fruits and vegetables, heart pleasure to maintain confidence Transamerica to ensure long

★ as long as the bath with hot water down the bath, until the whole foot felt warm, then cold water down to flush, this way, you can help pores contraction, in order to achieve the function of the thin thighs!

★ = eating an egg in the morning

= Before meals at noon to eat some fruit, then eat This allows stomach easy satiety, and will not eat more

= As much as possible at night until seven after eating dinner, or fruit instead of the other most important thing is Hula Hoop shake before going to bed for 20 to 30 minutes per minute shaking around 80 under such an average week about one kilogram of lean safe and healthy ㄜ to try

Normal breakfast, eat lunch, eat a drop point, Dinner hundreds of thousands can not eat, so a week for at least two to three kilograms less. . . This is an instance of my success. .

★ 1. Eat small pot of meat are best left to the last release, in order to avoid the soup are oil.

Meal, vegetable oil should not have been let rice suction to prevent the rice are eating oil.

★ 1. Do not eat meat. More exercise. Confident. Excessive weight loss hard period

★ how to unplug annoying acne: face for protein. Taking advantage of is not dry. Thinking unplug acne place. Put absorbing tissues. Dried roots absorbing tissues. Acne also followed up ... but only now .. mature hardware acne!

★ normal meal, but to want snacks fried food, daily before a meal to eat half a lemon, do not drink too much water. Wish you success!!!

★ everyday 1800cc boiled water to a child in the morning before eating lunch full dinner less

★ daily an apple & grapefruit + unlimited skim milk .... month about minus 15kg .... I from the Tianxi Ren [devil slimming Manual] seems .... After my own the test .... really!! but ... it is recommended that the time should not exceed one week .... ... will be very uncomfortable even dream will dream about a fancy meal ~ ~ ~

★ exercise at least three times a week for at least 20-60 minutes, eat less fried, fried ... food, diverted to the diet of boiled or steamed like less oil, but remained at least 1,000 calories drink plenty of water, especially in the morning to get up to 2:00 pm, to promote the elimination of toxins and metabolic Oh!

Eat a lot of points ★ breakfast, lunch, eat high-protein foods such as: milk `eggs eat only fruits and vegetables for dinner five hours before bedtime to stop eating, coupled with the hula hoop on the half-hour will slim down the Oh!

★ each meal must eat otherwise the next meal will eat more breakfast a bottle of low-fat milk and a tea = 1/4 about 200 card lunch rice bowl, the meat can not be two more rice, vegetables are not limited (most good to oil and water or boiled) not limited until full until dinner to eat boiled vegetables

★ any food, only eat fruit and drink water, or drink milk ㄛ; 4 kg of lean ㄛ a week if you can, with the sport better &

★ breakfast. Lunch normal eating dinner drink a can of Diet Coke can.

★ Breakfast: a bottle of yogurt Lunch: normal, the rice eat only a tablespoon or so, do not eat snacks, bread like not the Huai touch Dinner: hungry only eat tomatoes or yogurt

★ personal recipe ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ eat breakfast every morning one hour before swimming for 40 minutes (also available to other sports instead) → movement (things to avoid eating too much oil) → eat in a pre-dinner half an hour to drink a cup of green tea powder + low-fat milk (about 300c.c.) drinking after a meal to eat (drink milk so that there will be a feeling of satiety) → dinner half an hour before the first cup of green tea powder + milk ~ after drinking, eating fruit or vegetables to eat → 7:30 after!! before going to bed and then to be a leg or kicking the air bicycle motion →

◎ If bedtime suddenly felt hungry ~ hungry ~ ~ can drink a cup of green tea powder + milk to fill their stomachs!!! ◎ avoid fried foods and sweet hungry. The ◎ keep happy. ◎ because fixed exercise every day, so it would be more tired ~ but!! Should never be a catch opportunity to sleep Oh!! But will get fat!!!

★ breakfast: boiled water the 300cc (heated) + yogurt + tomatoes

Lunch: vegetables + fruit

Dinner: yogurt + vegetables + fruit
Lose weight, weight loss methods, weight loss recipe

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