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2012年10月14日 星期日

Nutritional diet recipes: cucumber fried shrimp


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Material: cucumber 2 shrimp right amount of seasoning:  Mo garlic.
1 cucumber, peeled, cut open from the middle, then cut into diamond-shaped block, transfer to a plate spare.
2, cucumber sprinkled a little salt, and mix well. Is not easy because the cucumber into the flavor, so ahead of time to put some salt mix. But only two minutes ahead enough, a long time, cucumber will too tired.
3, shrimp cooking wine and mix well in advance.
4, the hot oil the Guo Lifang 葱姜 Mo soy pan, into the shrimp stir fry a few, add a little sugar (to smell), and saute for a few pan.
5, onions and garlic foam soy pan, pour after a few cucumber stir fry, pour into the fried shrimp, salt, water, starch, sauce can pan after another.
Weight loss, weight loss recipes, nutrition, weight loss

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