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7 Effective way to lose weight


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1. Towel way to lose weight
But this ultra-simple method believe that sisters will use. As long as the folded towel on your head to walk to be able to lose weight, simple and easy, right? ? Walk, remember not to let the towel fall, because it make you nervous to bring pressure, fat can decompose Hello

2. Coated lip balm way to lose weight
Painted in two or three minutes before dinner, coating, from glabella start to the nose following a straight painted down. Painted before the US-times for dinner two or three times to reduce appetite, this approach should be effective, just dinner with others, we will 话 Conversation scared not eat yo!

3 red underwear way to lose weight
The red can promote blood circulation, to wear to feel a bustling prevention cold, relieve physical pain, as long as it is red can!

4. Wearing sweat mask weight loss method
Wore a mask sweating in the bath, as long as 5-7 minutes, immediately gave his flow powder Khan! Big face immediately changed little face it!

5 to see weight loss hypnosis book
This is designed for weight loss are out of the picture book. Self-hypnosis from the text with the picture, appetite will gradually smaller Hello! Many school textbooks fall into this category!

6. Rings weight loss methods to lose weight
Still hard to deal with tape to lose weight? That you can really outdated friends can not be so complicated, just wearing a tiny ring, it can be a doctor to kind of explain the efficacy Oh, ready to remind you to lose weight, simple and convenient chant!

7 socks ways to lose weight
But this while wearing four pairs of socks for the job yo! First to wear silk toe socks, wear cotton five fingers socks, stockings, cotton socks. According to this order, wear Caixing it! Driving these four steps in mind, do not forget to spray a little addition to foot odor solution!
Weight loss, weight loss methods, weight loss recipe, effective way to lose weight


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