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black rice weight loss method


Black rice, weight loss methods, weight loss

Eat black rice diet has absolutely slim good body black rice has the reputation of "the king of the world's rice" as well as "Black Pearl", the nutritional value is very high, but it also has the effect of weight loss. Lose weight, eat black rice is not only the perfect curve of your body, but your skin whitening. Therefore, you want to MM who wish to try to lose weight through diet diet of black rice, hand-picked quality black rice, a delicious black rice recipes, personally verify "black rice can lose weight", is it not a pleasure? Love is still the network will explain in detail the "black rice can lose weight, teach you how to eat black rice to lose weight, get that absolutely slim good body.

Black rice contains a sufficient number of carbohydrates, protein necessary low point, but the quality compared to other staple food is better, contain very low fat, the rice embryo contains a small amount of essential fatty acids and vitamin E, it also is rich in vitamins B family, potassium, magnesium, and iron and other trace elements.

Black rice compared with the normal life, eat rice, containing vitamins, trace elements and amino acid content is higher. Food value is very high, In addition to porridge, it can also be made into a variety of nutritional food or wine. Modern medicine confirms the efficacy of black rice with Yin and kidney, spleen warm liver, eyesight, promoting blood.

Black rice since ancient times Harmony, the a rare diet Jiapin. Cherished There are many benefits of black rice, you want a charismatic woman, how to use black rice diet for it? Xiaobian take you to band together to try to spread the weight loss method has long black rice, so you eat healthy Xiangshou.

Black rice as a staple food, after eating it is easy to produce satiety, and thus be able to control the appetite, and food intake. Black rice congee, pickles, add a little porridge contains a lot of moisture, so eat more, people will not be excessive intake of calories.

Black rice is a nourishing health care products, its nutrient-rich, and for Slimming very effective. Three black rice today Xiaobian to recommend ways to lose weight and make you healthy and effective weight loss success.
Black rice the way to lose weight: homemade black rice Slimming Tea

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The black meter weight loss method

Black rice tea practices:
1, 400 grams of black rice.
2, black rice with water to wash a few times, so that black rice brew the tea, will be clear, no impurities.
3, wash the black rice, certain dry control moisture.
4, put a good washing black rice and fry for 5 minutes, to allow water to fully evaporate.
5, turn a small fire, slowly Scoop black rice cracking, revealing the white rice heart, this process takes about 15 to 20 minutes.
Finally, the black rice fried in a sealed box saved. .
Fried black rice, you can smell the enticing aroma. Each brew, remember to use 40 grams of black rice, plus 500 g of boiling water, brew stew on after 10 minutes, Aoao delicious black rice tea you can drink.
Effect: adds to the growing black rice tea, it is able to resist the generation of carcinogenic substances, promote blood circulation, improve metabolism. Especially female friends, drink black rice tea can also receive eliminate temperature and detoxifying, spleen, Slimming effect.

Black rice diet: healthy weight loss recipes

Method: month cycle, every week is a small cycle!
The first week of ready to begin to lose weight, the first day of the breakfast as usual lunch about three-quarters of the usual dinner fruit meal replacement (such as vegetable soup, that is, do not eat rice).
Business as usual the next day breakfast, lunch is about half of the usual, the dinner as the first day. Gastrointestinal (so the habit you eat less it also will not be hungry)
The third day you can start eating black rice diet breakfast eat a small bowl of black rice, is also a lunch, dinner also (hungry, then drink plenty of water, you can eat a small amount of fruit, of course, better not to eat).
The fourth day to the sixth day and the third day!
On the seventh day, you can eat something else, but do not eat too full (seven full enough), or the effect on the bad! Such a small cycle is completed, the other week as first weeks! (you adhere to to seriously doing good effect by 2 to 4 kg a month!)

Although the effect of black rice diet fast as the protein diet, but relatively speaking, more stable, while difficult to rebound, high security. But black rice contains vitamin C, vitamin B12, vitamin A and vitamin D, calcium lack.

Exercise and diet to lose weight mainly to control the good two aspects in the diet, there is a lot of food to help lose weight eating, which is a kind of black rice. The black rice diet in weight loss during the eating black rice production of food, is a monotonous food to lose weight. Black rice can have a lot of production methods, so it is suitable for most people to lose weight food, but also need to pay attention because it is to the monotonous food to lose weight, so the use of black rice diet, the use of black rice diet, what to do to be more healthy and effective it? We take a look at.

Using black rice diet need to pay attention, because the only edible food black metric during weight loss, often eat the monotonous food easily reduce appetite, black rice is nutritious, but it does not provide all the nutrients in the black rice does not contain vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin B12, among the calcium content is not a lot, but also eat plenty of fruits and vegetables in the diet during the calcium composite nutrients balls supplementary nutrition, but also add protein.
Black rice, weight loss methods, weight loss

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