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2012年9月10日 星期一

Kiwi weight loss method

Kiwi weight loss principles

Kiwi fruit pulp rich in dietary fiber, plus digestive enzymes, row stool and intestinal peristalsis, is the most important fruit detox first.

Kiwi is considered to be the highest nutrient density of fruits, heat is very low, 53 calories per 100 grams before, while the proportion of potassium low sodium, can Mediation blood pressure, in collaboration with other rich biological minerals such as magnesium and calcium to let the body to maintain the alkaline state.

In particular, a kiwi rich in antioxidant vitamin C, vitamin E, plus rich in folic acid, dietary fiber (about 3.4g fiber) hectogram kiwi meat enzymes, fiber contained in kiwi According to a survey conducted by the United States Food Research can help defecation, especially for people who have symptoms of constipation, clear the stool, the effect is to reduce the accumulation of toxins.

Kiwi unique singular enzymes, you can be fat splitting, so vulnerable to the accumulation of fat in the abdomen, by type of enzymes break down body fat, then let time after the digestive organs, not by soluble dietary fiber coated with fat, absorbed by the body and while smooth excreted. (Female star to share weight loss recipe)

Correct weight loss method
A truly healthy way to lose weight is not a crash a short time, but for a long time to maintain a healthy and slim is the correct concept.

2 in the weight loss process to select high nutrient density foods, in order to maintain balanced nutrition from within internal organs become more healthy, and thus achieve external slim with good color.

The three weight regularly quantitative edible kiwifruit a day recommended to eat about 1 to 3 kiwifruit

4 to eat kiwi can add about a cup of warm water, the enzymes more smoothly; dinner Do not excessive, if hungry between meals, then

Better with some low-sugar (or sugar-free) soy milk, can help the body to increase satiety, but also at the same time add protein to believe may be less healthy and beautiful.

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