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2012年9月11日 星期二

Bath to lose weight


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Daily bath can help to lose weight, and decompression maintain a happy mood.
Bath can be said is the only science-based static diet, dripping with hot water can speed up body metabolism, so that the blood flow faster, doing strenuous exercise effect, so if you do not have to eat and soak for 20 minutes hot water bath, you will feel the head reeling (I certainly do not recommend that you do this kind of dangerous behavior!) Japan is even more launched to accelerate this effect of bath salts.
Bath "is the most comfortable way to lose weight, going to bed with a hot water bath, the side of the bath side sweating, not only washed away the dirt on the surface of the skin to drain away excess water and waste accumulate in vivo, eliminate swelling while promoting metabolism

Two spoons of coarse salt added about forty degrees warm water and mix well. Soak for about five minutes, leaving about 30 secret, the way, two to three times a soak. Finally, you can use the shower gel to clean sweat net. In this way, you can quickly help the body removes toxins, increase blood circulation.

You can also try diet hot temperature dual immersion bath
Outside of the bathtub, prepare a tub, a place the 42-degree water, and another to put away the warm water of 35 degrees. First soak in hot water bath at 42 degrees, the whole body sweating to BU out of the tub with a towel to dry the body, into the tub of warm water 35 degrees, until the body to adapt to the water temperature, and then back and forth into the hot water and warm soaked in water between four to five times. In this way, the blood vessels in the expansion and contraction, blood circulation is improved, the weight loss will soon see!
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