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2012年9月14日 星期五

Healthy vegetable soup weight loss methods


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Healthy vegetable soup to crack the a tall slim password end the obesity factor!

Principles of vegetable soup diet
Vegetables an integral part of the human body contains vitamins, minerals, and is conducive to the body's acid-base balance. Not only allow you to eat vegetables full of vitality, can become more beautiful. Modern people outside food machine is high, fewer opportunities into the kitchen, is often inconvenient, no time. In order to let you easily and conveniently without spending too much time will be able to take care of the body, book design recipes, good electricity pot advantages, does not destroy the nutrition of vegetables, the use of a smart method, grasping access pot time, the public thought green leafy vegetables stew rice cooker for a long time is not suitable for use into one. And stressed the "one finger cooking", "no fumes" so that you no longer fear into the kitchen, electric pot can easily conditioning completed, and teach you how to cook stew beaker vegetable soup, white-collar workers are also able to health with the walk. Diet is the way to lose weight, most people choose, but if selected diet menu is incorrect, it is prone to malnutrition, even if you managed to lose the fat, but the deterioration of the skin becomes the spirit it is not worthwhile. Therefore, the use of the diet must be careful response to own physique select the appropriate method.

The loofah and melon soup
Melon contains alcohol acid can prevent the sugars into fat. Coupled with high fiber magic Yu, easy satiety, and also avoid to eat too much at night, really serve multiple purposes!

Kelp bean soup
Kelp is very beneficial ingredients to edema, can cause people to speed up the metabolism, red radish with the white, tomatoes, bean sprouts, cooked together, soups are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, health very good.

Cucumber the Lee water sprouts soup [improve lower body fat]

Red bean the dampness soup [eliminate lower body edema]

Melon the Reducer soup [eliminate abdominal hypertrophy fat]

Melon white celery soup [modified leg line]

The shrimp crisp algae pot [eliminate Tuntui accumulation of fat]

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