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2012年9月12日 星期三

Sexy way to lose weight

Sexy actress way to lose weight

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The three Korean actress weight loss experience, so you can easily thin out like a star hot S-curve.

Lee Hyo Ri: adhere to swim one hour every day

Her appearance gave the conservative Korean, started on the sexy new understanding, and her popularity in recent years, almost all Korean can not resist sinking her sexy charm, the most effective The thermal control diet pills stunning in her hot S-shaped body, stunning in her radiant rave dance. Today, she is a Korean pop music deserved "sexy queen", "song and dance days.
The Lee Hyori adhere to swim one hour every day, swim wear and tear of energy. This is due to the resistance of the water in the swimming is much larger than the land-based activities of the resistance of the air, in the water around effort, then swim to swim, more calories must depletion. The same time, the thermal conductivity of water is greater than the air 24 times, the water temperature is generally lower than the air temperature, which will also help the cooling and heat dissipation. Therefore, the depletion of energy when swimming than running on land many big projects, so the weight loss is more obvious.

Han Chae Young: bedtime will do yoga for 10 minutes
She is the love Cui core "Endless Love" in intellectual, dignified, she is the "Hero maid in pony tails into pure invincible Chunxiang, she is a" the sparks game "small and medium-sized woman taste full application Nora. Screen image Variety mentioned Han Chae Young, the first thing people think of a word is sexy, has a 34E, 25,35 of proud measurements and 172 cm tall Han Chae Young, known as "sexy Barbie, she is perfect.
Han Chae Young bedtime will do 10 minutes of yoga. Han Chae Young said thin waist yoga is a great way to regulate the body's respiratory and activities to fat, it is the only effective way to burn fat, rather than just relying on muscle movement. If you do some anaerobic exercise is not with the body's deep breathing, then you did just let your muscles become tight, instead of burning fat, this time your fat is still piled up in there, do not may achieve weight loss results.
Han Chae Young chosen bedtime Yoga thin waist, so not only able to regulate the body's breathing and targeted to do something thin waist yoga can also relieve body fatigue, body recovery effort perfect state, this is good weight-loss choices.

Mina: never weighed
The Mina is Miss World Cup 2002 World Cup, after the end of the World Cup by a lot of people's attention from his debut. Mina dance its dynamic charming, sexy body and sultry voice firmly seize the hearts of the fans, and quickly won the majority of young fans love their sexy music and dancing.
It comes to weight loss, she jokes, "I never weighed, I prefer to look at the mirror, and then will ask themselves my great shape? "Mina said movement of her is the most important thing, because even if the aging, but the sport still makes her best state. Each week, she would exercise under the guidance of personal trainer three times, training includes weight training and aerobics classes. In addition, she also practiced yoga, she insisted on using the best weight-loss products and with the use of slimming cream.
Maintain perfect posture for Mina is more important than weight. Perfect proportion of health should be the purpose should not be the only way to look at the weight that should be pursued. So if you want to have a hot body like Mina, then you should do is to throw away the unhealthy weight loss concepts focus on sculpture body posture curve body filled with the beauty of lines and force.

Korea, actress, slimming, sexy, hot body

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