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Seven days detox diet meals


Weight loss, detox diet, diet meals, seven days detox diet meals
Spring is an important moment to lose weight, and in the summer before the advent necessary to lose fat and put on the most beautiful bikini swim clothes and small vest. Ming artistes Shu Qi also grasp this diet prime time microblogging to share her seven-day detox diet menus, managed to lose eight pounds of fat within seven days.

Shu Qi seven days Detox Diet Menus

Shu Qi share her original weight loss methods, pointed out that in addition to the effect of weight loss can be achieved, the health and beauty are helpful. First of all, you can improve constipation, sleep quality, make the skin more smooth, it can lead to the idea of ​​more sensitive, concentration is greatly improved.

Shu Qi refers to himself happy sheep

Shu Qi seven days detox diet menu is all vegetarian, drinks Yizhi drinking water and wheat grass, so she felt she live like a sheep seven days, and is a happy happy sheep, hold lively mood can help she is more likely to stick to her weight loss Menus.

Seven days Detox Diet Menus

Seven o'clock every day to get up, drink a glass of warm water first, then a one hour yoga exercise, eat breakfast at about half past eight, lunch at half past twelve, do some stretching exercise four p.m., and re- aerobic exercise such as running. Then, half past five ate dinner, after six p.m., can not eat something.

Within seven days can only eat fresh organic vegetables, at least want to eat vegetables three or more different colors, so you can ensure that the body adequate nutrition intake, and should be eaten raw can not be cooking. Every day they have to drink at least eight glasses of water, sooner or later, drink a glass of water wheat grass juice, and the the water reed scum can be directly deposited on the surface of ten to fifteen minutes, more cosmetic effect.

Of course, if you're really the excruciating hungry feeling, you can eat some cucumber, tomato, celery, also every three hours to eat some fruit, such as apples or cantaloupe, which can be easier to let you have a full stomach feel easier to complete a seven-day Diet Menus After seven days, you can meet to enjoy the achievements of successful weight loss!

But if you are doing this Shu Qi seven days Detox Diet Menus feel discomfort, it is necessary to immediately cease and professional healthcare professionals for consulting, this can be healthy and lose weight.
Weight loss, detox diet, diet meals, seven days detox diet meals

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Weight Loss Tools


Weight Loss Tools

BMI Calculator

Calorie Counter Tools


Weight loss essentials

Weight loss essentials

1 Eat more green vegetables
2 less  intake saturated fat 
3 motion constantly and burn calories constantly
4  intake of Omega-3 fatty acids -->

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Way to lose weight

Weight loss, weight loss methods, pet weight loss diet recipes, melon, melon weight loss 1, trot and petRaising pet dogs! Every day, it will remind you to take it out for a drive, the way you can also be a breath of fresh air. Develop a regular habit out walking, weight loss program is unshakeable movement inadvertently set for themselves, and not easy to be found. According to a Harvard study found that the amount and intensity of physical activity to lose weight does not need to be very intense. Brisk walking each time, control the speed of the dog, you can walk in it led to a rate of about 100 to 120 steps per minute, to Wei Chuan, also the point of talking (heart rate of about 120 beats / min ). As long as 30 minutes a day, can see significant results after 2 to 3 months.Generation of rice to the soupWinter weight loss what to eat? At least 4 times a week to rice soup-generation, 10 weeks, you can lose nearly 20% of the body weight. Full close to the stomach because soup can enter the stomach chyme, increase satiety.Recommend drinking a bowl of soup before a meal, people can absorb 100 to 190 kcal less heat, and the heat absorbed by the soup lunch at least. In order to prevent weight gain, it is best to choose the soup at noon. The dinner is not to drink too much soup, or the rapid absorption of nutrients accumulate in the body, can easily lead to weight gain.3, weight loss should be appropriateA week by 1 kg to 2 pounds, 4 pounds to 8 pounds a month less safe weight loss, more than this limit will affect human health. Unscientific lose weight will lead to kidney damage or heart damage, severe cases may even lead to life-threatening.4, fat quietly buried sinceSelect a suitable plastic body underwear to cover up the Body fat can solve the problem. In order to achieve the purpose of weight loss do not rebound, catgut embedding recommend trying to lose weight. Its biggest advantage is that there is no side effects in the process of weight loss, you can still energetic. Doctor based on a different cause of obesity select different acupuncture points, and catgut embedding acupoints. Every 15 days buried in the body, this is called "biological protein line" body self-absorbed.It different from taking diet pills, diet, the Devil exercise more immediate, the catgut embedding effect will be relatively slow some, but the process is safe, with massage and other methods, with the external force, the effect is more reassuring .Do not stay too long in a warm environmentWinter is the season of the year to slim down, because calories consumed cold movement much more than in a warm environment. So it is best not too warm environment for a long stay. Because the body of the air conditioning, heating makes people lazy, lax. In a warm room, to appropriate Shaochuan more to maintain sympathetic active, can help reduce fat. .6 If you need to lose weight in the short term, can be appropriately selected some weight loss products (must have the approval of the text of the weight loss products, those who are not approved by the symbol orally weight loss products no matter how much the star to help hype, do not bring your own body go for the test.)Below to recommend some melon diet recipes, for reference.A melon aloe soupAloe 3 and several melon half a catty, jujube, Sydney, the amount of honey.Aloe Wash melon and cut into sections, jujube Sydney clean cuts.Melon into the pot, add 5 cups of water to boil, heat and simmer until cooked, then add red dates, the Sydney, aloe vera and salt Luezhu can. This soup is the best prevention of obesity and eliminate body wet with edema caused by anger, hot flashes.Second, melon bean soupGourd 500 grams, 150 grams of green beans, onion 15 grams, 5 grams of ginger, a little salt, 500 grams of fresh soup.The the stockpot Wash stir, insertion of soup boiling, skim foam.Wash ginger shoot broken into the pot, onions washed wok, add green beans.Melon peel to the flesh, clean cuts, put into the pot till the ripe but not rotten, thrown into the salt pot Serve.Third, melon lotus leaf soupXian Heye l Zhang, fresh melon 500 grams, a little salt.Washed, the lotus leaf shreds; Wash melon, remove stalks, cut into pieces.The leaf melon slices into the pot, add some water, Gong Zhu Cheng Tang, boiling pick lotus leaf, salt seasoning Serve., Lohan melon soupMelon 350 grams, 20 grams of lotus seeds, lily, ocean barley, mushrooms, gluten, pearl shoots tablets, tofu grain 1 tablespoon each, 4 cup of vegetarian soup, 2 slices ginger, salt to taste.Melon, peeled, diced. Lotus, lily, foreign barley washed, soaked, steam cooked.Mushrooms soaked, washed, diced, gluten Wash and dice.Heat oil and saute ginger, and bring to boil prime soup, put all the material, the fire roll for 10 minutes, season with salt., Ribs melon soupThe ribs 250 grams, 250 grams of melon, ginger, 4, Salt to taste, a little MSG, hot water bowl.Melon, pork ribs, cut into small pieces, ginger cut filaments.Take a large soup bowl, Sheng bowl of hot water, melon pieces, ribs block and ginger into the microwave high levels of flame and cook for 15-20 minutes, remove the seasoning with salt and MSG.

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fast weight loss exercise


fast weight loss exercise, lose weight, exercise diet

The onset of winter not intended for slimming career can put it lightly, because the body's metabolism slows down in winter, so, if you do not grasp that increasing physical activity in the winter, you easily will accumulate a lot of fat, to spring time to think less will become very difficult.
"First stage" of time: the campaign began to 15 minutes (first 15 minutes) water features: water consumption (edema harm you)

Do not know we have not found, actually not just sports sweating? But after about 10 minutes later, they began Kuangpen fierce flow (somewhat evil), fragrant perspiration dripping (a little A), which is the body has begun to consume water signs. "Sodium intake too much (please refer to what is" balls life? The edema caused this) as a result of edema, or drinking too much water before going to bed, can be discharged movement pattern metabolic, stunning ( know to look in the mirror face was thin, self-confidence back to you). So, as long as control the movement time (to avoid dehydration becomes dry), edema naturally away from you ~ ~

PS Some edema is caused because of drug or disease, movement (but can still lose weight!), Looking for a doctor for a professional diagnosis and treatment may not be able to exclude Oh!

"Second stage" of time: 15 minutes to 30 minutes (after 15 minutes): carbohydrate (harm you fat starch)

After just 15 minutes, you start to feel the body is a little tight (water discharged in succession), then heartbeat will speed up slowly, his face ruddy, wheezing again and again (how a bit like romantic novels ...), 15 minutes consume so starchy you fat if you do not it is wiped out, it will also turn to fat accumulation, not in addition to non-ah ~ ~

"Third stage time: 30 minutes to 40 minutes (10 minutes): consumption of fat (oil harm you become fat)

10 minutes of continuous skipping

Effectiveness: 10 minutes of continuous jumping rope can consume more than 100 calories, while exercise leg and arm muscles. Skipping the sport but also to make our actions more agile, better coordination of various parts of the body. This requires three times a week to practice.

See here, there should be many people Yankuangshirun, nose an acid, to blame the hero (heroine) tears shed, hearts shouted: "his x milk x egg! Original mistake!" the! This is why you prior to movement to the death of no use, because most people have sports after 30 minutes (the second phase is completed), whole body sweating does not say, have long been identified "since" in mind, so boldly on the rest. In fact, the body simply has not yet begun to consume people the most hateful killer fatter - "fat"!

Following rapid weight loss exercise can help you lose weight faster, for example, most of the outdoor activities, such as outings, hiking is a very good exercise to lose weight. In addition, brisk walking is better to lose weight fast movement which, because of brisk walking can protect the knee, but can consume a lot of calories.

Cycling is good exercise to lose weight while you can view the surrounding scenery, but also to relax, and also very good for the physical, mental and health. Also, put the kite are good sports, but also can improve blood circulation, but also can eliminate eye fatigue, and can lose weight and can relax, kill two birds with one stone.

To lose weight, exercise more. Seize some tips to accelerate fat burning exercise to lose weight.

1,30 to 45 minutes

Usually aerobic exercise, target heart remains in about 60% of the maximal heart rate, for more than 30 minutes, the body fat will be mobilized to provide energy for the body fat can record up to a total consumption 85% into the best weight loss phase.

Movement is more than 45 minutes after the consumption of fat and starts to decrease. Experts recommend weight loss during aerobic exercise to low intensity, time 30 to 45 minutes.

Exercise intensity is too large, the proportion of fat consumption but correspondingly reduced. When close to the maximum intensity exercise, only 15% of the proportion of fat for energy.

2, interval exercises

Motion decomposition, 30 minutes to 1 hour 10 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise, relax, when you slow down, the body still continue in a state of excitement, energy consumption in order restitution, continue to maintain a high rate of fat burning. Because there are twice after burning, the effect of the heart to be activities with 30 minutes of the whole movement, and consume more fat, metabolism is pushed to the extreme.

3, fast and strong

Exercise time is short, the speed very quickly, so that the heart rate fast standard period of time. The heart with each contraction, there is enough time to rest, which will help the heart work better. Regularly due to muscle contraction and relaxation, venous reflux accelerated coronary artery of supply to the heart itself, nutrition, make the heart more nutrition.

The self-test: In order to achieve optimum results within the limited time, the speed of at least should be higher than the usual 10% faster. With a heart rate monitor, the intensity is always maintained at 60-80% of the maximum heartbeat.

4, the start of a new button

Every four weeks, changing the inclination of the speed, resistance and instrument. If a soft spot for the treadmill, it is recommended to frequently change the tilt, rather than speed, because the speed will reduce the pace of big step calories consumed.

Changing the direction of the treadmill, for example, run backwards, reducing fatigue, maximizing the energy consumption effect.

Tips: Use equipment, as little as possible with the armrest, which consume 10% more calories.

5, the weight-bearing

Walking on a treadmill, give two slightly lighter dumbbells the full activity biceps, pressure shoulder, stretching the triceps. Supplemented with 3-pound dumbbells, increase fat burning rate by 5-15%.

6 cycles

Practice in the eight kinds of power equipment, uninterrupted. Focus on the hips, waist and legs. These training needs to consume more oxygen, which can effectively increase the heart rate and burn more calories.

7, alternating up and down

In order to burn more calories, alternating upper body movements and lower body movements.

8, using the optimal time period of burning fat

6:00-9:00 am (breakfast from a 30-minute jog, or walk 30 minutes to work exercise intensity is not too much, otherwise the real day has not yet begun, tired of lying.)

2:00-6:00 pm (If you're going to the gym, we chose this time to speed up the metabolism, the same amount of exercise, every hour burn more calories)

6:00-9:00 pm (30 minutes of aerobic exercise, rest for an hour after dinner, do not drag it before going to sleep, the otherwise excited state will affect the quality of your sleep.) Want you off the fleshy faster some, then to seize these methods!

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Low-sugar fruits to lose weight


Fruit weight loss, weight loss methods, weight loss, low-sugar fruit
Previously mentioned a fruit weight loss, eat the fruit really is good for the body, but if you is being slimming slimming, choice of fruit is also very important; some fruit, if possible, should try not to eat, and the same time, we You should also eat some low sugar fruits.
Sugar higher fruit:
Pear, litchi, longan, banana, mango, pineapple.
When slimming, the above fruit eat better.
Low-sugar fruits:
Grapefruit, carambola.
Some fruit, eat a little bit of it anyway, but eating too much would certainly have an impact on your weight loss program; these fruits include apples, watermelon, orange.
Mango: 65 calories / 14 grams of low-carbohydrate / 0.5 g protein / 12 grams of sugar. Peeling eat, can help burn more calories.
Nectarines: 63 calories / 15 grams of low-carbohydrate / 1.5 g protein / 11 grams of sugar. Crispy on the outside and the inner flesh is juicy, sweet enough as the afternoon dessert.
Watermelon: 48 calories / 11.5 g carbohydrate / 1 g protein / 9.5 g sugar. Cup of watermelon juice and a cup of refreshing ice cream is just as good.
Kiwi: 50 calories / 12 grams of low-carbohydrate / 1 g protein / 8 g sugar. Kiwi is the perfect combination of sweet and acid taste.
Plums: 30 calories / 8 g carbohydrates / 0.5 g protein / 7 g sugar. The plums little, but nutritious.
Cantaloupe: 54 calories / 14 grams of low-carbohydrate / 1 g protein / 3 g sugar. Cup of melon contains less sugar than the number of a peppermint hard candy.
Strawberries: 46 calories / 11 grams of low-carbohydrate / 1 g protein / 7 grams of sugar.
These fruits is not only rich in antioxidants, low sugar and real fruit, it is suitable for human consumption, weight control.
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Sugar moon cake to lose weight


Diet moon cake, sugar moon cake, weight loss, weight loss methods
As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, the golden moon cake worth hundreds of thousands of bird's nest shark fin moon cake also have beautifully ... is the Mid-Autumn Festival. According to legend, in ancient China, emperors have spring memorial day autumn festival ritual system.

Folk, the Mid-Autumn Festival every August, around worship the moon festival on customs. Aug. 15 months children round, the Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake fragrant and sweet, the phrase name proverb tells the custom of Mid-Autumn Night urban and rural people eat moon cake. The moon cake was originally used to offering unto the offerings of Luna Later, people gradually Mooncake with the taste of moon cake, as the symbol of family reunion, slowly became the holiday gift moon cake.

With the moon cake has also been a change! What type of everything! Eat moon cake is also very particular, we want to eat healthy. I recently found a good moon cake! Either taste or the taste or the price! Is a very good choice!

That is the date of the Dole patisserie new low-sugar moon cake! Featured regimen of raw materials, combined with the fashion crowd loved the taste, not a fillings are selected healthy sugar alcohols made, not only to keep in shape can enjoy delicious, new unique crisp sense! The Mid-Autumn Festival, many of my friends will eat moon cake; Yes, this is our custom, Mid-Autumn Festival to eat moon cake is always like the lack of something like.

For friends are losing weight, moon cake may be one of their enemies! This is because the moon cake is sweet, it must have a lot of sugar; some sugar moon cake appeared, friends are thin, this may also be a good news!

But, in fact, we should not eat too much sugar moon cake. You know, the two enemies slimming sugar and fat. Sugar moon cake is indeed less sugar, but this does not mean that they are also low-fat.

Furthermore, Slimming friends, and when it is low in sugar, you will eat more. Although it is a low-sugar, but eating more tantamount to ingest more sugar, and eat a small amount of moon cake, nothing!
In fact, one year only once the Mid-Autumn Festival, eat a small amount of moon cake no problem, the most important, or to be used sparingly, can not eat too much; otherwise, regardless of whether sugar moon cake eating, or will it destroy your weight loss weight-loss plans!

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Winter weight loss


Winter weight loss, weight loss, weight loss methods

Winter is a season for weight loss, but also a lot of MM too lazy to exercise cause fat to breed. For this season, not slim down means that other results go up fat. So is particularly important to keep fit, and now teach you the recipe for the winter idle exercise weight loss, allows you to easily maintain a good figure.
1, friction stroked
Friction and heat to promote blood circulation, tapping these well-known to increase the elasticity of the skin, however rub pat and still lose weight. The principle is the friction and heat of the body fat rise fire, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss.
Two hands or a soft, dry towel, the ankle sweep rub up to the thigh, and then continue upward, handedly wiping hip, hand rub belly. First the left, do it right.
2, mention rubbing method
Thumb and four fingers grasping mentioning the muscle, like kneading dough children, the muscles while pinch edges rubbing. Knead since the ankle up to hip waist. Alternating left and right, can also be right-hand man at the same time points on both sides. Last hands Nierou abdomen.
3, beat the law
Fingers close together, appropriate force, rhythmic tapping of the body. The order is also bottom-up. Avoid using palm solid shot to the body with concave palm slapping the palm of your hand in contact with the skin to form a hollow sound issue "pop!" WHACK!, Both to increase the vibration, without pain. The flapping action can strong muscles and skin elasticity.
4 walking method
Nordic walking people in a foreign country is very respected, the reason is very simple walking exercise intensity, but also operate simple. Correct upper body upright walking pace, and generally go 60-80 meters per minute. The intensity vary because of physical, generally appropriate sweating slightly. As long as we can see the three weeks the obvious weight loss.
Lose weight the timely replenishment after exercise to lose weight to play a supporting role. Moisture absorption helps the metabolism speed up and electrolytic balance after exercise should be the right amount of water, it is best to have minerals sports drinks; vitamin supplement will make people stay healthy, and vitamins can be in some extent accelerated fat burning.
5 Walking France
General Walking method: slow and medium speed walking, every 30-60 minutes, 2-3 times a day. Appropriate at this scenic place.
Fast walking method: walk 5-7 miles per hour, and each exercise 30-60 minutes. Walking control of heart rate below 120 beats per minute, this would boost morale.
6, stair climbing
According to the sports physician's determination, the people every climb 1 meter of calories consumed, the equivalent of walking 28 meters. It consumes energy meditation 10 times, 5 times when walking, running 1.8 times, 2 times swimming, table tennis 1.3 times, 1.4 times when playing tennis .
Ran up and down along the six floors of stairs 2-3 trip, the equivalent of 800-1500 meters plains jogging exercise. White-collar family, the sport is particularly suitable for the company to work daily as long as the commute can be completed, and does not require a lot of time.
Winter weight loss

Way to lose weight in winter


Winter weight loss, weight loss, weight loss methods

Warm-up activities to be fully
Cold climate, live system protection weakened muscles, tendons and ligaments stretch and stretch muscles viscosity enhancement, decreased range of motion, coupled with the small air humidity, so people feel thirsty irritability, body stiff and difficult to stretch. If you do not do the warm-up activities, exercise, and often cause muscle strain and sprain. Winter fitness training, especially in the outdoor, the first to do a full warm-up activities, jogging, standing exercises, and a small amount of light equipment exercises, the body heat to sweating slightly, then plunge into the exercise.
The first day, when we get up to pound home and then pound, so that my understanding of the daily weight change. Understanding of their own body weight changes, before we can assess the effectiveness of their present weight loss method.

In addition, the winter will generally eat more than usual advance to prepare good healthy snacks, such as fruit and something with high dietary fiber, avoid potato chips and high-calorie food.

To a hot water bath immersion in cold winter weather, is also very good, and the hot water bath can stimulate the body's blood circulation, For Cellulite great help. But be careful soaking time not too long, and heart disease who are not suitable soaked in hot water bath.

The clothing thickness want suitable
Winter fitness movement, began to wear more clothes, wearing clothing should be light and soft, not too tight, warm-up, put off some thick clothes. Exercise, sweat more should sweat promptly wiped exchange for a sweat sportswear, footwear, while putting on his hat to prevent heat loss. Outdoor fitness exercise more to keep warm, exercise after body heat more, always wanted to cool off, but do not stand in the wind hair should return indoors and wiped away the sweat, put on dry net clothes. As the saying goes: "cold from the foot of the feet away from the heart of the people, the less blood supply, thin subcutaneous fat plus feet warm and winter outdoor fitness activities are particularly vulnerable to cold feet. If the head, back, feet cold, cold air invade the body from the fur and nose and mouth, not only affect the fitness training effect, but also cold sick. Some fitness enthusiasts usually prefer to wear gym shoes for the winter, this is not good. Shoes and heat quickly, easily catch cold feet do not exercise, and even lead to frostbite, arthritis and other diseases.

Winter weight loss, weight loss, weight loss methods


TCM way to lose weight


Weight loss methods, weight loss, the Chinese diet
Various weight loss treatments are a combination of individual needs and formulated. Including the syndrome differentiation, unilateral, prescription medicine, qigong, acupuncture, ear acupuncture, Diet, and life counseling, etc.. Each Chinese medicine practitioners have their own pattern for them the flexibility to mix a variety of methods, regardless of what kind of mode, have a good weight loss.

Medical diet way to lose weight, this is summarized for the different physical characteristics than your blind weight loss to more.

1, edema

Features: favorite cool, heavy taste food; easily dry mouth secretions, lower body edema.

The edema obesity is the body of water can not be normal metabolism, caused by excessive water accumulation in the body, the cycle relative to an impediment formation obesity. Edema-fat crush eliminate edema, will be able to improve the problem of obesity. Fact bad is closely related to edema formation in stature and in vivo metabolism.

Prescription diet: try to keep the light taste of diet, excessive intake of water before going to bed.

Exercise Prescription: normal lymphatic system because the blood can not play the "Clear wastewater" function, which leads you build pudgy. Do more lymph stretching exercises will help rid the body of water siltation.

2, Qi stagnation

Features: Concerned depressed, bad mood, leading to gastrointestinal disorders, poor sleep quality, easy to commit physical problems.

Liver Qi stagnation fat crisis with mental or emotional, this type of fat crush usually have emotional instability, depressed mood or irritability and other emotional reactions. May occur indirectly affect gastrointestinal function, gluttony or anorexia status, the Body presents down unstable state.

Tonic prescription: can drink herbal tea to help soothe the nerves calm, help stabilize ataraxia.

Relaxation Herbal Tea

Material: lavender, linden leaf, chamomile

Practice: 2000c.c boiling water when the daily tea brewing. Lose weight

The role: with relieve tension, calm nerves, reduce fatigue, help sleep ... and other functions.

Life prescription: when was heavy pressure, can be timely to recruit people to talk to; holidays, often to the countryside to relax, let the scenery take away the hearts of irritability. Lose weight

3 Huowang type

Features: easy to hungry feeling, bad breath, taste, mouth break, the easy acne and constipation problem. Lose weight

Gastric Huowang easily lead to poor gastric motility, resulting in incomplete digestion, some system or poor habits cause poor gastrointestinal function, poor digestive function, a barrier to natural circulation and metabolism of the body, is caused by obesity worries one.

A tonic prescription: spicy, greasy foods and fruits are acidic and eat too much prone to stomach fire, so the diet should try to maintain a light taste, can take more heat Xiehuo Chinese medicine drink.

Qingxin herbal tea

Material: lotus leaf, hawthorn, Rhizoma Imperatae

Practice: 2000c.c boiling water boiled for about 15 minutes, when the day-to-day tea used.

Effects: for the symptoms caused by the stomach Huowang be improved.

Life prescription: stomach Huowang the causes are many, the vast majority are caused by eating too much food stimulation, stay up late, too much pressure, in addition to medication to improve this situation, the more important thing is to get rid of bad habits and customs

Weight loss methods, weight loss, the Chinese diet

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How to effectively implement the Sleep way to lose weight


Way to lose weight, sleep, weight loss, weight loss, dumbbell exercise, weight-loss operation

Anaerobic exercise, weight training, such as dumbbell exercise the night body will want to sleep.
Weight loss theory
The dumbbell exercise benefits: the elimination of the butterfly sleeves, the evening will naturally want to go to bed early, and insomnia, the problem is solved.

Aerobic exercise, jogging or yoga.

Sleep to lose weight Precautions
Go to bed between nine at night until ten o'clock, and will be able to achieve the weight loss of sleep, the strongest effect lifting dumbbells or doing weight exercises.

Way to lose weight, sleep, weight loss, weight loss, dumbbell exercise, weight-loss operation

Hawthorn way to lose weight


Weight loss, hawthorn weight loss methods to lose weight, weight loss methods, hawthorn
Hawthorn is our common herbs, the efficacy of hawthorn, hawthorn commonly efficacy digestion, scattered congestion, the gas line. Another recent study found that hawthorn there is a compound called vitexin anticancer role ..

Hawthorn drink orange peel

Raw materials: raw hawthorn, orange peel, lotus leaf, 20 grams, 10 g Yiyiren. Method: The above taste of research to fine, into a thermos flask with boiling water and finished drinking. March effectively.

Hawthorn Soup

Ingredients: Hawthorn 500 grams, 100 grams of sugar. Method: Rinse the hawthorn, stalks, seeds boiled, hawthorn overripe add sugar, drink the soup.

Bodybuilding Cellulite tea

Raw materials: raw hawthorn, 10 grams each the students Shouwu, Prunella, Alisma, radish seed, tea. Method: with the above flavor into the casserole, add water, adequate boiling, filtered juice drink, the amount for the 1st.

Hawthorn silver daisy drink

Raw materials: hawthorn, Yinhua, chrysanthemum, 10 grams each. Method: Hawthorn Paisui Yinhua, chrysanthemum common to put a cup of tea brewed into tea, for the amount.
Weight loss, hawthorn weight loss methods to lose weight, weight loss methods, hawthorn

Rope skipping is a fast and effective way to lose weight


Rope skipping, weight loss methods, weight loss, jumping rope to lose weight

1, the goal of the exercise: exercise, every three minutes for a group, the total time is 30 minutes. If the the continuous rope very hard to jump 10 minutes can be the first day, the next day 15 minutes, gradually increase the time of exercise.

2, the speed goal: to maintain a balance frequency. The passion of the beginning of the jump, easy to involuntary accelerate the speed of movement. But this will be very easily tired, so weight loss can not be sustained.

3, slimming down the amount of goals: capabilities, and write a weight loss schedule. Plan to lose weight, so that you learn more about the changes the curve of his body, accelerate weight loss of efficiency.

With a clear goal, of course, have the right jump rope friends.

1, a smooth, rhythmic breathing

2, the upper part of the body to maintain balance, do not swing around

3, the body to relax, to coordinate action.

, Began his legs at the same time jump, then transition to the feet alternately jump.

5, skipping not to jump too high, a rope to the past can.

Correct skipping way to lose weight super fat burning
A great fat burning magic rope jumping rope weight loss methods

1 is simple. Jumping rope weight loss methods can do at any time, a study will be difficult to bring frustration.

Exercise muscle strength and endurance. Jump rope weight loss methods can exercise the muscles, the elimination of excess fat on the hips and thighs, prevent Tunbuxiachui, keeping fit body and enables agile, stable center of gravity of the body.

3. Promote metabolism. Many women are concerned about weight loss, jumping rope is an aerobic exercise, the main energy of the continuity Skipping fat rather than carbohydrates, so, jump rope weight loss methods can burn off a lot of fat, has a positive effect on weight loss, lowering blood pressure.

4. Improve heart and lung function. Rope skipping can allow blood to get more oxygen to maintain a strong and healthy cardiovascular system.

5 to prevent various diseases. Jumping rope weight loss methods can prevent diabetes, arthritis, obesity, osteoporosis, hypertension, muscle atrophy, high cholesterol, insomnia, depression, menopausal syndrome and other diseases.

6. Conducive to mental health. Lactation and menopause women, rope skipping is also an active role in both relaxed mood, which is also conducive to women's mental health.

7 is not boring. Fear most boring sport, while jumping rope, although simple, but the variety can also be fun with friends.

Jump rope weight loss methods 1 hour fat burning 1300 kcal = 3 hours jogging

Rope skipping, weight loss methods, weight loss, jumping rope to lose weight

Kiwi way to lose weight


Weight loss, weight loss methods, kiwi diet, kiwi way to lose weight

Kiwi weight loss theory
Kiwi fruit is rich in vitamins, dietary fiber, digestive enzymes, phytonutrients ... originally known for its multi-efficacy, not only can enhance the body immunity, lower cholesterol, kiwi fruit is rich in dietary fiber also helps to improve constipation; digestive enzymes can promote the decomposition of excess body fat; vitamin is with the effect of skincare small a kiwi, but it contains a lot of nutrients, it is healthy, slimming strong helper. The kiwifruit unique singular enzymes actinidine more can break down fats. Vulnerable to the accumulation of fat in the abdomen, such enzymes can break down body fat. Furthermore, soluble dietary fiber coated with fat removed from the body through the digestive organs, the fat will not be absorbed by the body.

Simple practice of "kiwi breakfast way to lose weight, the consumption of one to three kiwifruit a day, a breakfast, dinner not to overdose hungry in the afternoon to eat a simple movement, in conjunction with the month that weight loss of two to three kilograms.

Well, people care about the "Kiwi breakfast diet" in the end how to put it into practice? Every morning to eat a room temperature or chilled kiwi, and with the water intake with OK! Afternoon even if hungry to little heart, such as kiwi or apple fruit instead of supper, but as long as the amount of diet, moderate physical activity can easily save money, do not need to put up with the situation of hungry get rid of excess body fleshy.
To Reply slim body before the arrival of the summer, do not want to whether the station on the weight of Ascension Please come and join the ranks of the "kiwi breakfast diet" health, with thin, thin is beautiful! Enjoy the kiwi weight loss.

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Apple lose weight


Weight loss methods, weight loss, apple diet apple diet method, apple diet principle

Apple diet principle
Malus Rosaceae sexual taste: sweet, sour, flat, non-toxic. Nutritious food fruit. Medicinal stomach antidiarrheal, laxative conditioning. And can be used to treat high blood pressure, and the effectiveness of prevention and recovery from fatigue. Apple also reduced the role of cholesterol in the blood.
The apple sugar (including sucrose, reducing sugar), protein, fat, vitamins and phosphorus, calcium, iron and other minerals, as well as acid, quinic acid, citric acid, tannic acid, carotene. Peel containing 30 wax alkanes. Sleep repose, fill in the coke, Yixin gas, digestion of the plot of expertise. Indigestion. Gas obstruct access to the disorder, juice taking shun gas digestion.
Apple then normal moderate diet eat two days three days, the several cycle, good results. Obesity is almost always due to excessive expansion of food leaving the stomach, unable to control the appetite. Apple diet can stomach shrink after weight loss, appetite becomes easy to control, and taste become normal, not like spicy food or greasy food.

5 reasons for Apple to lose weight
The decrease in food intake, stomach and other digestive organs can be recovered. Diet by eating less or lose weight on a regular basis, allowing the digestive system to rest and restore the original function, and normal operation.

② apple diet increased renal or gastrointestinal function, emissions from the body, purify the blood. It can gore the body (the old residual contamination of the blood), the stool (old stool), water poisoning (caused edema) discharge, the body becomes more healthy.

③ Apple diet to reduce the intake of calories the body, the body heat savings supply gap will need. The so-called body heat savings that fat. Excess body fat consumed, people will naturally be thinner.

④ obesity are almost always due to excessive expansion of food leaving the stomach, unable to control the appetite. Apple diet can stomach shrink after weight loss, appetite becomes easy to control, and taste become normal, not like spicy food or greasy food.  

⑤ Apple diet can promote blood leukocytes to generate, improve the body's resistance and immunity, while promoting neurological and endocrine function, help and beauty.

Apple diet can promote the generation of white blood cells in the blood and improve the body's resistance and immunity, while promoting neurological and endocrine function, help and beauty. The weight loss benefits of eating apples do not have to go hungry, hungry eat apples. Because it is low-calorie foods, regardless of how much to eat, are not calorie intake than daily life more so weight naturally lighten. Also can improve dry skin, atopic dermatitis, constipation and other symptoms.

Apple specific methods to lose weight
Apple diet during weight loss eating only apples can be edible by people accustomed to the early, middle, late eating habits, food intake as well to not feel hungry. Within three days of not eating other foods. To know any food can irritate your stomach, so eat apples normal digestion and absorption disorders, of course, because of work or other reasons could not resist, can do 1 or 2 days to lose weight, as long as it did, can also receive to the effect.

If you feel thirsty, drink boiled water and - not irritating tea. In short, during weight loss, stomach of food and drinks are very sensitive and can not be readily consumed drinks, so as not to cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

Edible apple of course, preferred not received pesticide pollution, inconvenient ordinary apple. But pay attention to the raw should be washed before peeling. Consumption of fresh apples as much as possible. Some discomfort raw food can be made into jam, fruit juice (remember not to add other ingredients). Commercially available fruit juices often contain additives, it is best not to drink.

Apple microwave oven heating to soften also edible. If the fruit juice to add some agar jelly, it might be - a good method of eating.

In short, as long as we have a little - under processing, given you can find out for personal consumption, but also overcome the continuous consumption Apple psychological brought negative impact.

3 apple diet, the effect is significant, the effect is even more pronounced if the third night with enema (ie, intestinal flushing). Normal bowel movement no need, because this approach is too much trouble, it can be omitted.

Apple to lose weight after the diet points
Apple to lose weight after three consecutive days without eating all kinds of food, so that the people of gastrointestinal temporary delicate. Remember that eat the day should be gradual and slowly resume eating. The diet should be light and not too. Such as breakfast eat porridge and a glass of milk, plus two slices of bread and cakes, lunch and dinner to follow each diet hobby, eat more vegetables, tofu, fish. Avoid greasy. To know that people feel hunger to feel full meal - a relatively slow process, often a lot of time to enjoy the delicious food, devour when nutritional intake is already far beyond the body heat. Overnutrition course necessary savings up these simple truth that people know, but just do not want to control their own. As everyone knows overnutrition hinder, not only on the body is extremely susceptible to various diseases, such as fatty liver, diabetes, heart disease. In short, to develop good eating habits, a great benefit to the body.

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Diet recipes


Weight loss, weight loss methods, weight loss, weight loss theory, weight loss recipes

Lose weight eat smarter
The correct way to lose weight for the purpose should be to remove the excess fat, and supply enough nutrients in the body, so in order to achieve the goal of weight loss diminished health, under the principle of a balanced diet, try to choose a low-calorie, nutritionally adequate food.

Weight loss diet principles and tips
1. Weight loss can not be too fast. 500-1000 kcal less per day to the existing requirements, weight loss must be gradual, it will not harm the body.
2. Maintaining a balanced nutrition. Select a wide array of food, not hunger strike or fasting certain types of food.
3. Change a meal programs. The first soup, drinking the soup before eating vegetables, the last small mouth small mouth slowly eat meat and rice.
4. Meal should be quantitative, slowly, should concentrate on eating, do not at the same time reading or television, to avoid unintentionally overeating.
5. Cooking methods fried, steamed, boiled, salad and other cooking methods do not have to refuel as much as possible, avoid fried, fried.
6. Fasting any concentrated high-calorie foods, especially sweet, fried, fried, pastry foods, such as: candy, egg rolls, Chinese and Western savory and sweet snacks and chicken skin, duck skin, pig skin, skin etc..
7. Try to eat nuts, such as peanuts, melon seeds, cashew nuts, pine nuts, walnuts and other fat-containing highly.
8. Mainly to three meals daily, evenly distributed, and not be biased towards any meal, and try not to eat a snack.
9. More intake of high-fiber foods. Vegetables are low in calories and rich in cellulose, so to lose weight eat more vegetables or grains.

Diet meals - Cellulite soup diet meals
Material: eight of lean meat, a cabbage

Onion, tomato, carrot three.

Practice: All material washed and cut into pieces, with the fire boil turn Simmer over low heat
About an hour, the amount of salt, chicken powder and pepper Serve.

Diet meals Code:
1 three meals a day for seven days. Consumption of Cellulite soup.
Eating during Cellulite soup can not eat other food.
If you feel hungry unlimited amount of any food CLT soup.
Month only once, each time not more than seven days.

Weight loss, weight loss methods, weight loss, weight loss theory, weight loss recipes

Autumn diet recipes


Lose weight, weight loss weight loss methods, fall, autumn weight loss principles, autumn diet recipes

Many of my friends to the summer will go on a diet or fasting to lose weight, that eating less can achieve the effect of weight loss. In fact, this is a wrong phase method successfully lose weight in the summer, it is necessary to maintain the body's basic metabolic rate.

We should eat once every four to five hours to maintain basic metabolic rate, which can keep the blood glucose at a stable level. The body would not have to send a strong message hunger, so the timing of eating is the key to successful weight loss. -->
Another is to eat slowly, and not only the stomach more health and can also make you more likely to feel a sense of satiety, does not eat too much food, so that the intake of too many calories to the formation of the obesity problem.

The autumn diet recipes six ︰
A breakfast cup of milk, eggs, pancakes (not to the middle of the crackers)
The lunch Doupi fried green pepper, cucumber mixed with chicken, mushrooms, fried Rape
Dinner garlic mixed with beef sauce, chili fried bitter gourd, vegetables and pork vermicelli soup

The autumn diet recipes seven ︰
Breakfast jujube corn gooey bowl, vegetarian dumplings
Chinese food vegetarian stew lentils, tomatoes, cauliflower, shrimp steamed custard bowl of rice
Dinner Mala, including tofu, mushrooms, vegetables, seaweed, chicken balls, a big bowl of

The autumn diet recipes eight ︰
Breakfast milk, oatmeal bowl, floss spoon, longan, 5
Lunch of smoked fish, a salad bean sprouts, carrots Kelp is a small glutinous rice balls bowl of red bean paste, jujube 5
A dinner salted egg, chicken legs, a broccoli salad, purple rice bowl

The autumn diet recipes nine ︰
Breakfast black sesame red bean porridge bowl, tea, eggs, cold radish dishes
1 bowl of Chinese food the consommé carrots turnip lamb, parsley mixed with silk tofu 1 small cap, steamed half
A dinner dates wolfberry the bone chicken noodle soup 1 bowl (containing a few pieces of chicken, 50 grams of noodles, vegetables, mushrooms few flowers)

The autumn diet recipes ten ︰
Breakfast is a bowl of mung bean porridge, curd bowl, an egg
A lunch big harvest (a variety of raw vegetables dipping sauce), glutinous rice lotus half plate, half plate of fried potatoes wire, a bowl of carrot stew beef brisket
A half plate of boiled shrimp dinner, Sam Sun Japanese tofu half plate, fried kale, a miniature bread or corn tortillas 1

Is to drink plenty of water, easily lead to dehydration in summer, hot weather, and you want to burn fat is necessary to have enough water, so drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Diet to try to light the summer to eat a little more vegetables and less meat

Lose weight, weight loss weight loss methods, fall, autumn weight loss principles, autumn diet recipes

Autumn 5 diet recipes


Lose weight, weight loss weight loss methods, fall, autumn weight loss principles, autumn diet recipes

Autumn diet recipes ︰
Breakfast soy milk bowl, whole wheat bread, two eggs
Chinese food bean curd water spinach, preserved eggs, tofu, vinegar cooked mung bean sprouts, rice bowl
Dinner Fried West Trigonella, shrimp burning melon mixed with cucumber, dried bean, red bean porridge in a small bowl

Autumn diet recipes ︰
Breakfast bowl of red bean rice gruel and refreshing piece of cake (cucumber, carrot, celery and to cook spiced peanuts), longan, or jujube a
Chinese food tomatoes, fried eggs, fungus mixed with celery, fried Indian lettuce, rice bowl
Dinner spinach pig blood tofu soup, fried potatoes, silk, cabbage salad

The autumn diet recipes three ︰
Breakfast fermented bean curd, steamed custard, half bread
Lunch broccoli salad, steamed fish, green peppers, bamboo shoots small rice bowl
The dinner salad Qingsun, Mapo Tofu hot and sour Oupian, small gruel bowl
Lead ︰ autumn, cooler weather, due to physiological reasons, a person's appetite will get better, appetites, unknowingly fat. Especially those trying to lose weight, most likely to rebound this season weight.

Autumn diet recipes ︰
Breakfast pumpkin wolfberry rice gruel, fried eggs, assorted pickles
Lunch braised beef, spinach salad, Fried Kale, half bread
Dinner melon ribs soup, carrots, green pepper and potato silk, salad eggplant mud
The autumn diet recipes five ︰
The breakfast a steamed glutinous corn, a poached egg and a glass of milk
Chinese food tomato beef surface (surface only ate half), carrots, seaweed salad
Dinner the sugar pea fish ball soup, Fried loofah, a baked sweet potato

Lose weight, weight loss weight loss methods, fall, autumn weight loss principles, autumn diet recipes

Autumn way to lose weight


Lose weight, weight loss weight loss methods, fall, autumn weight loss principles, autumn diet meals

Autumn weight loss principles
The fall of most weight loss to the force downsizing principle. Weight loss also have principles to follow to comply with the weight loss principle, not afraid to lean not.

1 "1 +1" principle
Eat an apple for breakfast every day, drink a glass of milk, to eliminate an entire night of hunger, help the body rid itself of the residue, so that the body of energy.

Eat more green vegetables
Supplement rich in moisture and cellulose;, will have to try to reduce the consumption of meat products and fatty foods.

Develop healthy habits
From diet and habits, three meals a day must calculate the quantity and calories, can reduce food eating, but can not increase food intake. To control the heat within a certain range, and must not eat too much.

4 Do not eat between meals desserts
In addition to the three main meals, try not to eat between meals desserts. Increased consumption will increase caloric intake, and dessert sugar content than other foods will be caused by the accumulation of heat, and thus the formation of fat accumulation.

5 Shaochiduocan
As much as possible to develop such habits of small, frequent meals, after meals, do not immediately sit down, can walk for a walk, so that not only helps digestion, and can speed up the metabolism, increase the burning of fat legs, reducing the fat on the buttocks breeding opportunities. However, this approach should adhere to in order to bear fruit.

6 breakfast eating well
Morning: eat an egg and a bag of milk or soy milk. Supplement day nutrition, energetic, it is recommended to eat breakfast when about seven. Ten before breakfast drink a glass of water, eat a piece of fruit, increasing fiber intake, increase satiety to control appetite and effective weight loss results.

7 healthy diet is very important
After getting a cup of honey water before breakfast, breakfast according eat. After dinner and then a cup of tea, as a tea to replenish moisture. After lunch, you can drink Pu'er tea to help digestion. 40 minutes after dinner to eat fruit or drink Pu'er tea. Pu'er tea is an effective weight loss health tea, it not 伤胃, taste sweet and delicious, suitable for rapid weight loss drink.

Drink more water
Drink plenty of water or aqueous solutions drinks can speed up the body's metabolism, eliminate toxins, not only to lose weight fast, but also effectively solve the problem of dry skin. Drink enough water, can help the body's metabolism and circulation. However, be careful, do not drink carbonated drinks-water, it will make the body to excessive intake of calories.

9 to do the right amount of indoor sports
Do not think that exercise is the most effective way to lose weight. Early autumn sun is still very sinister, if too many outdoor sports, is likely to cause serious bodily dehydration or heat stroke and unwell. Although it can effectively lose weight, but to do the right amount of indoor sports is a more sensible approach. Be able to speed up the fat burning achieve a slimming effect.

10 eat snacks
A lot of people like to eat ice cream, there are many other snacks. However, does not know is that these snacks, creating a body fat accumulation. Especially ice cream, is a high-calorie foods. Delicious low-fat yogurt instead of ice cream or other sweets is a very good weight-loss choice Oh!

Autumn, the weather is gradually cooler due to physiological reasons, the person's appetite will become good appetites, unknowingly fat. Especially those trying to lose weight, most likely to rebound this season weight.
Food to lose weight for fall should be rich the cellulose, Nuanwei, but also increases satiety, to provide high-quality protein food.

The autumn diet meals - pumpkin
Pumpkin sweet and warm, warm body, nourishing the vitality of the spleen and stomach, and lungs and diuretic, fall food both self-cultivation to lose weight, make pumpkin the salty rice or pumpkin porridge with shrimp, mushrooms, chicken, regular consumption. Banana Although the high calories, but fat is very low, and rich in potassium, stomachs and low-fat, can reduce the accumulation of fat in the lower body is the ideal food for weight loss when. Only if the fall is the season of fresh only fruit listed. Only the acid can speed up the metabolism and reduce lower body fat, and it contains rich calcium than other fruits, can reduce the salt content is lower body edema. Eggs - eggs, vitamin B2 help to remove the fat, in addition, it contains nicotine acid and vitamin B1 can remove the lower body fat.

The five diet points ︰ autumn must know to lose weight
1, three hours before going to bed is strictly prohibited to eat! Night eat sugar is completely converted to fat stranded inside the body, so dinner should be as early as possible to eat!
Dinner do not eat carbohydrates! Carbohydrates although one of the three major nutrient needed by the body, but eating too much but it is the root cause of obesity. Night free, breakfast carbohydrates to replenish their energy for brain activity. A reference content of carbohydrates in each meal ︰ sliced ​​bread ︰ about 28 grams; rice bowl ︰ about 55 g. Keep Existing eat! Although eating and drinking. But they can not eat too much, and every mouth to chew at least 30 times, issued to stimulate the brain signals of satiety.
4, each meal can not eat a single food! Ramen Bowl this single food, easy to eat quickly, and nutritional imbalance unfavorable to lose weight, need to be corrected. Lose weight need to eat more vegetables, in order to maintain the nutritional balance.
5, active in daily life on the move! Want to be subtracted in 2 weeks 3KG, exercise is essential, no special do sports anywhere activism on the move, burn calories is benevolent.
Lose weight, weight loss weight loss methods, fall, autumn weight loss principles, autumn diet meals


Banana diet method


Banana, banana diet, weight loss methods, weight loss, weight loss principles, banana banana diet meals popular way to lose weight

Banana diet principle
Banana is quite effective for weight loss, because it is low calorie and rich in dietary fiber content. Banana contains almost all the vitamins, and minerals from bananas, can be easily ingested, a variety of nutrients. One banana contains a lot of potassium and magnesium. Potassium to prevent a rise in blood pressure, and muscle cramps; magnesium has to eliminate the effects of fatigue. Banana digestion, absorption is quite good, from children to the elderly can eat in peace, and supply balanced nutrition. Banana breakfast diet food. Busy life, health food, or supplements, to supplement the diet is not balanced, more and more.

Banana diet truth
Bananas and cheese for breakfast quite satisfy the principle of health. In fact, the flavor of cheese is not too low-fat, should be the first choice of low-fat or skim cheese, because in addition to lower fat and cholesterol, protein and calcium content of low-fat and skim cheese with the full-fat cheese.

Japanese actress Kyoko Fukada - banana diet: weight loss of 12 kg
Japan "TBS" television also broadcast a special program, please go to the singer Sen public Fumiko their own experiences, hear her, causing banana Hot breakfast banana diet "weight loss of 7 kg; even Fukada also managed to lose 12 kg this method, The banana has become Japan's most hot fruit.

Breakfast Banana ways to lose weight
Get up early every day to eat a banana, drink a large glass of water, ban the mouth longer eat midnight snack, three months lost 12 kg, amazed by her stylist.

Banana diet method - banana salad
The banana cut into small pieces, then mix with salad dressing, then into the refrigerator inside the cold storage for a while, almost effortlessly a savory sweet banana dishes to get! If you think that the only bananas too monotonous, then recapture some apples, fruit like pineapple, all depending on their own side of the material may be.

Banana diet method - banana oatmeal
This is an absolutely healthy staple Oh, and doing it very convenient. First add enough water to oatmeal cooked, then cut into small pieces of banana into them, add some of wolfberry, and then with a slow fire to cook for five or six minutes on it. Milk and cook more delicious!

Banana diet method - Ice yogurt banana
The protagonist, or bananas with yogurt, but different, wipe the yogurt in banana, impeccably thicker then the freezer compartment of the refrigerator, out of the three or four hours later, a yogurt banana ice cream pop up.

Banana diet - bananas slimming meals
Banana diet - the dates banana yogurt diet
Each water of less too fat must have the same feeling, the hardest thing is uncontrollable mouth to lose weight. Right now. Surprise to look at as you prepare jujube favorite banana plus yogurt diet!

1, the first thing every morning to open the dispenser cup of warm salt water (cool summer drink), salt water can be bowel.
2, then fasting to eat twelve dates. This way of eating can prevent hair loss, red dates can also be beauty laxative.
3, and then eat a banana. Bananas also laxative, weight loss also attaches great importance to the bowel, laxative, In fact, many weight loss products such as: seal of like drinking will have to run to the toilet. This shows that: the basic point is that weight loss smooth
Breakfast milk must drink. Do not have to deliberately pursue skim point heat does not cause weight gain. After a 30-year-old woman should pay attention to calcium. Did you know? Body calcium deficiency can lead to nutritional imbalance, leading to endocrine disorders, lead to weight gain, acne.

Banana Diet - Banana honey dip to lose weight fast
Bananas are rich in dietary fiber, can stimulate the gastrointestinal motility and help excretion. If you eat nothing, only bananas honey dip, calorie meals than, naturally slim. However, rapid weight loss, the body often produce adverse reactions did not do a good job of adaptation. If the long-term by the bananas for a living, lack of protein, minerals and other nutrients the body slowly your body will issue hazard warnings.

Banana Diet - balsamic vinegar plus banana - slimming beauty
Material: time to do the one-day component "vinegar plus banana. Banana 6 (skinned), balsamic vinegar (in fact, ordinary vinegar OK), if able to do so, the best five plus a slice of lemon, put together can accommodate more than 1200 ml sealed container.
1 lemon washed, sliced;
Banana peeling, cut into 2 cm thickness of the piece, and put it in a container;
3, in order to avoid the banana contact with air, as quickly as vinegar into the container, the vinegar must flooded banana last banana capped with a slice of lemon;
4, twice daily to eat once bananas a component out drink a spoon vinegar (diluted with water), will be more pronounced effect
Banana diet - cheese banana thin meal
Claim: minus four to six pounds in three days
Theory: stomach, low in calories
The Menus Profile: a month only once up to three days, hungry can only drink water, cheese or blanch vegetables. And low-fat cheese to be elected or flavor.
Banana breakfast: a banana cheese glass of mineral water cup
Lunch banana: a banana cheese, two cups plus mineral water cup
Dinner banana: a banana cheese, two cups plus mineral water cup

Banana, banana diet, weight loss methods, weight loss, weight loss principles, banana banana diet meals popular way to lose weight

Cheese way to lose weight


Cheese, cheese, weight loss, weight loss methods, weight loss, weight loss principles cheese, cheese diet meals

Cheese weight loss and health principle
The cheese is rich in healthy ingredients, and high in protein, easily absorb. But definitely not cheese instead of dinner. The most direct absorption of lactic acid bacteria food choice for cheese, cheese by lactic acid bacteria added to the milk fermentation plus lactic acid containing protein, vitamins and calcium, lactic acid bacteria can make these nutrients more easily digested and absorbed, can be said to complement each other. Cheese is milk pasteurized and then cooled by adding lactic acid bacteria fermentation. Milk contains rich protein, B vitamins, calcium, and phosphorus, cheese together have, plus the role of lactic acid bacteria and intestinal bacteria, can produce more vitamin B complex.

Cheese containing lactic acid bacteria, intestinal very beneficial, and can help defecation and intestinal motility, detoxification helpful beauty of great help. Lactic acid bacteria can increase the beneficial bacteria in the intestines, to make the hazardous substances excreted promote defecation.
Low-fat cheese for slimming helpful.
3. Cheese can relieve the women vaginal infections and enhance the body's immune system.
Directly cheese coated in the surface can whitening to the bags under the eyes, making the mask and papaya with cheese mixed, can have a whitening effect
5 live lactic acid bacteria flu prevention
 According to a recent study conducted by the Swedish scientist, drinking active bacteria (probiotics) drinks a day can really enhance human immunity, reduce the risk of colds.
Cheese can get rid of a woman's vagina disease cheese containing lactic acid bacteria to improve intestinal health, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation; may also inhibit the growth of bad bacteria in the intestines, reduce toxins in the prevention of colon cancer, and may strengthen the immune system .

Cheese diet meals
Diet Menus Here are cheese-lunch diet Menus:
Breakfast: business as usual
Lunch: cheese and a glass of plain
Afternoon Tea: cracker a hot lemon tea (note that less sugar) cup
Dinner: blanch vegetables (to eat so far) and light blanch white meat dish., Lunch eat a cup of cheese is too little for you, you can eat one to three soda crackers, poppy piece.

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