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Autumn diet recipes


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Many of my friends to the summer will go on a diet or fasting to lose weight, that eating less can achieve the effect of weight loss. In fact, this is a wrong phase method successfully lose weight in the summer, it is necessary to maintain the body's basic metabolic rate.

We should eat once every four to five hours to maintain basic metabolic rate, which can keep the blood glucose at a stable level. The body would not have to send a strong message hunger, so the timing of eating is the key to successful weight loss. -->
Another is to eat slowly, and not only the stomach more health and can also make you more likely to feel a sense of satiety, does not eat too much food, so that the intake of too many calories to the formation of the obesity problem.

The autumn diet recipes six ︰
A breakfast cup of milk, eggs, pancakes (not to the middle of the crackers)
The lunch Doupi fried green pepper, cucumber mixed with chicken, mushrooms, fried Rape
Dinner garlic mixed with beef sauce, chili fried bitter gourd, vegetables and pork vermicelli soup

The autumn diet recipes seven ︰
Breakfast jujube corn gooey bowl, vegetarian dumplings
Chinese food vegetarian stew lentils, tomatoes, cauliflower, shrimp steamed custard bowl of rice
Dinner Mala, including tofu, mushrooms, vegetables, seaweed, chicken balls, a big bowl of

The autumn diet recipes eight ︰
Breakfast milk, oatmeal bowl, floss spoon, longan, 5
Lunch of smoked fish, a salad bean sprouts, carrots Kelp is a small glutinous rice balls bowl of red bean paste, jujube 5
A dinner salted egg, chicken legs, a broccoli salad, purple rice bowl

The autumn diet recipes nine ︰
Breakfast black sesame red bean porridge bowl, tea, eggs, cold radish dishes
1 bowl of Chinese food the consommé carrots turnip lamb, parsley mixed with silk tofu 1 small cap, steamed half
A dinner dates wolfberry the bone chicken noodle soup 1 bowl (containing a few pieces of chicken, 50 grams of noodles, vegetables, mushrooms few flowers)

The autumn diet recipes ten ︰
Breakfast is a bowl of mung bean porridge, curd bowl, an egg
A lunch big harvest (a variety of raw vegetables dipping sauce), glutinous rice lotus half plate, half plate of fried potatoes wire, a bowl of carrot stew beef brisket
A half plate of boiled shrimp dinner, Sam Sun Japanese tofu half plate, fried kale, a miniature bread or corn tortillas 1

Is to drink plenty of water, easily lead to dehydration in summer, hot weather, and you want to burn fat is necessary to have enough water, so drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Diet to try to light the summer to eat a little more vegetables and less meat

Lose weight, weight loss weight loss methods, fall, autumn weight loss principles, autumn diet recipes

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