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Diet recipes


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Lose weight eat smarter
The correct way to lose weight for the purpose should be to remove the excess fat, and supply enough nutrients in the body, so in order to achieve the goal of weight loss diminished health, under the principle of a balanced diet, try to choose a low-calorie, nutritionally adequate food.

Weight loss diet principles and tips
1. Weight loss can not be too fast. 500-1000 kcal less per day to the existing requirements, weight loss must be gradual, it will not harm the body.
2. Maintaining a balanced nutrition. Select a wide array of food, not hunger strike or fasting certain types of food.
3. Change a meal programs. The first soup, drinking the soup before eating vegetables, the last small mouth small mouth slowly eat meat and rice.
4. Meal should be quantitative, slowly, should concentrate on eating, do not at the same time reading or television, to avoid unintentionally overeating.
5. Cooking methods fried, steamed, boiled, salad and other cooking methods do not have to refuel as much as possible, avoid fried, fried.
6. Fasting any concentrated high-calorie foods, especially sweet, fried, fried, pastry foods, such as: candy, egg rolls, Chinese and Western savory and sweet snacks and chicken skin, duck skin, pig skin, skin etc..
7. Try to eat nuts, such as peanuts, melon seeds, cashew nuts, pine nuts, walnuts and other fat-containing highly.
8. Mainly to three meals daily, evenly distributed, and not be biased towards any meal, and try not to eat a snack.
9. More intake of high-fiber foods. Vegetables are low in calories and rich in cellulose, so to lose weight eat more vegetables or grains.

Diet meals - Cellulite soup diet meals
Material: eight of lean meat, a cabbage

Onion, tomato, carrot three.

Practice: All material washed and cut into pieces, with the fire boil turn Simmer over low heat
About an hour, the amount of salt, chicken powder and pepper Serve.

Diet meals Code:
1 three meals a day for seven days. Consumption of Cellulite soup.
Eating during Cellulite soup can not eat other food.
If you feel hungry unlimited amount of any food CLT soup.
Month only once, each time not more than seven days.

Weight loss, weight loss methods, weight loss, weight loss theory, weight loss recipes

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