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2012年9月22日 星期六

Seven days detox diet meals


Weight loss, detox diet, diet meals, seven days detox diet meals
Spring is an important moment to lose weight, and in the summer before the advent necessary to lose fat and put on the most beautiful bikini swim clothes and small vest. Ming artistes Shu Qi also grasp this diet prime time microblogging to share her seven-day detox diet menus, managed to lose eight pounds of fat within seven days.

Shu Qi seven days Detox Diet Menus

Shu Qi share her original weight loss methods, pointed out that in addition to the effect of weight loss can be achieved, the health and beauty are helpful. First of all, you can improve constipation, sleep quality, make the skin more smooth, it can lead to the idea of ​​more sensitive, concentration is greatly improved.

Shu Qi refers to himself happy sheep

Shu Qi seven days detox diet menu is all vegetarian, drinks Yizhi drinking water and wheat grass, so she felt she live like a sheep seven days, and is a happy happy sheep, hold lively mood can help she is more likely to stick to her weight loss Menus.

Seven days Detox Diet Menus

Seven o'clock every day to get up, drink a glass of warm water first, then a one hour yoga exercise, eat breakfast at about half past eight, lunch at half past twelve, do some stretching exercise four p.m., and re- aerobic exercise such as running. Then, half past five ate dinner, after six p.m., can not eat something.

Within seven days can only eat fresh organic vegetables, at least want to eat vegetables three or more different colors, so you can ensure that the body adequate nutrition intake, and should be eaten raw can not be cooking. Every day they have to drink at least eight glasses of water, sooner or later, drink a glass of water wheat grass juice, and the the water reed scum can be directly deposited on the surface of ten to fifteen minutes, more cosmetic effect.

Of course, if you're really the excruciating hungry feeling, you can eat some cucumber, tomato, celery, also every three hours to eat some fruit, such as apples or cantaloupe, which can be easier to let you have a full stomach feel easier to complete a seven-day Diet Menus After seven days, you can meet to enjoy the achievements of successful weight loss!

But if you are doing this Shu Qi seven days Detox Diet Menus feel discomfort, it is necessary to immediately cease and professional healthcare professionals for consulting, this can be healthy and lose weight.
Weight loss, detox diet, diet meals, seven days detox diet meals

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