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Way to lose weight

Weight loss, weight loss methods, pet weight loss diet recipes, melon, melon weight loss 1, trot and petRaising pet dogs! Every day, it will remind you to take it out for a drive, the way you can also be a breath of fresh air. Develop a regular habit out walking, weight loss program is unshakeable movement inadvertently set for themselves, and not easy to be found. According to a Harvard study found that the amount and intensity of physical activity to lose weight does not need to be very intense. Brisk walking each time, control the speed of the dog, you can walk in it led to a rate of about 100 to 120 steps per minute, to Wei Chuan, also the point of talking (heart rate of about 120 beats / min ). As long as 30 minutes a day, can see significant results after 2 to 3 months.Generation of rice to the soupWinter weight loss what to eat? At least 4 times a week to rice soup-generation, 10 weeks, you can lose nearly 20% of the body weight. Full close to the stomach because soup can enter the stomach chyme, increase satiety.Recommend drinking a bowl of soup before a meal, people can absorb 100 to 190 kcal less heat, and the heat absorbed by the soup lunch at least. In order to prevent weight gain, it is best to choose the soup at noon. The dinner is not to drink too much soup, or the rapid absorption of nutrients accumulate in the body, can easily lead to weight gain.3, weight loss should be appropriateA week by 1 kg to 2 pounds, 4 pounds to 8 pounds a month less safe weight loss, more than this limit will affect human health. Unscientific lose weight will lead to kidney damage or heart damage, severe cases may even lead to life-threatening.4, fat quietly buried sinceSelect a suitable plastic body underwear to cover up the Body fat can solve the problem. In order to achieve the purpose of weight loss do not rebound, catgut embedding recommend trying to lose weight. Its biggest advantage is that there is no side effects in the process of weight loss, you can still energetic. Doctor based on a different cause of obesity select different acupuncture points, and catgut embedding acupoints. Every 15 days buried in the body, this is called "biological protein line" body self-absorbed.It different from taking diet pills, diet, the Devil exercise more immediate, the catgut embedding effect will be relatively slow some, but the process is safe, with massage and other methods, with the external force, the effect is more reassuring .Do not stay too long in a warm environmentWinter is the season of the year to slim down, because calories consumed cold movement much more than in a warm environment. So it is best not too warm environment for a long stay. Because the body of the air conditioning, heating makes people lazy, lax. In a warm room, to appropriate Shaochuan more to maintain sympathetic active, can help reduce fat. .6 If you need to lose weight in the short term, can be appropriately selected some weight loss products (must have the approval of the text of the weight loss products, those who are not approved by the symbol orally weight loss products no matter how much the star to help hype, do not bring your own body go for the test.)Below to recommend some melon diet recipes, for reference.A melon aloe soupAloe 3 and several melon half a catty, jujube, Sydney, the amount of honey.Aloe Wash melon and cut into sections, jujube Sydney clean cuts.Melon into the pot, add 5 cups of water to boil, heat and simmer until cooked, then add red dates, the Sydney, aloe vera and salt Luezhu can. This soup is the best prevention of obesity and eliminate body wet with edema caused by anger, hot flashes.Second, melon bean soupGourd 500 grams, 150 grams of green beans, onion 15 grams, 5 grams of ginger, a little salt, 500 grams of fresh soup.The the stockpot Wash stir, insertion of soup boiling, skim foam.Wash ginger shoot broken into the pot, onions washed wok, add green beans.Melon peel to the flesh, clean cuts, put into the pot till the ripe but not rotten, thrown into the salt pot Serve.Third, melon lotus leaf soupXian Heye l Zhang, fresh melon 500 grams, a little salt.Washed, the lotus leaf shreds; Wash melon, remove stalks, cut into pieces.The leaf melon slices into the pot, add some water, Gong Zhu Cheng Tang, boiling pick lotus leaf, salt seasoning Serve., Lohan melon soupMelon 350 grams, 20 grams of lotus seeds, lily, ocean barley, mushrooms, gluten, pearl shoots tablets, tofu grain 1 tablespoon each, 4 cup of vegetarian soup, 2 slices ginger, salt to taste.Melon, peeled, diced. Lotus, lily, foreign barley washed, soaked, steam cooked.Mushrooms soaked, washed, diced, gluten Wash and dice.Heat oil and saute ginger, and bring to boil prime soup, put all the material, the fire roll for 10 minutes, season with salt., Ribs melon soupThe ribs 250 grams, 250 grams of melon, ginger, 4, Salt to taste, a little MSG, hot water bowl.Melon, pork ribs, cut into small pieces, ginger cut filaments.Take a large soup bowl, Sheng bowl of hot water, melon pieces, ribs block and ginger into the microwave high levels of flame and cook for 15-20 minutes, remove the seasoning with salt and MSG.

Weight loss, weight loss methods, pet weight loss diet recipes, melon, melon weight loss -->

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