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2012年9月17日 星期一

Hawthorn way to lose weight


Weight loss, hawthorn weight loss methods to lose weight, weight loss methods, hawthorn
Hawthorn is our common herbs, the efficacy of hawthorn, hawthorn commonly efficacy digestion, scattered congestion, the gas line. Another recent study found that hawthorn there is a compound called vitexin anticancer role ..

Hawthorn drink orange peel

Raw materials: raw hawthorn, orange peel, lotus leaf, 20 grams, 10 g Yiyiren. Method: The above taste of research to fine, into a thermos flask with boiling water and finished drinking. March effectively.

Hawthorn Soup

Ingredients: Hawthorn 500 grams, 100 grams of sugar. Method: Rinse the hawthorn, stalks, seeds boiled, hawthorn overripe add sugar, drink the soup.

Bodybuilding Cellulite tea

Raw materials: raw hawthorn, 10 grams each the students Shouwu, Prunella, Alisma, radish seed, tea. Method: with the above flavor into the casserole, add water, adequate boiling, filtered juice drink, the amount for the 1st.

Hawthorn silver daisy drink

Raw materials: hawthorn, Yinhua, chrysanthemum, 10 grams each. Method: Hawthorn Paisui Yinhua, chrysanthemum common to put a cup of tea brewed into tea, for the amount.
Weight loss, hawthorn weight loss methods to lose weight, weight loss methods, hawthorn

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