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2012年9月17日 星期一

Kiwi way to lose weight


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Kiwi weight loss theory
Kiwi fruit is rich in vitamins, dietary fiber, digestive enzymes, phytonutrients ... originally known for its multi-efficacy, not only can enhance the body immunity, lower cholesterol, kiwi fruit is rich in dietary fiber also helps to improve constipation; digestive enzymes can promote the decomposition of excess body fat; vitamin is with the effect of skincare small a kiwi, but it contains a lot of nutrients, it is healthy, slimming strong helper. The kiwifruit unique singular enzymes actinidine more can break down fats. Vulnerable to the accumulation of fat in the abdomen, such enzymes can break down body fat. Furthermore, soluble dietary fiber coated with fat removed from the body through the digestive organs, the fat will not be absorbed by the body.

Simple practice of "kiwi breakfast way to lose weight, the consumption of one to three kiwifruit a day, a breakfast, dinner not to overdose hungry in the afternoon to eat a simple movement, in conjunction with the month that weight loss of two to three kilograms.

Well, people care about the "Kiwi breakfast diet" in the end how to put it into practice? Every morning to eat a room temperature or chilled kiwi, and with the water intake with OK! Afternoon even if hungry to little heart, such as kiwi or apple fruit instead of supper, but as long as the amount of diet, moderate physical activity can easily save money, do not need to put up with the situation of hungry get rid of excess body fleshy.
To Reply slim body before the arrival of the summer, do not want to whether the station on the weight of Ascension Please come and join the ranks of the "kiwi breakfast diet" health, with thin, thin is beautiful! Enjoy the kiwi weight loss.

Weight loss, weight loss methods, kiwi diet, kiwi way to lose weight

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