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laser liposuction to achieve a slimming effect

LASER liposuction, plastic surgery, laser liposuction, diet is not new, this technology has been more than 10 years of development, after development ideal laser liposuction slimming effect.

laser liposuction is the use of very fine fiber-optic probe penetrates the adipose tissue, the rationale for using a laser to destroy fat cells, adipose tissue, a milky liquid, low-voltage device milky liquid out by the body.

Liposuction can speed weight loss, a significant effect in shaping, weight loss and better living habits, even after liposuction, you are still eating and drinking, and never do exercise, less than a few weeks time, you will return to pumping fat fat pre-state

Laser liposuction, but also diet control food intake and do the right amount sufficient exercise in order to maintain the slender beauty!

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Rapid weight loss methods, stovepipe method

Rapid weight loss methods, stovepipe method

Reduce leg has always been very difficult to lose weight works, but BOTOX is a remarkable invention. Because of BOTOX injection is noninvasive and painless, and reduce leg effect is remarkable note, the immediate effect without affecting the daily work.

The BOTOX drunk reduce leg treatment does not require 痳, pick a few as long as the hypertrophy of the calf fat injections. Found to accept foreign-clinical studies conducted twice BOTOX reduce the leg treatment (21 weeks), the cross-section of the leg can be reduced by 10%. And reduce the leg effect can be maintained more than twelve months.

Although, BOTOX reduce the no 痳 drunk, but still there is a risk of cosmetic surgery, so will need to go to a qualified professional beauty hospital. Injection method and with the amount of crucial, absolutely not just in the beauty salon.

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Heartbeat table to help lose weight

BMI, weight loss, calories, weight loss,

exercise a report, means the study found that students in the exercise will increase the benefits of exercise to lose weight put on the heartbeat table; Accordingly, a report said, wearing a heartbeat table of student BMI than those without worn by students declined more.

Involved in the researchers' analysis because the use of the heartbeat table, when the students find their own lack of exercise will do more in this little exercise, so use a heartbeat table will increase the effectiveness of weight-loss.

In fact, this has actually given us a revelation, that is, when we exercise to lose weight, you can consider wearing a heartbeat table, so we can see that the frequency of the heartbeat as well as calorie consumption, as we have found that consumption is low, the movement of time slightly longer while, in order to achieve our objectives Yao consumption of calories. In this way, you can greatly increase the effectiveness of our movement, weight-loss.

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6 delicious recipes Xiangshou skim pleasure

Weight loss diet recipe summer weight loss effective weight loss weight loss coup

Recipe one:
Materials: 1 carrot, 80 g snow peas, cabbage small half a green bell pepper, purple cabbage a little.
Seasoning: Salt.
1 carrot, cabbage, purple cabbage, washed and sliced​​; snow peas choose clean; green bell pepper stalks and sub washed, sliced​​.
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2 pot on the fire, pour some oil pan, add carrots, cabbage duplicating the look, then add the snow peas, green bell peppers, purple cabbage, stir fry until cooked, season with salt into the pan before. Tip You can also choose their own favorite vegetables, such an approach is both simple and nutritious, and very tasty.
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Recipe 2:
Material: wax gourd 500 grams, 10 grams of fungus.
Spices: ginger, salt, mushroom essence, sesame oil.
Melon, peeled, pith and sub-section; fungus good soak water in, torn into small pieces; ginger, washed, fluff.
Pot into the appropriate amount of water into the melon, and cook for 3 to 5 minutes, then add the fungus, heat about 3 minutes, then add the ginger, and finally with mushroom essence, salt to taste.
The soup is poured into a soup bowl Drizzle sesame oil and serve.
Yoga maxim: follow the teachings of the yogi, yoga postures to shape a healthy body, and the establishment of a balanced diet and develop good breathing habits.
The melon is the yin yoga diet food, should not eat when the body is too cold, but it has dampness, swelling, and lower blood pressure. Fungus yoga food, although inert food, but not to say that can not eat, but should not be too much food, but should also maximize the use of Wyatt cooking methods, such as steaming, boiling, etc..
2 dishes and beautiful, plus twelve coriander leaves as embellishment.

Morning to help lose weight

Quickly to reach a satisfactory slimming effect is the purpose of obese people dream of going to quickly reach the following Xiaobian tell some of the key time period, we should seize the time to lose weight so that your weight loss multiplier effect. The next Xiaobian referrals to everyone for a whole morning to get up weight-loss program, round the dream of you slim down.
Get up to drink water to help clean up the gut. Not teenage star to disclose the recipe of their own to keep fit when they talk at length about the morning after drinking a large glass of water, get up early to drink plenty of water to quickly eliminate the floating edema and cause food to eat last night may be too alkaline or drinking too little toxins from the body of water, sleep one night did not discharge the morning after drinking a large glass of water, contribute to rapid urination. Even if not in the weight loss period, the daily intake of at least 2000 ml of water, ability to maintain the body's normal operation, rapid elimination of body waste. In addition, we can choose to use to contain trace elements of mineral water, calcium, magnesium and other minerals, neither with the concerns about heat problems, but also able to quickly trace elements of the body needs, whether it is in a lose weight or stay in shape during the period, are one hundred benefit but no harm. Best to get rid of this lazy habit for people who often eat out, so that is not conducive to the movement Moreover, not nutritious, you need to lose weight is in disarray.

Summer shower to lose weight

Summer, a cool shower is a very wonderful thing, and today, Xiao Bian tell you, summer weight loss can also shower France Oh, red, which thin, easy to lean body!
A. Thin abdominal
Shower areas: Tianshu + giant
Tianshu Point is helpful to exclude accumulation in the abdomen, constipation from both sides of the navel about three horizontal finger widths. The large cavern at Point Tianshu below about 3 Wang pointed. Shower, red navel connection of parallel lines on OK.
Shower the way: the water at the the bottom of the center of the sternum, slowly down the move showerheads have been rushed to the abdomen through the navel. Then, red navel connection of parallel lines, on both sides from top to bottom, back and forth repeatedly shower. Total shower about 10 minutes.
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(2) thin hip
Shower areas: the Order of supporting points
Hip is most likely to increase with age and the accumulation of fat. Order of help points at the bottom of the hip stripes line the central finger will feel the beat go on to encounter bone. Often stimulate the bearing supporting hole can prevent Tunbuxiachui, also block the accumulation of fat.
Way shower: Pompon head oblique, straight bearing supporting hole 5 minutes. From the bottom up and then down the hip stripes and red buttocks fleshy 3 minutes. If you feel a little pain, stimulate very effectively Oh.
(3) thin waist
Shower areas: Shenshu + Chi chamber hole
Can eliminate the waist fatigue, pain and minus points of the fat in the waist Shenshu away from the spine about two finger widths from the Shenshu two finger widths Chi Room hole.
Shower method: the Pompon head with these two points the distance of 30-45 cm, straight into the acupoints 10 minutes. Repeatedly shower with good results.

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The weight loss a good way

The weight loss a good way of refreshing bitter gourd

Diet everyone's favorite election to lose weight, a good way to lose weight today to recommend bitter melon, several bitter gourd diet. Although the bitter gourd is a little bitter, but the slimming effect of really good, take a look at the bitter to lose weight you recommend a good way!

Bitter to lose weight the good way: stand by two taste of bitter gourd juice

Materials: 70 grams bitter melon, pineapple juice 200 ml, 2 basil leaves, honey (lemon juice) amount.


1 fresh bitter gourd cleaned and cut into small pieces, do not be bitter melon pulp removed, with the bitter flesh cut into pieces.

2 clean up of dilapidated peeled and cut into small pieces and put it into the juicer, and squeezed pineapple juice, and filter out the residue.

3, after the prepared balsam pear blocks, pineapple juice and basil leaves together, poured into the blender and mixed together evenly. The last drink can be poured into a glass, if you prefer, you can then add the right amount of honey or lemon juice, taste better.

Tips: bitter melon with a bitter taste, so add some pineapple and honey can play the role and the bitter, so bitter gourd, but also with some aroma, the taste will be better. Bitter melon pulp contains conjugated linoleic acid, the composition can play a role in the elimination of fat, they must be with the flesh.
Bitter to lose weight a good way to two: Bitter Melon Fried Rice

Materials: 150 grams bitter gourd, Xuan rice 300 grams, 1/3 tablespoons salt, 2 tablespoons white sesame seeds, pepper to taste, 2 tablespoons salad oil.


Bitter gourd, bitter gourd clean to the flesh and cut into thin slices, try to cut a little thin, so fried out will be more brittle. After then the salt water soak for a while, probably about 5 minutes, remove and drain water.

2, in the pot, add olive oil and hot, bitter gourd in the wok, stir fry, then pour mysterious rice has cooked, add a little salt, pepper, and stir evenly, then sprinkle some white sesame seeds.

Tips: eat crunchy bitter gourd taste very good, brown rice itself the role of weight loss with with a slimming effect naturally will be better, can help to detoxify the body, improve gastrointestinal environment.

TCM magic way to lose weight acupuncture

TCM magic way to lose weight acupuncture

TCM way to lose weight, even if the traditional weight-loss method, but also one of the most healthy and effective way to lose weight. Here are a traditional Chinese way to lose weight acupuncture weight loss, following with a look!

Acupuncture weight loss principle:

Controlling appetite, and for those stomach bad crowd can be a good treatment, so that it reduce energy intake to achieve weight loss goals.

The other hand, can speed up the metabolic rate and accelerate the consumption of capacity, promote lipolysis, the final line of sight effect of weight loss.

Acupuncture weight loss is by following a few acupuncture to control, such as: Zusanli, Sanyinjiao Wind City Point, read the hole.

TCM weight loss method to adjust the endocrine.

Acupuncture to lose weight ways to lose weight through traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture body points to improve a few of the body, in order to achieve weight loss results

Its advantages, less pain medicine, acupuncture treatment of pain, its efficacy is relatively significant. Many girls in order to fast weight loss, some damage mechanisms in the body, such as: diet pills, diet, these methods can not only harm the body, but also easy to rebound the following, we take a look at which drawbacks .


Eating diet pills, usually diarrhea to reduce the weight, over time, the water in the body will quickly lose the human body can also cause electrolyte disorder, complicated by metabolic acidosis, weight loss is the most uneconomical unwise choice.


Using a diet method, not only will cause immeasurable damage to the stomach long ketoacidosis, fatigue, weakness and other symptoms will appear.

Learn to lose weight the fastest way to make you successful weight-loss

Learn to lose weight the fastest way to make you successful weight-loss Most secure and reliable TCM weight loss method What weight loss method is the most secure and reliable TCM weight loss method you recommend, traditional Chinese medicine techniques can guarantee the health and successful weight loss following a look at the Xiaobian to introduce traditional Chinese medicine slimming method.

 Two healthy and effective traditional Chinese medicine slimming method: First, heat-clearing Suitable for objects: a fat white-collar workers. White-collar life is busy, to work and also entertaining, and often went out for dinner, eating more greasy, coupled with the pressure of work, the excess heat will accumulate in the body, leading to bad breath, constipation, yellow urine, irritability, mood Yi hunger obesity and other symptoms.

 From the Chinese point of view, this type of person to lose weight Cellulite, the main heat. 2, suitable ingredients: heat the herbs are cassia seed, cassia seed, slightly cold, it can help lower blood pressure, blood fat, laxative. If there is high blood pressure and constipation symptoms more should take advantage of cassia seed. Cassia seed heat weight loss methods are not suitable for those whose bodies tend to cold, persistent diarrhea, stomach pain people. Many people like to use green tea to lose weight, green tea does not belong to the fermented tea in the Chinese medicine point of view, more scraping the stomach, the stomach is not good for human consumption of green tea to lose weight to be careful. Second, the spleen-type Suitable Deficiency: Some people, because qi deficiency caused by obesity, the type of person to lose weight needs spleen. Qi deficiency in Chinese medicine point of view, that is, a deficiency of people tend to lead to the operational functions of the spleen of abnormal, leading to obesity. Less than the body of the gas in this type of weight loss should be qi, the body's metabolism will become normal, so the body can lose weight.

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Diet weight loss secret: the pear way to lose weight

The diet works: pear wash clean skin raw, to increase the amount of fiber and access to a variety of vitamins. A crisp and juice rich pear, heat is 50 cards.
Raw pears to lose weight is: the morning and a cup of salt water, then add an egg to eat a pear, eat lunch in accordance with their own habits, but only eat 7 points full and avoid fried and greasy food. Dinner with vegetables and pears, and then a bowl of vegetable soup.
Intimate reminder: three meals a day other than be careful not to eat snacks! Hungry on Chili. This method insist on two weeks became clear, especially the sisters trouble eager to lose weight.
Diet weight loss secret: the pear way to lose weight

Wonderful method to lose weight

Weight loss 
weight loss wonderful: 7:00 simple morning exercise, to declare war on fat
From morning to start the day weight loss program. Exercises might bed operation, homemade cup of slimming drinks, intimate contact and oxygen ... let a good start for a whole day's fat fighting prelude.
Bed weight-loss operation. Morning, want to lie down in bed. It does not matter, you can stay in bed for one to do weight-loss operation. Preparation, lying in bed, stretch your legs. Abdominal exercise, lift your feet, fingertips touch toes 10 times. Hip exercise, sit, put up your feet, try to improve the pelvis, to maintain this position for 20 seconds, a little rest, repeat.
Brushing is also thin. Brush your teeth the way to exercise your thighs and buttocks. Operation knees, knees 10 to 15 times, remember, back straight. Calf operation Dianqi the one foot, and back and forth shaking heel slowly up and down about a dozen times.
Homemade slimming drink. 1/4 tomatoes, 1/4 cucumber, 1/4 lemon, a pinch of salt, pepper, red pepper, mixed with labeled juice, a cup of vitamin C-rich beverages with weight-loss function.
Oxygen stimulation. Morning as much as a breath of fresh air, for example, do 50 deep breaths. Because oxygen as soon as possible auxin enter the fat cells to burn off more fat.

24-year-old woman Wang Wen, such as body weight 95 kg

Beautiful clothes always wear, began in January this year, reducing appetite, and with the movement, six months to shed 36 kilograms.

Taichung City Health Bureau morning activity center in the the BBCA District Chunliao organize community weight blood pressure measuring stations launching ceremony, Wang Wen, such as happily shows off her weight loss results, and share the weight loss mentality.

Wang Wen, such as body prevalence of obesity is not always wear beautiful clothes, once the yogurt and soda bread diet try to lose weight, but not thin down in January this year, she began daily to reduce the appetite, with the Vegetarian meal three meals a day to drink sugar-free milk, at least one hour of brisk walking at night, every day, the amount of weight, six months down the line from the original 95 kg weight-loss success was 59 kg.

97-99 years of health risk factors to monitor the information of the Department of Health, Taiwan adults are overweight or obese ratio of 38.4%, male obesity rates of 47.6%, female obesity rates of 28.8%, every 2 men in Taiwan there a person overweight.

Taichung City Health Secretary Huangmei Na continued to decrease food intake, and with exercise, weight-loss also can be very healthy, the Board of Health also provided 200 blood pressure monitors and scales of the village office and activity center, so that people can keep their health checks .

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The history of the most delicious breakfast juice diet

ever eat starch, only bananas all else fails, just breakfast drink magic fruit and vegetable juices, even thin 20kg!
thigh meat friction fat, fat belly squeeze, so ugly, so I determined to lose weight
month actually lost 9 kg, nutritionally balanced, "there amazing weight loss
breakfast drink fruit juice, "obese physique changed! Dream weight 49kg! 15 years is not fat!
A month later, fleshy face began to shrink, three belly variable two-tier belly
★ "breakfast juice diet" life diet sheet
Why did not have anything that would have been fat? "Aging" and "malnutrition" caused by metabolic decline, of course, year after year fat!
fat or thin, "enzyme" is the key! Fresh fruit and vegetable juice, fat burning super-
morning is "slimming prime time" with the biological clock to lose weight the most effective!
breakfast drink vegetable juice, "excretion" is more important than nutritional supplements
★ "breakfast drink juice" is the lady did not say beauty tips, constipation disappeared, beautiful skin, anti-aging
Starting tomorrow thinner it! Everyone for breakfast juice weight loss program!

The most delicious weight loss in the history

The most delicious  weight loss in the history
Ultra-practical content + super tasty juice recipes, complete and open to the public!

You know that "milk" and what fruits and vegetables, juice, delicious best match?
You know what fruits and vegetables juice in the summer, can improve efficiency to lose weight, while both the sun whitening effect?
Constipation, hyperacidity, no appetite, you know that can drink vegetable juice can add energy to start the self-healing powers?
Women hate to become dry Sister, you know what ingredients juice, you can reach the skin highly effective moisturizer do?
Want to completely eliminate the fat in winter, you know what to buy those fruits and vegetables juice is most effective?
Do you know the juice of cabbage, lettuce and other vegetables with which the ingredients, you can remove the bitterness and astringency?
Everyone is afraid of the cold winter, you know to purchase those winter ingredients juice, you can reach a warm body, improve the effectiveness of the temperature?
"Hey ... how fat!" Pressure, you know drink vegetable juice can be relieving stress, and reach the fat burning effect?

most popular most popular weight loss food

They are very strict diet food choice Oh, has always insisted must be nutritious and healthy diet weight loss diet. Here, Xiao Bian, respectively, on weight loss foods, diet drinks and meal replacement three aspects, in order to describe the most popular of Japan's most popular weight-loss food, you can also be sure to give it a try!

Diet food ★ ★ popularity

▍ TOP1 brown rice

A very high nutritional value of brown rice, rich in nutrients, known as "full of nutritious food in recent years, not just the area of ​​health, but also the great esteem by many weight-loss crowd. Is also very easy to do, just like ordinary rice, and also mixed with rice to cook for dinner.

Brown rice is rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, but the content is high, almost to supplement the required intake. Among them, vitamin B1 and B2 can make fat completely burning up, eat a diet before exercise, weight loss is quite good. In addition, the brown rice GI value is very low, will not lead to surge in blood glucose levels, so that the body is difficult to form fat.

▍ TOP 2 tomatoes

Tomatoes rich in lycopene, the role of acid-fast technology can effectively inhibit the activity of reactive oxygen species, while the cancer-fighting ability is quite high. Rich in vitamin K is the savior of the female skeleton, osteoporosis prevention, vitamin E is to maintain liver function, improve the hangover.

, Lycopene, and dietary fiber in the diet to lose weight can effectively improve the problem of constipation, purify the intestinal tract. In addition, tomatoes contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, popular night tomato diet is through these two substances in the sleep activation of growth hormone secretion, the breakdown of fat and metabolic efficiency is greatly improved.

▍ TOP 3 black beans

In addition to the epidermis contains anthocyanins, black beans are rich in nutrients basically the same as the soybean, also contain large amounts of soy isoflavones, soy soap? And dietary fiber, is a good choice for a healthy diet to lose weight you Oh!

Isoflavones can adjust the body's hormonal balance and the autonomic nervous system, anthocyanins can improve blood circulation, prevent osteoporosis, soap? Inhibit lipogenesis effect, dietary fiber can improve constipation, and adsorption excess body fat will be excreted.

▍ TOP 4 cabbage

Cabbage are rich in dietary fiber, improve constipation and detoxification effects, especially weight loss, it is easy to constipation due to constipation will make you more fat is the enemy of weight loss.

, Cabbage are rich in vitamin C and vitamin K, vitamin C can help the body to generate collagen, effectively inhibit the formation of melanin, the women are not only thin but also beauty and good food.

▍ TOP 5 Mushroom

Mushroom food diet charm lies in the low-calorie but highly nutritious, rich in vitamin D, vitamin B, potassium, phosphorus and other substances. Which dietary fiber to promote intestinal peristalsis ability to help detoxify, and to develop easy to lean body mass.

The chitosan liposuction is also a good helper, can effectively lower blood glucose levels and neutral fat values, cholesterol, visceral fat burning full. In addition, the vitamin B group to replace the carbohydrate, fat and protein as an energy source.

★ popularity diet drinks ★

▍ TOP 1 vinegar

Variety of types of vinegar, sour taste, diet drinks with other ingredients to deploy has been little welcome. Rich in citric acid can promote fat into energy, priority is consumed, while in motion can also be an effective anti-fatigue. Amino acids can promote the breakdown of fat burning.

The constitution of the modern easy to acidification, and vinegar is an alkaline substance, able to balance your physique to improve hypometabolism, poor circulation, blood sluggish, constipation and other health problems.

▍ TOP 2 carbonated water

Through drug use or the use of baking soda dissolved in water to drink, the calories of natural carbonated water is almost close to zero, that is not what we usually drink carbonated beverages.

Carbonated drink is not good to drink a little bit but is able to eliminate fatigue, improve constipation, promote metabolism. At the same time, very easy to be able to let you fullness and utilize them in the diet to lose weight, but also effective in reducing food intake.

▍ TOP 3 fruit and vegetable juices

Low-calorie diet foods, vegetables and fruits are recognized as a large number of dietary fiber is definitely the most effective liposuction material, can not only adsorbed on the surface of the fat and waste, it weight gain, and then promote intestinal peristalsis, and discharge in vitro, but also to repeat the fullness before meals can effectively reduce food intake.

At the same time, rich in various vitamins and minerals, you can not live without these substances can effectively promote the metabolism and burning fat, your body there is no residual. Deployment of different fruits and vegetables, beverages, according to personal taste and the ever-changing, mouth, like the body like.

▍ TOP 4 milk

The milk is nutritious and tasty drinks, if you do not like the taste of soybeans, fruit can be added to the deployment of a delicious drink.

Rich variety of soybean nutrients in the milk, including soy protein in the diet to lose weight, be deemed to be the lack of animal protein, as a complementary role to the intake, so that the appropriate increase of muscle mass, followed by reducing the amount of fat, increase metabolism. Isoflavones in soy milk can also adjust the hormonal balance, lecithin improve blood circulation, soy soap? Inhibits the body's absorption of fat.

▍ TOP 5 yogurt

The yogurt is rich in protein, vitamin C, dietary fiber and lactic acid bacteria can improve the ability of the intestinal peristalsis, promote detoxification, and solve the problem of constipation.

Yogurt are dairy products, dairy products, calcium can reduce the number of parathyroid hormone, parathyroid hormone is to impede the activities of enzymes, so that slow down the process of burning body fat.

★ popularity staple food instead of food ★

▍ TOP 1 thin soup

The soup is a very good food, in our usual diet, many people like the soup to drink, in fact, the soup can also be used as a weight loss meal replacement food oh! Use a variety of ingredients such as vegetables, tofu, a small amount of meat, mushroom, seaweed, spicy food, etc., to do a thick bowl of thin soup, adequate food, brought satiety is by no means less than the staple food oh!

Thin soup in addition to give you a sense of satiety, specific to some anti-obesity? Variety of added ingredients, it could also supplement adequate nutrition, promote intestinal peristalsis, so that the removal of toxins, increase metabolism, in particular, is suffering from poor circulation of obesity, thin soup to lose weight, can effectively solve a variety of physical fitness with to illness Oh!

▍ TOP 2 a cold day

Cold days, agar, a seaweed extract in addition to dietary fiber, but also rich in calcium, iron and potassium and other minerals.

Dietary fiber compared with other foods, the content is much higher, more effective in improving constipation, conditioning the intestinal environment, so that excess body fat excreted. The same time, the calories are very low, eating is not afraid will gain weight, weight loss diet is often utilize Oh!

▍ TOP 3 tofu

The human body is basically water and protein composition of the raw material for making tofu - soy, rich in vegetable protein, to give our movement can cause fatigue and lead to functional decline in the muscles to replenish their energy, and promote the body's metabolic function, while tofu low-calorie health, and dishes made out of very varied.

Tofu is rich in calcium, can maintain a balanced diet and are easily absorbed by the body. Isoflavones can alleviate symptoms such as menstrual disorders, to prevent the loss of calcium to promote bone collagen metabolism. Lecithin to clean up cholesterol in the blood vessel wall, blood flow more smoothly, and the prevention of high blood cholesterol and other issues. In addition, other nutrients, such as oligosaccharides and vitamins B and E can restructure the intestinal environment, improve constipation.

▍ TOP 4 fruit

The fruit has always been the allies of the thin In addition to the rich in a variety of vitamins, rich in dietary fiber, carbohydrate, minerals, as well as in recent years been highly advocated plant chemical composition, are useful to the body of nutrients . Can help you lose weight at the same time, to achieve health.

The beauty and efficacy of weight loss, fruit is also very significant, and rich in nutrients has antioxidant properties, it is necessary to thin also beautiful for you, be sure to eat more fruits Caixing Oh!

▍ TOP 5 natto

Natto is a soybean products, rich in soy protein can be used to replace animal protein, and the need to reduce meat intake, want you to maintain a balanced diet is a good choice

To lose weight first decreased

To lose weight first decreased 

Summer is a people favorite along with another season of trouble, the girls can Baoshan skirt a significant figure and endless joy, however, there are a lot of people worry about in order to lose weight. Hard to lose weight, sweating at the same time, it is always difficult to regain the body you want. The doctor suggested that, due to improved living standards of people for fat and protein intake has been far more than the past, not just the beauty of women, in fact, obesity has become a big problem in many people, and this obesity a large extent the "acidic", it is recommended that people may wish to improve their "acidic" to lose weight before.

the most important thing of lose weight is

the most important thing of lose weight 

Waist circumference is a more appropriate body fat evaluation index, abdominal obesity is more dangerous than general obesity

Recently, Suzhou University School of Medicine after five years, concluded on the basis of large sample studies: Waist not be controlled, even if the body mass index control, hypertension and other risk will increase significantly. Waist circumference may be a more appropriate body fat evaluation. Therefore, weight loss is not only to reduce weight, abdominal obesity than whole body obesity is more susceptible to hypertension, diabetes and other diseases.

Body fat is associated with obesity, hypertension and cardiovascular disease risk factors, body mass index (BMI) does not accurately reflect the distribution of body fat, waist circumference is a more appropriate measure. Abdominal visceral fat content have a stronger association with hypertension, waist circumference is the measure of the indicators of fat in the abdominal accumulation extent.

In April 2005, the International Diabetes Federation, pointed out that in the global unified definition of the metabolic syndrome, waist circumference as central obesity diagnostic criteria: U.S. men> 102cm, women> 88cm; European men and> 94cm, women> 80cm; male > 85cm, women> 80cm; Chinese and Southeast Asian men and> 90cm, women> 8Ocm. China Obesity Task Group defines the criteria for the Chinese population, men, waist circumference ≧ 85cm, female waist circumference> = 80cm for abdominal obesity.

Abdominal obesity

Body fat hazards

Simple anthropometric indexes to predict obesity-related cardiovascular disease risk, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and other common chronic diseases can play early detection, the positive role of early prevention, BMI (weight / height 2) and waist circumference are indexes for the assessment of obesity, simple body measurements. However, people tend to use BMI to measure the degree of obesity, which ignored the instructions of the waist increase the health risks. Suzhou University School of Medicine recently found in the study of BMI to determine the index of general obesity and abdominal obesity, waist circumference to determine the index's role in the disease process is not the same, including abdominal obesity suffering from complications much greater risk than general obesity, which they raise blood pressure and diabetes complication rates have been confirmed.

Weight loss principles

What sort of food makes us more difficult to long fat - low in fat but low-carb.

Harvard University scientists found that fat reduction is not so much low-fat, but rather the low-carbohydrate. Conducive to weight loss foods, not rice, noodles, bread, potatoes and bananas, but meat, fish, eggs, vegetable oil and nuts!

More than three decades, Americans eat more bread, less meat, eat a super fertilizer country in the world. French like to eat meat, the body has remained the most slender.

Weight loss principles of what is it? The following Xiaobian take you to see.

Wonderful traditional Chinese medicine slimming method

Wonderful traditional Chinese medicine slimming method

Is thin for the era of the United States, each of the beauty of women is more or less have a slimming shaping ideas, actions. With a green and healthy weight loss, respected, so more and more people choose Chinese medicine to lose weight. Chinese diet to achieve weight loss through acupuncture corresponding acupuncture points combined with other traditional medicines are used adjunctive treatment purposes, so a major feature of traditional Chinese medicine is difficult to rebound easily be able to recover the charming curves. To follow Xiaobian look.

Acupoint stimulation

In the field of TCM, acupuncture point stimulation can be described as the most important in the Chinese diet is mainly for the acupuncture and the navel.

For acupuncture may not unfamiliar, but acupuncture weight loss is also much to offer. Acupuncture weight loss acupuncture points to stimulate the spleen, stomach, the principles of the First, the regulation of human lipid metabolism, accelerate the decomposition of body fat, discharge; through the regulation of the nervous system to inhibit peristalsis and gastric acid secretion, delay gastric the speed of emptying, reduce hunger and desire to eat; by adjusting the two systems of the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal cortical and sympathetic adrenal cortex, to improve the endocrine status, but also can contribute to the accumulation of fat consumption to accelerate.

Acupuncture weight loss may require a relatively long process, the beginning of the best to daily Shi needle, after a period of time can be changed the next day. In effect, divided into several stages. The beginning of treatment, the effect would be more obvious; medium-term may be satisfactory, even weight, body changes nothing; late, but also a slow process of effective In short, acupuncture weight loss is a process of physical conditioning, patience, need to adhere to, not because one o'clock is not satisfied with halfway. If you feel frequent Shi needle is too much trouble, you can choose the acupoint catgut embedding, every 15 days to do once, you can achieve the corresponding effect.

The navel is also cause for great concern in the Chinese diet. Because the navel is hand yin, 6 foot yin Yin and accumulate at the points around. The navel include massage and topical drugs, if the two with the use, you lose weight better. Drugs and topical specialized drug sticking with the navel, a patch can be used 5-7 days, even a bath when wet it does not matter.