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2012年7月23日 星期一

most popular most popular weight loss food

They are very strict diet food choice Oh, has always insisted must be nutritious and healthy diet weight loss diet. Here, Xiao Bian, respectively, on weight loss foods, diet drinks and meal replacement three aspects, in order to describe the most popular of Japan's most popular weight-loss food, you can also be sure to give it a try!

Diet food ★ ★ popularity

▍ TOP1 brown rice

A very high nutritional value of brown rice, rich in nutrients, known as "full of nutritious food in recent years, not just the area of ​​health, but also the great esteem by many weight-loss crowd. Is also very easy to do, just like ordinary rice, and also mixed with rice to cook for dinner.

Brown rice is rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, but the content is high, almost to supplement the required intake. Among them, vitamin B1 and B2 can make fat completely burning up, eat a diet before exercise, weight loss is quite good. In addition, the brown rice GI value is very low, will not lead to surge in blood glucose levels, so that the body is difficult to form fat.

▍ TOP 2 tomatoes

Tomatoes rich in lycopene, the role of acid-fast technology can effectively inhibit the activity of reactive oxygen species, while the cancer-fighting ability is quite high. Rich in vitamin K is the savior of the female skeleton, osteoporosis prevention, vitamin E is to maintain liver function, improve the hangover.

, Lycopene, and dietary fiber in the diet to lose weight can effectively improve the problem of constipation, purify the intestinal tract. In addition, tomatoes contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, popular night tomato diet is through these two substances in the sleep activation of growth hormone secretion, the breakdown of fat and metabolic efficiency is greatly improved.

▍ TOP 3 black beans

In addition to the epidermis contains anthocyanins, black beans are rich in nutrients basically the same as the soybean, also contain large amounts of soy isoflavones, soy soap? And dietary fiber, is a good choice for a healthy diet to lose weight you Oh!

Isoflavones can adjust the body's hormonal balance and the autonomic nervous system, anthocyanins can improve blood circulation, prevent osteoporosis, soap? Inhibit lipogenesis effect, dietary fiber can improve constipation, and adsorption excess body fat will be excreted.

▍ TOP 4 cabbage

Cabbage are rich in dietary fiber, improve constipation and detoxification effects, especially weight loss, it is easy to constipation due to constipation will make you more fat is the enemy of weight loss.

, Cabbage are rich in vitamin C and vitamin K, vitamin C can help the body to generate collagen, effectively inhibit the formation of melanin, the women are not only thin but also beauty and good food.

▍ TOP 5 Mushroom

Mushroom food diet charm lies in the low-calorie but highly nutritious, rich in vitamin D, vitamin B, potassium, phosphorus and other substances. Which dietary fiber to promote intestinal peristalsis ability to help detoxify, and to develop easy to lean body mass.

The chitosan liposuction is also a good helper, can effectively lower blood glucose levels and neutral fat values, cholesterol, visceral fat burning full. In addition, the vitamin B group to replace the carbohydrate, fat and protein as an energy source.

★ popularity diet drinks ★

▍ TOP 1 vinegar

Variety of types of vinegar, sour taste, diet drinks with other ingredients to deploy has been little welcome. Rich in citric acid can promote fat into energy, priority is consumed, while in motion can also be an effective anti-fatigue. Amino acids can promote the breakdown of fat burning.

The constitution of the modern easy to acidification, and vinegar is an alkaline substance, able to balance your physique to improve hypometabolism, poor circulation, blood sluggish, constipation and other health problems.

▍ TOP 2 carbonated water

Through drug use or the use of baking soda dissolved in water to drink, the calories of natural carbonated water is almost close to zero, that is not what we usually drink carbonated beverages.

Carbonated drink is not good to drink a little bit but is able to eliminate fatigue, improve constipation, promote metabolism. At the same time, very easy to be able to let you fullness and utilize them in the diet to lose weight, but also effective in reducing food intake.

▍ TOP 3 fruit and vegetable juices

Low-calorie diet foods, vegetables and fruits are recognized as a large number of dietary fiber is definitely the most effective liposuction material, can not only adsorbed on the surface of the fat and waste, it weight gain, and then promote intestinal peristalsis, and discharge in vitro, but also to repeat the fullness before meals can effectively reduce food intake.

At the same time, rich in various vitamins and minerals, you can not live without these substances can effectively promote the metabolism and burning fat, your body there is no residual. Deployment of different fruits and vegetables, beverages, according to personal taste and the ever-changing, mouth, like the body like.

▍ TOP 4 milk

The milk is nutritious and tasty drinks, if you do not like the taste of soybeans, fruit can be added to the deployment of a delicious drink.

Rich variety of soybean nutrients in the milk, including soy protein in the diet to lose weight, be deemed to be the lack of animal protein, as a complementary role to the intake, so that the appropriate increase of muscle mass, followed by reducing the amount of fat, increase metabolism. Isoflavones in soy milk can also adjust the hormonal balance, lecithin improve blood circulation, soy soap? Inhibits the body's absorption of fat.

▍ TOP 5 yogurt

The yogurt is rich in protein, vitamin C, dietary fiber and lactic acid bacteria can improve the ability of the intestinal peristalsis, promote detoxification, and solve the problem of constipation.

Yogurt are dairy products, dairy products, calcium can reduce the number of parathyroid hormone, parathyroid hormone is to impede the activities of enzymes, so that slow down the process of burning body fat.

★ popularity staple food instead of food ★

▍ TOP 1 thin soup

The soup is a very good food, in our usual diet, many people like the soup to drink, in fact, the soup can also be used as a weight loss meal replacement food oh! Use a variety of ingredients such as vegetables, tofu, a small amount of meat, mushroom, seaweed, spicy food, etc., to do a thick bowl of thin soup, adequate food, brought satiety is by no means less than the staple food oh!

Thin soup in addition to give you a sense of satiety, specific to some anti-obesity? Variety of added ingredients, it could also supplement adequate nutrition, promote intestinal peristalsis, so that the removal of toxins, increase metabolism, in particular, is suffering from poor circulation of obesity, thin soup to lose weight, can effectively solve a variety of physical fitness with to illness Oh!

▍ TOP 2 a cold day

Cold days, agar, a seaweed extract in addition to dietary fiber, but also rich in calcium, iron and potassium and other minerals.

Dietary fiber compared with other foods, the content is much higher, more effective in improving constipation, conditioning the intestinal environment, so that excess body fat excreted. The same time, the calories are very low, eating is not afraid will gain weight, weight loss diet is often utilize Oh!

▍ TOP 3 tofu

The human body is basically water and protein composition of the raw material for making tofu - soy, rich in vegetable protein, to give our movement can cause fatigue and lead to functional decline in the muscles to replenish their energy, and promote the body's metabolic function, while tofu low-calorie health, and dishes made out of very varied.

Tofu is rich in calcium, can maintain a balanced diet and are easily absorbed by the body. Isoflavones can alleviate symptoms such as menstrual disorders, to prevent the loss of calcium to promote bone collagen metabolism. Lecithin to clean up cholesterol in the blood vessel wall, blood flow more smoothly, and the prevention of high blood cholesterol and other issues. In addition, other nutrients, such as oligosaccharides and vitamins B and E can restructure the intestinal environment, improve constipation.

▍ TOP 4 fruit

The fruit has always been the allies of the thin In addition to the rich in a variety of vitamins, rich in dietary fiber, carbohydrate, minerals, as well as in recent years been highly advocated plant chemical composition, are useful to the body of nutrients . Can help you lose weight at the same time, to achieve health.

The beauty and efficacy of weight loss, fruit is also very significant, and rich in nutrients has antioxidant properties, it is necessary to thin also beautiful for you, be sure to eat more fruits Caixing Oh!

▍ TOP 5 natto

Natto is a soybean products, rich in soy protein can be used to replace animal protein, and the need to reduce meat intake, want you to maintain a balanced diet is a good choice

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