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2012年7月23日 星期一

Wonderful traditional Chinese medicine slimming method

Wonderful traditional Chinese medicine slimming method

Is thin for the era of the United States, each of the beauty of women is more or less have a slimming shaping ideas, actions. With a green and healthy weight loss, respected, so more and more people choose Chinese medicine to lose weight. Chinese diet to achieve weight loss through acupuncture corresponding acupuncture points combined with other traditional medicines are used adjunctive treatment purposes, so a major feature of traditional Chinese medicine is difficult to rebound easily be able to recover the charming curves. To follow Xiaobian look.

Acupoint stimulation

In the field of TCM, acupuncture point stimulation can be described as the most important in the Chinese diet is mainly for the acupuncture and the navel.

For acupuncture may not unfamiliar, but acupuncture weight loss is also much to offer. Acupuncture weight loss acupuncture points to stimulate the spleen, stomach, the principles of the First, the regulation of human lipid metabolism, accelerate the decomposition of body fat, discharge; through the regulation of the nervous system to inhibit peristalsis and gastric acid secretion, delay gastric the speed of emptying, reduce hunger and desire to eat; by adjusting the two systems of the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal cortical and sympathetic adrenal cortex, to improve the endocrine status, but also can contribute to the accumulation of fat consumption to accelerate.

Acupuncture weight loss may require a relatively long process, the beginning of the best to daily Shi needle, after a period of time can be changed the next day. In effect, divided into several stages. The beginning of treatment, the effect would be more obvious; medium-term may be satisfactory, even weight, body changes nothing; late, but also a slow process of effective In short, acupuncture weight loss is a process of physical conditioning, patience, need to adhere to, not because one o'clock is not satisfied with halfway. If you feel frequent Shi needle is too much trouble, you can choose the acupoint catgut embedding, every 15 days to do once, you can achieve the corresponding effect.

The navel is also cause for great concern in the Chinese diet. Because the navel is hand yin, 6 foot yin Yin and accumulate at the points around. The navel include massage and topical drugs, if the two with the use, you lose weight better. Drugs and topical specialized drug sticking with the navel, a patch can be used 5-7 days, even a bath when wet it does not matter.

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