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2012年7月27日 星期五

Heartbeat table to help lose weight

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exercise a report, means the study found that students in the exercise will increase the benefits of exercise to lose weight put on the heartbeat table; Accordingly, a report said, wearing a heartbeat table of student BMI than those without worn by students declined more.

Involved in the researchers' analysis because the use of the heartbeat table, when the students find their own lack of exercise will do more in this little exercise, so use a heartbeat table will increase the effectiveness of weight-loss.

In fact, this has actually given us a revelation, that is, when we exercise to lose weight, you can consider wearing a heartbeat table, so we can see that the frequency of the heartbeat as well as calorie consumption, as we have found that consumption is low, the movement of time slightly longer while, in order to achieve our objectives Yao consumption of calories. In this way, you can greatly increase the effectiveness of our movement, weight-loss.

Tags:, BMI, weight loss, calories, slimming, sports

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