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2012年7月25日 星期三

Wonderful method to lose weight

Weight loss 
weight loss wonderful: 7:00 simple morning exercise, to declare war on fat
From morning to start the day weight loss program. Exercises might bed operation, homemade cup of slimming drinks, intimate contact and oxygen ... let a good start for a whole day's fat fighting prelude.
Bed weight-loss operation. Morning, want to lie down in bed. It does not matter, you can stay in bed for one to do weight-loss operation. Preparation, lying in bed, stretch your legs. Abdominal exercise, lift your feet, fingertips touch toes 10 times. Hip exercise, sit, put up your feet, try to improve the pelvis, to maintain this position for 20 seconds, a little rest, repeat.
Brushing is also thin. Brush your teeth the way to exercise your thighs and buttocks. Operation knees, knees 10 to 15 times, remember, back straight. Calf operation Dianqi the one foot, and back and forth shaking heel slowly up and down about a dozen times.
Homemade slimming drink. 1/4 tomatoes, 1/4 cucumber, 1/4 lemon, a pinch of salt, pepper, red pepper, mixed with labeled juice, a cup of vitamin C-rich beverages with weight-loss function.
Oxygen stimulation. Morning as much as a breath of fresh air, for example, do 50 deep breaths. Because oxygen as soon as possible auxin enter the fat cells to burn off more fat.

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