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2012年7月26日 星期四

TCM magic way to lose weight acupuncture

TCM magic way to lose weight acupuncture

TCM way to lose weight, even if the traditional weight-loss method, but also one of the most healthy and effective way to lose weight. Here are a traditional Chinese way to lose weight acupuncture weight loss, following with a look!

Acupuncture weight loss principle:

Controlling appetite, and for those stomach bad crowd can be a good treatment, so that it reduce energy intake to achieve weight loss goals.

The other hand, can speed up the metabolic rate and accelerate the consumption of capacity, promote lipolysis, the final line of sight effect of weight loss.

Acupuncture weight loss is by following a few acupuncture to control, such as: Zusanli, Sanyinjiao Wind City Point, read the hole.

TCM weight loss method to adjust the endocrine.

Acupuncture to lose weight ways to lose weight through traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture body points to improve a few of the body, in order to achieve weight loss results

Its advantages, less pain medicine, acupuncture treatment of pain, its efficacy is relatively significant. Many girls in order to fast weight loss, some damage mechanisms in the body, such as: diet pills, diet, these methods can not only harm the body, but also easy to rebound the following, we take a look at which drawbacks .


Eating diet pills, usually diarrhea to reduce the weight, over time, the water in the body will quickly lose the human body can also cause electrolyte disorder, complicated by metabolic acidosis, weight loss is the most uneconomical unwise choice.


Using a diet method, not only will cause immeasurable damage to the stomach long ketoacidosis, fatigue, weakness and other symptoms will appear.

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