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2012年7月27日 星期五

Summer shower to lose weight

Summer, a cool shower is a very wonderful thing, and today, Xiao Bian tell you, summer weight loss can also shower France Oh, red, which thin, easy to lean body!
A. Thin abdominal
Shower areas: Tianshu + giant
Tianshu Point is helpful to exclude accumulation in the abdomen, constipation from both sides of the navel about three horizontal finger widths. The large cavern at Point Tianshu below about 3 Wang pointed. Shower, red navel connection of parallel lines on OK.
Shower the way: the water at the the bottom of the center of the sternum, slowly down the move showerheads have been rushed to the abdomen through the navel. Then, red navel connection of parallel lines, on both sides from top to bottom, back and forth repeatedly shower. Total shower about 10 minutes.
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(2) thin hip
Shower areas: the Order of supporting points
Hip is most likely to increase with age and the accumulation of fat. Order of help points at the bottom of the hip stripes line the central finger will feel the beat go on to encounter bone. Often stimulate the bearing supporting hole can prevent Tunbuxiachui, also block the accumulation of fat.
Way shower: Pompon head oblique, straight bearing supporting hole 5 minutes. From the bottom up and then down the hip stripes and red buttocks fleshy 3 minutes. If you feel a little pain, stimulate very effectively Oh.
(3) thin waist
Shower areas: Shenshu + Chi chamber hole
Can eliminate the waist fatigue, pain and minus points of the fat in the waist Shenshu away from the spine about two finger widths from the Shenshu two finger widths Chi Room hole.
Shower method: the Pompon head with these two points the distance of 30-45 cm, straight into the acupoints 10 minutes. Repeatedly shower with good results.

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