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2012年7月26日 星期四

Learn to lose weight the fastest way to make you successful weight-loss

Learn to lose weight the fastest way to make you successful weight-loss Most secure and reliable TCM weight loss method What weight loss method is the most secure and reliable TCM weight loss method you recommend, traditional Chinese medicine techniques can guarantee the health and successful weight loss following a look at the Xiaobian to introduce traditional Chinese medicine slimming method.

 Two healthy and effective traditional Chinese medicine slimming method: First, heat-clearing Suitable for objects: a fat white-collar workers. White-collar life is busy, to work and also entertaining, and often went out for dinner, eating more greasy, coupled with the pressure of work, the excess heat will accumulate in the body, leading to bad breath, constipation, yellow urine, irritability, mood Yi hunger obesity and other symptoms.

 From the Chinese point of view, this type of person to lose weight Cellulite, the main heat. 2, suitable ingredients: heat the herbs are cassia seed, cassia seed, slightly cold, it can help lower blood pressure, blood fat, laxative. If there is high blood pressure and constipation symptoms more should take advantage of cassia seed. Cassia seed heat weight loss methods are not suitable for those whose bodies tend to cold, persistent diarrhea, stomach pain people. Many people like to use green tea to lose weight, green tea does not belong to the fermented tea in the Chinese medicine point of view, more scraping the stomach, the stomach is not good for human consumption of green tea to lose weight to be careful. Second, the spleen-type Suitable Deficiency: Some people, because qi deficiency caused by obesity, the type of person to lose weight needs spleen. Qi deficiency in Chinese medicine point of view, that is, a deficiency of people tend to lead to the operational functions of the spleen of abnormal, leading to obesity. Less than the body of the gas in this type of weight loss should be qi, the body's metabolism will become normal, so the body can lose weight.

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