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2012年7月26日 星期四

The weight loss a good way

The weight loss a good way of refreshing bitter gourd

Diet everyone's favorite election to lose weight, a good way to lose weight today to recommend bitter melon, several bitter gourd diet. Although the bitter gourd is a little bitter, but the slimming effect of really good, take a look at the bitter to lose weight you recommend a good way!

Bitter to lose weight the good way: stand by two taste of bitter gourd juice

Materials: 70 grams bitter melon, pineapple juice 200 ml, 2 basil leaves, honey (lemon juice) amount.


1 fresh bitter gourd cleaned and cut into small pieces, do not be bitter melon pulp removed, with the bitter flesh cut into pieces.

2 clean up of dilapidated peeled and cut into small pieces and put it into the juicer, and squeezed pineapple juice, and filter out the residue.

3, after the prepared balsam pear blocks, pineapple juice and basil leaves together, poured into the blender and mixed together evenly. The last drink can be poured into a glass, if you prefer, you can then add the right amount of honey or lemon juice, taste better.

Tips: bitter melon with a bitter taste, so add some pineapple and honey can play the role and the bitter, so bitter gourd, but also with some aroma, the taste will be better. Bitter melon pulp contains conjugated linoleic acid, the composition can play a role in the elimination of fat, they must be with the flesh.
Bitter to lose weight a good way to two: Bitter Melon Fried Rice

Materials: 150 grams bitter gourd, Xuan rice 300 grams, 1/3 tablespoons salt, 2 tablespoons white sesame seeds, pepper to taste, 2 tablespoons salad oil.


Bitter gourd, bitter gourd clean to the flesh and cut into thin slices, try to cut a little thin, so fried out will be more brittle. After then the salt water soak for a while, probably about 5 minutes, remove and drain water.

2, in the pot, add olive oil and hot, bitter gourd in the wok, stir fry, then pour mysterious rice has cooked, add a little salt, pepper, and stir evenly, then sprinkle some white sesame seeds.

Tips: eat crunchy bitter gourd taste very good, brown rice itself the role of weight loss with with a slimming effect naturally will be better, can help to detoxify the body, improve gastrointestinal environment.

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