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2012年7月25日 星期三

24-year-old woman Wang Wen, such as body weight 95 kg

Beautiful clothes always wear, began in January this year, reducing appetite, and with the movement, six months to shed 36 kilograms.

Taichung City Health Bureau morning activity center in the the BBCA District Chunliao organize community weight blood pressure measuring stations launching ceremony, Wang Wen, such as happily shows off her weight loss results, and share the weight loss mentality.

Wang Wen, such as body prevalence of obesity is not always wear beautiful clothes, once the yogurt and soda bread diet try to lose weight, but not thin down in January this year, she began daily to reduce the appetite, with the Vegetarian meal three meals a day to drink sugar-free milk, at least one hour of brisk walking at night, every day, the amount of weight, six months down the line from the original 95 kg weight-loss success was 59 kg.

97-99 years of health risk factors to monitor the information of the Department of Health, Taiwan adults are overweight or obese ratio of 38.4%, male obesity rates of 47.6%, female obesity rates of 28.8%, every 2 men in Taiwan there a person overweight.

Taichung City Health Secretary Huangmei Na continued to decrease food intake, and with exercise, weight-loss also can be very healthy, the Board of Health also provided 200 blood pressure monitors and scales of the village office and activity center, so that people can keep their health checks .

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