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2012年7月27日 星期五

Rapid weight loss methods, stovepipe method

Rapid weight loss methods, stovepipe method

Reduce leg has always been very difficult to lose weight works, but BOTOX is a remarkable invention. Because of BOTOX injection is noninvasive and painless, and reduce leg effect is remarkable note, the immediate effect without affecting the daily work.

The BOTOX drunk reduce leg treatment does not require 痳, pick a few as long as the hypertrophy of the calf fat injections. Found to accept foreign-clinical studies conducted twice BOTOX reduce the leg treatment (21 weeks), the cross-section of the leg can be reduced by 10%. And reduce the leg effect can be maintained more than twelve months.

Although, BOTOX reduce the no 痳 drunk, but still there is a risk of cosmetic surgery, so will need to go to a qualified professional beauty hospital. Injection method and with the amount of crucial, absolutely not just in the beauty salon.

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