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2013年1月9日 星期三

AspireAssist weight loss tips


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AspireAssist weight loss device, known as gastric bypass surgery outside. Physicians in abdominal surgery, the tube into the stomach,
Vitro tube and pump connection.

To weight loss tubes ultrafine easy blocking
Weight loss of about 20 minutes after a meal in patients starting device, the the pump sweep the stomach of one-third of the food aspiration. 24 subjects after year experiment, the average minus about 20 kg, equivalent to 49% of excess body weight. The inventor of this concept were two electric cars Segway (Segway) (Dean Kamen) Kaman favor and invest.
However, the diameter of the tube is only 1 cm, chewing food is not detailed enough, the pipe will be blocked, the user is encouraged to drink plenty of water to help suction.

Slimming careful
The new weight loss device sparked controversy, critics argue can not solve the problem of obesity bulimia.
British National Obesity Forum
Directors Fry said: "I have not seen more terrorist device than this! People ought to eat and digest food, not the food eaten pumping
Out! '

Weight loss, weight loss methods, AspireAssist weight loss,


2013年1月6日 星期日

4 Detox weight loss tips


weight loss tips Summary: If you want to lose weight supplement healthy food is not free to choose the oil, add probiotics and dietary fiber and massage the abdomen To achieve detoxification weight loss.

1 Eat the oil: In order to avoid the saturated fatty acids for cardiovascular hazards, eat the oil is very important.

2 probiotic supplement: the intestinal play the normal functioning of the immune function of the intestinal   digestion and absorption.

3 supplemental dietary fiber: help defecation, avoid stool cumulative.

4 abdominal massage: the sculpture the abdomen curves, and can help gastrointestinal peristalsis.

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